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Craig gaskill : Top leadership tips


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Craig Gaskill, a California retail operations manager, has worked in his field for decades.

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Craig gaskill : Top leadership tips

  1. 1. z Craig Gaskill: Top Leadership Tips
  2. 2. Craig Gaskill is a retail operations manager known for his ability to lead large teams of employees successfully toward common goals. As a top leader, Craig Gaskill is responsible for maintaining his skills and abilities so that he can continue to drive teams forward. If you’d like to reach a similar level and follow in Mr. Gaskill’s footsteps, tips like those below will help you begin improving:
  3. 3. See the Potential : When hiring team members, see the potential in each professional and make decisions accordingly. This will help you snatch top performers and find ambitious, daring professionals who can take your company higher. Though hiring new people requires a small amount of risk, you can manage it and the payoff is typically well worth it. If an employee hired based on potential becomes negligent, dismiss him or her promptly to reduce damage.
  4. 4. Eliminate Negligence : Firing an employee for negligence isn’t comfortable, but it is necessary to keep a team productive and a company successful. When you notice negligence, give a warning and offer advice to improve. If employees fail to improve or follow advice, termination is reasonable and understandable. Team members respect leaders who eliminate negligence, as it prevents one poor performer from ruining a project for everyone else. Such leaders also inspire harder-working employees.
  5. 5. Mindset is key to finding success similar to Craig Gaskill’s – for example, in a 2016 interview, he gave insight on his perspective when he said: “I love my work. Retail operations pushes me further and harder all the time. A busy day in the office or running around LA is easily as exhausting as a triathlon, and nearly as rewarding.”
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