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iPhone, Android & iPad APP Development


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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iPhone, Android & iPad APP Development

  1. 1. Mobile  Apps  For  Small  Businesses  Your  customers  are  mobile.     Is  your  business?   h2p://    
  2. 2. Mobile  Industry  •  The  growth  of  the  mobile  industry  is  incredible  •  In  just  over  3  years,  over  20  billion  apps  have  been   downloaded  between  iPhone  and  Android  devices.          iPhone  sales    in  millions   h2p://    
  3. 3. Growing  Numbers  •  Over  500,000,000  Android  phones  have  been  ac.vated  •  Over  300,000,000  iPhones  have  been  ac.vated  •  Android  owns  47%  of  the  U.S.  smartphone  market  •  iPhone  owns  29%  of  the  U.S.  smartphone  market   h2p://    
  4. 4. Why  Mobile?  •  FACT:  Customers  are  using  mobile  to  find  your  compe..on.  •  Source:  Google  "Understanding  Smartphone  Users,"  2011   h2p://    
  5. 5. Why  Mobile?  •  FACT:  Not  having  a  mobile  experience  can  lose  you  business.  •  Source:  Compuware,  "What  Users  Want  from  Mobile,"  2011   h2p://    
  6. 6. Why  Mobile  Apps?  •  FACT:  Your  customers  prefer  apps  over  mobile  websites.  •  Sources:  comScore,  Alexa,  Flurry  Analy.cs,  2012   h2p://    
  7. 7. But  I  want  a  mobile  website?  •  We  offer  both  a  mobile  app  and  a  mobile  website.  •  Appear  in  the  iTunes  App  Store,  Android  Marketplace,  and   mobilize  your  website.  •  Complete  mobile  solu.on.   h2p://    
  8. 8. Why  Our  Company?  •  We  make  mobilizing  your  business  simple  &  pain  free  •  We  help  bring  in  new  business  and  increase  repeat  customers  •  We  handle  everything  from  start  to  finish  •  We’re  mobile  experts  •  We’re  extremely  affordable  •  We’re  fast  &  easy  to  use   h2p://    
  9. 9. Informa.on  •  App  can  display     –  Informa.on  on  services   –  Restaurants  menu  (text  or  PDF)   –  All  loca.ons  visible  in  Maps   –  One  click  calling   –  Events  and  more…   h2p://    
  10. 10. Links  to  social  networks  •  Customers  can  link  to  your  social  media  pages.    •  Increase  Facebook  fans.  •  Increase  Twi2er  followers.    •  Approximately  40%  of  social     media  users  access  their     accounts  through  mobile     devices.   h2p://    
  11. 11. Loyalty  Coupons  •  GPS  coupons   –  When  at  your  loca.on,  customers   can  ‘check  in’  and  receive  bonuses.  •  QR  code  coupons     –  Used  to  replace  stamp  cards.   –  Increase  customer  loyalty!     28%  of  customers  reported  that  they  are     “Extremely  Likely”  to  increase  their  visits     to  a  business  if  they  have  a  loyalty  reward     card  for  them.  (Total  Research  Corp  &     Custom  Marke5ng  Corp’s  Loyalty  Monitor  Study)   h2p://    
  12. 12. Live  •  Take  full  control  over  your  apps  content!  •  App  can  update   –  Display  special  events   –  Specials  of  the  week/day   –  Loyalty  coupons   –  Image  gallery   –  Everything  inside  the  app!   h2p://    
  13. 13. Push  No.fica.ons    •  Update  your  customers  instantly   –  Special  offers,  updates,  happy  hours.  •  Push  no.fica.ons  break  the  barrier        between  you  and  your  customers.   –   Included  completely  FREE.   –   Compare  to  SMS  plans   on  average  cost  ~$200/month   h2p://    
  14. 14. Many  Other  Great  Features   h2p://    
  15. 15. Our  Pricing  •  Professional  app  design  &  set  up  fee:  $1500  •  Monthly  fee:  $39.95/month  •  UNLIMTED  Push  No.fica.ons  •  UNLIMITED  App  Downloads  •  ~$50,000  Value  –  Seriously!   h2p://    
  16. 16. How  to  get  started  •  Contact  Us  By:  TXT,  Cell,  Email,  Web    •  Call:  02102923177  •  Email  Us  at:  •  Visit  our  website  at:    h2p://