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Uninsured Healthcare, Part 2


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Ration your meds. Stockpile drugs while you have coverage. Try prayer. Drink Water vs., Use Lysol to degerm. Shop Medical Billing Software. Ask for a Visit to the dentist or doctor as a gif. Try Telemedicine or Telenurse. Guided Imagery. Dental Schools are willing to learn on you. Procure free samples of drugs. Get real insurance.

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  • I also wrote: if you have healthcare expenses without health insurance:
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Uninsured Healthcare, Part 2

  1. 1. by Craig J. Casey
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  4. 4. *Results not guaranteed
  5. 5. *Results not guaranteed
  6. 6. *Results guaranteed
  7. 7. *Amazon “Medical Bills” Software
  8. 8. *Can result in disappointment when they ask for the same thing
  9. 9. *Can dispense incorrect advise
  10. 10. *Not scientifically proven
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  13. 13. Get real insurance!
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