Reasons why I hate Obamacare


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Obamacare and what's in it. Not pretty. The health care law is full of nonsensical attempts to control healthcare inflation, by over regulating health insurance.

Can you control the price of oranges by price fixing apples?

  • Obamacare is a stupid plan put out by stupid people. This is forcing people people by law to select healthcare whether or not hey can afford it. I thought our country was all about freedom of choice! If people cannot afford health care insurance now and this new health care act is suppose to be better coverage but cost more and only if you are of low income will it cost you very little or next to nothing. Then who will be paying for their coverage in the long run.? My daughter was informed that her husband makes too much to qualify for low cost health insurance and is paying out right around $500.00 a month for a family of four on one houshold income. this whole thing is insane!
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  • I am on Obamacare receiving 'free' psychotropic medication because I went into a hospital saying I wanted to impeach Barack Obama, break Obama's 'Concordat against my family' and sue the hospital where they raped me. I reject all psychotropic medication, assert I am not mentally ill, but being treating for having averse political views with strong mind altering drugs as my punishment. Further, I have been placed on a permanent guardianship by the government, paid for by your tax dollars, to prevent me from suing for the injuries inflicted on me by the President and the rapist doctor who sexually assaulted me while in hospital custody at Northwestern Psych Hospital on July 18, 2010. For over two years, I have been trying to get justice, or even a single court to hear my case, but the doctor who raped me says I am too sick to go to trial and am totally mentally incompetent. So, I wrote a book of over 150 pages already, but no publisher yet. I am writing my second book this month, with 43 pages completed. I am determined to terminate Obamacare in the United States, and the wasting of tax dollars on healthy people who are court ordered to take toxic psychotropics because their politics are undesirable to the authorities, namely Barack Obama. I certify this post is truthful, albeit very brief. I accept calls and inquires from any person, whether lay person or attorney, or media, at my home based business of 888-669-8255 or 419-215-6561. God Bless You! - Eric S. Meyer (injured by Obamacare and forcibly medicated for opposing Obamacare and the president's policies)
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  • Money, medicaid is based on income, if your income is low enough, you may be able to find a specialist that way.
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  • @moneypunk sorry for your situation, may be part of the problem is people counting on insurance for first dollar coverage. Insurance is used to protect against catastrophic losses and not an efficient way to pay for healthcare. if United health care violates the contract, that could be insurance bad faith, and they should be accountable for it.
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  • The real Death Panel is my free unfettered healthcare insurer: UnitedHealth Care. My family can longer pay the side charges, copays, and deductibles. So, when I need a $3000 CAT angiogram each year, I can't afford it and don't take the test. (Ooops, isn't that rationing services by other means? I thought the evil government was going to do that.) But, no worries, with the way Industry Death Panels have it worked out, my surgery (assuming my skipped CAT scan required it) would bankrupt my family, anyway. So I'll just take the roundabout verdict of the Death Panel and die, and hope Prudential pays the Death Bonus to my family that I've paid for religiously each quarter, in order to protect my wife and two children.

    Now, on to privacy. Does my independent insurer protect my privacy? Nah. For example, when I go to my doctor, I must sign away my privacy before my doctor will see me. Otherwise he won't get paid. That's why, in the old days before the current health care plan was enacted -- thank goodness my daughter is now covered under my health plan -- over the wails of K Street lobbyists and the corrupt money the pay to elected officials -- I was denied coverage. Why? Because I had a colonoscopy!!! I was protecting my health, screening my health, and that caused my coverage to be denied: 'polyp disease of the colon.' Bunk.

    (Maybe freedom -- as defined by 'free market' Death Panels -- isn't all they say.)
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Reasons why I hate Obamacare

  1. Why I Hate Obamacare The Unaffordable Care Act by Craig Casey
  2. #1 UnaffordableThe CBO projected Obamacarewill cost over $1 trillion in 10years. My estimate: $5
  3. Freedom ofchoice is takenaway HSAs, HDPs, FSAs, & Co-ops will probably be eliminated on exchanges.
  4. #3 Few OptionsExchanges offer 4 plan options;bronze, silver, gold, & platinum.
  5. #4 Defunding MedicareObamacare takes $565 million fromMedicare to pay for Medicaidexpansion.
  6. IndividualMandateObamacare forces you to buyhealth insurance starting in 2014,regardless of want or need.
  7. #6 Costlier DrugsThe $2.5 billion excise tax ondrug companies will get passedto you.
  8. Limits CompetitionObamacare micro manages Health Insurers, and they can bekicked off exchanges.
  9. #8 IMABThe Independent Medicare AdvisoryBoard: UNElected officials, limitingMedicare spending & rationinghealthcare.
  10. HealthCare Rationing 5 Part Concept More Insureds Fewer Doctors Costlier DrugsQuality Fewer HospitalsDroppingin Healthcare Less Care
  11. Comprehensive BenefitsObamacare forces plans to include maternity, pediatrics, and nocaps, raising premiums.
  12. Guaranteed IssueSince insurance carriers have tocover you, they will raise yourpremiums dramatically. Claim jump, anyone?
  13. Medical Loss RatiosInsurers must pay 85% of theirrevenue in medical expenses,Increasing healthcare
  14. #12 Higher TaxesObamacare charges Insurers $8billion to be passed to consumersin higher premiums.
  15. #13 Fewer HospitalsSection 6001 of Obamacare stops new physician-owned hospitalsfrom treating Medicare patients.
  16. #14 Runaway SpendingObamacare requires at least twopublic options and puts millions on Medicaid, with no limit on spending. Sec. 1334a.
  17. #15 Subsidy ReturnSome taxpayers may have to payback up to $2,500 in subsidies iftheir income goes up substantially.
  18. MarriageMarried taxpayers will not get equivalent subsidies as singles,
  19. EHRsUsing Obamacare, the government is trying to get access to all yourelectronic health records.
  20. False #s Obamacare did not account for funds to set up federal exchanges, d ouble counted cuts to Medicare, and used phony CLASS revenue.
  21. Restricts OTC DrugsObamacare requires HSA holders toget a prescription for OTC drugs.Incurring $77 billion more in fees &testing & $25 billion in prescriptions.*
  22. www.themegallery.comI saved this slide for the things I like about Obamacare:
  23. Obamacare ConclusionHigher TaxesMedicare BrokeLimited Choices Repeal, thenRationing Care real reform.Higher Prices
  24. www.themegallery.comWhat should you do?Carry health insurance until 2014,implementation of ACA.Shop multiple insurers.
  25. Can’t afford coverage?Jump and dump. You can still have healthcare without insurance. Read what to do if you are uninsurable.
  26. www.themegallery.comAbout MeInsurance Writer, Husband, Dad,Wrestling Coach, Thinker ofdisruptive Ideas.
  27.*HFN, Over-the-counter medicines save $102B