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Craig Gaskill - Become a Better Retail Operations Manager


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Craig Gaskill is passionate about triathlons, stating that “they're the most motivating challenges in [his] life

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Craig Gaskill - Become a Better Retail Operations Manager

  1. 1. Become a Better Retail Operations Manager Craig Gaskill
  2. 2. Retail operations manager, Craig Gaskill, is a seasoned professional with decades of experience and a positive reputation. He has achieved his level of success through diligent effort and an unending desire to learn about his field. If you hope to succeed in retail operations management, as Craig Gaskill has, you’ll need to stay up-to-date on tips like those below:
  3. 3. Be Flexible. Business is always changing. Retail trends are here today and gone tomorrow, as the adage goes, and you need to bend to keep up with them. Follow the latest trends, plan for the unknown and don’t panic when things change. Flexibility will keep you calm in a crisis and it sets a good example for your teams.
  4. 4. Consider Order Dates. If you’re working with a smaller operation, consider how you can change your order dates to better benefit your business. For example, if your most popular shopping day is Friday, change your weekly orders to arrive on Thursday so that you have the best stock for your best customers
  5. 5. Work with Local Suppliers. Working with local supplies cuts down on shipping time and allows you to make smaller orders. As a bonus, the modern customer often seeks companies who buy locally, choosing them over companies who buy from larger suppliers. Successful retail operations managers like Craig Gaskill attend courses and seminars whenever possible to further their trade. For example, when interviewed about the topic in 2016, Mr. Gaskill said: “I go to seminars and training courses a lot. What's the fun in life if you opt out
  6. 6. To Know more about Craig Gaskill Visit: 9a26924b gaskill
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