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Real estate craig feigin

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Real estate craig feigin

  2. 2. Real Estate Business  Real estate business depends mainly on two important factor and they are : Interest rates and cost of materials.  Interest rates have a unique importance within the real estate dealings, rising interest rates are good for the sales rate.
  3. 3. Types of real estate Business  Real estate business mainly deal with two different sectors an they are :  Residential real estate dealings and  Commercial real estate dealings
  4. 4.  Dealing with residential real estate dealings is quite easier, since the customers requirements ranges to a small extend only.  Whereas in commercial real estate dealings one must have a broad extend of ideas to match up with the clients.
  5. 5.  One must pay immense attention while handling commercial real estate dealings, it is considered to be toughest part of real estate dealings.
  6. 6. Commercial real estate
  7. 7. CONTACT ADDRESS  Craig Feigin  Real Estate Agent  Miami, Florida 33010  Mail ID : Phone :904-502-3137