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A Parent’s Survival Guide. Your mission: Survive teen driving without bankruptcy. The risk of crash per mile driven is 300% higher with teens than seniors. Your policy can be canceled if your teen has a DUI, multiple tickets, or seniors accidents. Emancipation. Driver Exclusion. Teens policy. California Car Insurance Alternatives.California license limits. Shop around.

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  • Teens now more than ever, need accountability. Paying for everything you teen needs is def. not teaching responsibility. Here's another strategy for teen drivers: http://www.slideshare.net/CraigJCasey/teen-car-insurance-strategies
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UNinsure your teen driver

  1. 1. Craig J. Casey By4CarInsuranceQuotes
  2. 2. Being a good example and safe driver yourself will go along way to keeping your kids safe4CarInsuranceQuotes Plus you save on gas by driving slower, and your car will last longer. Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  3. 3. Contact your state’s assigned risk pool if your teen driver has already made some4CarInsuranceQuotes mistakes and can’t get coverage. They guarantee state liability minimums and higher cost. Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  4. 4. Your teen cannot have any unpaid bills to a car insurance company for the last 2 years.4CarInsuranceQuotes Your teen must sign a declaration they were denied car insurance. Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  5. 5. The citation rate for 16 to 19- year-olds is 2.1 times higher than drivers of all ages.4CarInsuranceQuotes Most fatal teen crashes involve unsafe speed, right of way violations or improper turning. Do you really want to pay more for higher exposure? Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  6. 6. Use GPS to monitor your teens driving4CarInsuranceQuotes Some insurers like Progressive and Esurance combine GPS with a discount! Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  7. 7. Companies like State Farm and AAA of Socal offer pay-as-you-drive. Annual miles driven is divided up into 500-mile increments.4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  8. 8. Don’t get the State Minimums for a teen.4CarInsuranceQuotes  Wrongful death settlements are often over $1,000,000 depending on the life time potential earnings of the victim. Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  9. 9. If your teen is under4CarInsuranceQuotes 18, they may have to be listed on your policy. Just be seated when you open the bill! Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  10. 10. Up to 25% for students who maintain a B average. But you have to prove it to the insurer.4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  11. 11. 4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  12. 12. Older domestic vehicles Low value / risk Low performance4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  13. 13. Try different levels of coverage Get 5 or more rates every renewal4CarInsuranceQuotes On my website Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  14. 14. Your insurer may reduce rates for students attending away from home who DO NOT take their car to campus.4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  15. 15. Make sure your teen obeys the California license limits. In the 1st 12 months, no driving:4CarInsuranceQuotes - Passengers under 20 years of age - Between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  16. 16. California Department of Insurance has a useful survey:4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  17. 17. When I ran my teen, the premium survey showed 49 companies4CarInsuranceQuotes that might insurance my teen for up to $5,070! It’s based on insurance company responses, not a specific driver. Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  18. 18. Different companies have different risk profiles. Use the California survey and our quote form as starting points.4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  19. 19. Use an insurer that allows you to split limits.4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  20. 20. Don’t pay for comprehensive coverage on your teen’s clunker. Keep better coverage for your nicer car.4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  21. 21. Use GPS to track your teens every move Shop till you drop!4CarInsuranceQuotes Increase and Split limits Put your teen on your policy Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  22. 22. Check out part 1 of my teen insurance presentation:4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  23. 23. 4carInsuranceQuotes.com was built around lowering your car insurance expense.4CarInsuranceQuotes Add all your insurance cost together, you may be paying as much as 10-20% of your monthly income on insurance. I was sent here (straight from heaven) to help you stop the madness! Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  24. 24. I became interested in money as a boy when my dad would watch “Wall Street Week with4CarInsuranceQuotes Louis Rukeyser.” Now I am a dad (of a teen!), husband, wrestling coach, gardener, chef and dish washer in San Diego, Cali. I am an UNinsurance specialist. With unemployment and premiums rising, I work with consumers to cut their insurance costs. Teen Car Insurance Strategies
  25. 25. Facebook.com/craigcasey85 info@4carinsurancequotes.com4CarInsuranceQuotes Teen Car Insurance Strategies