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HubShots Episode 38

HubShots Episode 38
Recorded: Wednesday 15 June 2016

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HubShots Episode 38

  1. 1. HubSpot RSS Email & Messaging HubShots Episode 38 Your hosts: Ian Jacob and Craig Bailey
  2. 2. Welcome to Episode 38
  3. 3. E38 S1 Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week Latest speakers announced: ● Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos - Directors, Making a Murderer ● Rand Fishkin - Moz ● Only 146 days until Inbound: Prediction: ● Daniel Goleman - author of Focus, Emotional Intelligence
  4. 4. E38 S2 Shot 2: HubSpot Tip of the Week New RSS to Email options - this is a (much needed) fantastic update! You now have full control of the formatting of RSS update emails But you still can’t add the full post content into the email, only the summary This is one reason I still use MailChimp for some sites (it supports full post content in the RSS email)
  5. 5. E38 S2 Set the items that are included Edit the source using <> to have full control
  6. 6. Shot 2: HubSpot Tip of the Week
  7. 7. E38 S2 Choose from a number of tokens
  8. 8. E38 S3 Shot 3: Tip of the Week Featured Images in RSS Emails WordPress doesn’t natively include featured images in the RSS feed Which means they often won’t appear in RSS emails Use the WordPress Featured Images in RSS plugin: for-rss-feeds/ This adds the image as a data item in the feed, which then flows into your summary in the email.
  9. 9. E38 S4 Shot 4: Resource of the Week Facebook’s 20% Rule for Images used in ads is being relaxed: http://www.jonloomer. com/2016/06/08/facebook-text-rule-ads- change/ However, your ad reach will still be influenced by how text density. Highest reach is from least text.
  10. 10. E38 S5 Shot 5: Opinion of the Week More thoughts on Ghostwriting: This is a response to the post we discussed in Episode 31: http://hubshots. com/episode-31/
  11. 11. E38 S5 Shot 5: Ghostwriting For: Not everyone is a writer, so play to your strength Ghostwriters don’t deserve credit on a 600 word piece like they would for a book Against: Can be misleading There’s a difference between capturing and editing someone else's thoughts, to writing their thoughts for them
  12. 12. E38 S6 Shot 6: Internet Trend of the Week More from Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet 2016 Report: The rise of adblocking - especially on mobile
  13. 13. E38 S6 Adblockers on mobile
  14. 14. E38 S6 Shot 6: Internet Trend of the Week More from Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet 2016 Report: Need to be testing new channels eg: ● Facebook ads in a browser can be blocked ● but ads within the Facebook app cannot be blocked.
  15. 15. E38 S6 Shot 6: Internet Trend of the Week More from Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet 2016 Report: ● Messaging continues to grow rapidly. ● Leaders are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & WeChat ● So where does iMessage fit into this? How this will change with iOS 10
  16. 16. E38 S6 Messaging growth
  17. 17. 1.8 billion active monthly users Between WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger! Are you using these channels in your business? How can you use messaging in your business - leads versus customers...
  18. 18. ● Simple. Personal. Real Time Messaging. ● WhatsApp's desktop app (https: //www.whatsapp. com/download) EP38 S7 App of the week
  19. 19. “Effort is grossly underrated.” - Gary Vaynerchuk
  20. 20. Remember: Test & Measure
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  22. 22. About: HubShots is a weekly podcast for marketing managers who use HubSpot Hosts: Ian Jacob - Search & Be Found - @ianjacob Craig Bailey - XEN - @craigbailey
  23. 23. Thanks! Contact us: HubShots @hubshots