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Brighton SEO April 2018 Craig Campbell


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Brighton SEO Slides April 2018 by Craig Campbell.

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Brighton SEO April 2018 Craig Campbell

  1. 1. Craig Campbell SEO Consultant & Trainer Twitter @craigcampbell03
  2. 2. Is all I’ve got 20 Mins
  3. 3. Tweet Me @craigcampbell03 #BrightonSEO
  4. 4. Link Building It is a well known fact that link building has always been a main ranking signal and still is to this day.
  5. 5. The Risks & Rewards of PBNS @craigcampbell03 #BrightonSEO
  6. 6. What is a PBN Its a private blog network, websites are designed and used as link building assets to rank other websites. Sites that are there to manipulate the search engines.
  7. 7. There is always a risk attached to anything in life, building a low quality PBN is likely to get you penalised by Google. Risks Be Careful
  8. 8. @craigcampbell03 What’s a Shit PBN? 8 Domain name with low domain metrics Its not always wise to chase domain metrics anyway, but why buy a shit domain? Copied, Spun or Low Quality Content There is no real quick way to automate quality content, no point in using someone else’s content, using guys on Fiverr or using content spinning software. PBN’s that Publicly sell links A PBN with thousands of links scattered all over it is not what you would call a real PBN or a natural website, stay well clear of this type of PBN. Multiple PBNS on a Shared Server People building low end PBNS are always worried about the cost, putting all your assets on a shared server is a massive footprint. PBN Site with no Traffic You want a PBN to work well, get traffic and rank well, it is then an asset, some crap website that doesn’t rank well and gets no traffic is worthless.
  9. 9. PBN Sellers Be careful with this stuff !!!!
  10. 10. simplicity is a multipurpose powerpoint template. Minimalistic design makes the customization extremely easy. simplicity. enjoy!
  11. 11. simplicity template explore the world of simplicity
  12. 12. simplicity template explore the world of simplicity
  13. 13. @craigcampbell03 Traffic Increase 13 Started Sep 2017 4 x Traffic Increase 10 x More Sales It Can Be Done
  14. 14. @craigcampbell03 Ranking Websites 14 640k Revenue All Online Sales Constant Growth New Business
  15. 15. Traffic Boners So if PBN’s are done properly you will get a nice uplift in traffic as some of the examples show, but thats if you use PBN’s as part of an overall marketing strategy.
  16. 16. @craigcampbell03 What is a real PBN 16 Ingredients Local citations, every other bit of SEO you would expect on your own site. Quality website Decent website that is actively getting traffic and rankings. Social Activity Real social activity, real engagement, real social traffic Different IP’s Websites that are not on a shared server using 1 IP address
  17. 17. @craigcampbell03 Real PBN Vs Shit PBN 17 Real Unique content, website in its own right, real traffic and rankings Social accounts, GMB, citations, links, continually updated. Unique IP Address, varied whois data, unique template, unique plugins, unique logins Footprint Free Sites all on varied servers, varied IP addresses and effectively all sites in their own right Shit Cluster of sites on one shared server Whois details all under one registrar account, under one name Spun content, links from fiver, not frequently updated, no citations, no ranks or traffic Has hundreds of links being sold on these websites
  18. 18. @craigcampbell03 Sounds like Hard work 18 360-degree solutions advance technologies global free support
  19. 19. Delegation You don’t have to be involved in every single process in your business, delegation is key. Outsource If you want to work at scale, outsource the grunt work to a virtual assistant. Use Automation Where possible use automation, we are in the 21st century its time to use technology.
  20. 20. Domains with previous backlink profiles, expired, auction websites, drop catchers. Domains Take content where relevant from the old website, and use it for your new PBN. Wayback Machine Tons of places, expired domains, domain hunter gatherer, go daddy auctions Best place for domain Kalin Karakehayov, biggest list on UK expired domains I’ve seen. He is also at BrightonSEO somewhere. Knowledge Bomb 1
  21. 21. These guys leave beginners little to no chance of getting any good domains Drop Catchers Matt Tricot This guy has a lot of good domains So Matt regularly emails you with any new domain names that are coming his way Regular Updates
  22. 22. @craigcampbell03 Don’t Chase Domain Metrics 22 • People obsess over domain metrics • Domain metrics can be faked • Links from domains with real traffic and real backlink profiles are important PA, DA, TF, CF are 3rd party metrics
  23. 23. @craigcampbell03 Initial PBN Set-up 23 A reliable hosting company, remember and vary this. Hosting A PBN should take months to build. Quick Job Unique content and nice website structure Content Simple clean responsive website will do Website
  24. 24. @craigcampbell03 Some local citations Robert Kirk Each citation is unique Make sure that you submit different descriptions for each citation you submit so that it can indexed. No point in submitting the same description to 100 directories. Ensure citations get indexed Indexing tools or again use a service based on citations, let someone else do the grunt work its cost effective. Citations Done Properly 24
  25. 25. @craigcampbell03 Mass Planner Social Media Automation, keep your PBN’s and persona’s used to buy domains looking real. Invite Only Invite only not for public sale any longer, but an amazing tool that can do so much work in the background Email Me and I will invite you to the tool, it does have a free 5 day trial. Knowledge Bomb 2 25
  26. 26. @craigcampbell03 Introducing Mass Planner 26 Social Media Automation Building a following on autopilot, making fake persona’s real and using them to your advantage. features description ✓ Works on all social platforms ✓ Builds a real following ✓ Specify days and times of interaction ✓ 24/7 365 days per year
  27. 27. @craigcampbell03 Massplanner 27 Add your accounts and let Massplanner do all of the grunt work for you. Well worth investing in, it’s not for public sale, but I can send you an invite if you get in touch. Works with all Social
  28. 28. Adam Howard Fake Persona “Adam Howard has a real following online, he regularly posts, tweets and does lots of different things. Most people wouldn’t know this was a fake persona. With 2500+ followers, 473 tweets and regular varied interaction it will look real.”
  29. 29. @craigcampbell03 Real PBN No Footprints 29 Real Websites, Real traffic Regularly updated No Footprints Totally Unique
  30. 30. @craigcampbell03 Introducing Ghost Browser 30 Use Multiple Persona’s Building a following on autopilot, making fake persona’s real and using them to your advantage. features description ✓ Open unlimited persona’s ✓ No need to login every time ✓ Use proxies ✓ Be creative
  31. 31. @craigcampbell03 31
  32. 32. @craigcampbell03 32 Multiple CMS Different IP’s Footprint Free Server Locations
  33. 33. @craigcampbell03 33 Manage and Monitor Your PBN So managing a bunch of PBN’s gets easier using Serped, there are 45+ tools on Serped. features description ✓ Uptime Monitor ✓ Domain Finding ✓ Rank Tracking ✓ Domain Metrics
  34. 34. @craigcampbell03 34
  35. 35. @craigcampbell03 Feed Google What It Wants 35 01 Domain Metrics Although google doesn’t use domain metrics these are a good way to figure out whether a link has any real value. 03 Use these as tools Use your PBN to bargain with other webmaster’s for genuine links. 02 Relevant websites Google wants to see links from websites that are relevant. 04 Keep the PBN a secret Don’t tell people about your PBN, fly under the radar and use these assets to your advantage.
  36. 36. @craigcampbell03 benefits for you 36 Link Building Power Build your PBN slowly these will become your assets moving forward. Treat your PBN’s Well Treat your PBN’s like they are your own main website, they are valuable to you going forward and will always make you money. Never Sell Links My advice would be to keep your PBN’s to yourself and make them work for you in a number of different ways. Never sell links to others, you will no longer be a Private Blog Network.
  37. 37. @craigcampbell03 Risk 37 Google do take action There is always a risk with using PBN’s and Google have been known to take manual action for sites that leave footprints. Manual Action ✓ Costly Clean-Up ✓ Slump in rankings and sales ✓ What strategy do you use next? ✓ Does Google ever trust your site 100% again?
  38. 38. @craigcampbell03 our main target 38 Is the main task for any SEO, strategies and ways of working will change, but you need to have a sensible strategy. Ranks, Traffic, Leads
  39. 39. @craigcampbell03 SEO Strategy before PBNS 39 Viral Piece’s can work well and attract links so worth exploring this. Suppliers, industry bodies and anyone else in your niche. Local/National citations Exhaust all outreach opportunities PR Links, Mentions, Link Reclamation Write and contribute on expert blogs, you will get links as a result. Website
  40. 40. @craigcampbell03 Knowledge Bomb 3 40 01 02 03 So go and find popular images. Images Reverse image lookup, see who’s using your image. Outreach People will tend to credit you with a link if you ask them. Link Gained
  41. 41. @craigcampbell03 How to contact me 41 @craigcampbell03 Linkedin Facebook craig@craigcampbell
  42. 42. @craigcampbell03 Come and see me at my stand 42 Mark Walker James Dooley Andy Drinkwater Ross Tavendale More Knowledge Bombs? Peter Van Der Graaf