Painless Prospecting


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Painless Prospecting

  1. 1. Painless Prospecting Craig James Sales Solutions May 13th, 2008 Sales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  2. 2. Agenda How to use this medium Introductions Content Closing Q&ASales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  3. 3. What is prospecting? First contact You are unknown to the prospectSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  4. 4. How does the mere thought ofprospecting make us feel?Sales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  5. 5. Why is prospecting painful? Its a low return-on-time activity We often get ignored We meet with lots of resistanceSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  6. 6. Why makes cold calling unappealing? We expect the worst “I’m not interested” “I’m busy” (You’re interrupting me) “We’re happy with our current provider” “I hate telemarketers”Sales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  7. 7. What makes cold calls “cold” No relationship No rapport No trustSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  8. 8. Why else? We don’t know what to say when we hear these objections to the gatekeepers when we get voice mail when we actually get someone who’s willing to listen!Sales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  9. 9. How can we make prospecting less painful? Set realistic expectations Adjust our attitudes Prepare ourselves Use toolsSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  10. 10. Expectations and attitude Expectations You will get more nos than yesses The best baseball players make out twice as often as they get a hit! Attitude Apprehension - it’s normal! “I am not a telemarketer!” Don’t take nos personally Rejoice at the yesses! Worse thing that could happen?Sales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  11. 11. Preparation and Tools Learn about your prospects Create and use toolsSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  12. 12. Research Research your prospects. Learn about Their business Their challenges Their management Their competitorsSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  13. 13. Create and Use Tools Know the benefits you offer Create a script and practice it Know the most common objections and your responses Develop qualifying questions Consider making a pre-call contact (letter, email)Sales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  14. 14. Tools Scripts E-mail Templates Letter Templates List of benefits and featuresSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  15. 15. Comparing the tools Cold calling E-mail LetterSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  16. 16. Eventually you have to call!Sales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  17. 17. What is the goal of an initial call? It is not to close a sale It is to establish a relationship by building rapport and trust stimulate interest and desire by conveying benefits determine if prospect is qualified by asking questions schedule a meeting or next callSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  18. 18. Elements of an effective cold call State who you are, the company you represent, and what you do Ask a question Present a concise benefit statement Ask a “what do you think” question Ask a short series of discovery and qualifying questions Schedule a meeting or second discussionSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  19. 19. How to handle resistance I’m not interested” “I’m busy” (You’re interrupting me) “We’re happy with our current provider” “I hate telemarketers” “I don’t believe you”Sales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  20. 20. Summary Prospecting doesn’t have to be painful it doesn’t even have to be cold! The best way to overcome prospecting reluctance is to be preparedSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  21. 21. Closing Q & ASales Solutions 877-862-8631.
  22. 22. Sales Solutions Service Offerings Skill Enhancement/Sales Process Improvement One-on-One Sales Coaching Customized Sales Consulting Strategic and Tactical Advisory for live dealsSales Solutions 877-862-8631.
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