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VF2018: Why tokenize your real world assets (Bernd Petak, Investment Partner, Northmark Ventures)


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Northmark Ventures is a high value-add investor in technology-driven companies. Northmark builds deep, high-value-add relationships by working with you now on what matters most…building your product to satisfy your customers. In addition to bringing decades of business experience, Northmark uses its own 20-person technical team for the benefit of your product now, while you hire or expand your own expert team over time. Northmark’s team is senior with a decade of experience together, specializing in “hard” technologies such as blockchain, financial, trading and money-handling applications, embedded hardware, artificial intelligence and machine learning. For more information, visit the company's website at

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VF2018: Why tokenize your real world assets (Bernd Petak, Investment Partner, Northmark Ventures)

  1. 1. Why Tokenize Your Real-World Assets Bernd Petak Investment Partner
  2. 2. Topics • Introduction - What is Tokenization • Potential Tokenization Benefits • Potential Risks of Tokenization • Summary
  3. 3. Introduction - What is Tokenization Northmark Ventures is a venture investor and technology builder. We develop technology solutions for others. We do not issue tokens nor hold financial service provider licenses
  4. 4. Introduction - What is Tokenization One of the strangest and most fundamental inventions of humankind is the concept of OWNERSHIP
  5. 5. Introduction - What is Tokenization
  6. 6. Introduction - What is Tokenization
  7. 7. Introduction - What is Tokenization
  8. 8. Introduction - What is Tokenization Have we really innovated much in 4000 years?
  9. 9. Introduction - What is Tokenization Blockchain technology makes it possible to record asset ownership on a decentralized database with some potential benefits and new risks
  10. 10. Tokenization can potentially: • Increase Granularity - investment minimums smaller, secondary transactions any size • Increase Liquidity - trading is easier and less expensive • Increase Trading Velocity - easier/cheaper trading means more trading Potential Tokenization Benefits
  11. 11. Tokenization can potentially: • Increase Investor Market Size - tokens more easily be bought and sold internationally • Increase Transparency - regulatory compliance and audit can be easier • Reduce Centralization - investment tokens exist independently organizations that issued them Potential Tokenization Benefits
  12. 12. Potential Benefit #1 Economics 101 tells us that all these characteristics place upward pressure on asset unit values Potential Tokenization Benefits
  13. 13. Tokenization can also potentially: • Manage More Investors - On-boarding, management and regulatory burden reduced • Make Ownership Records Persistent - Database can be decentralized • Increase Regulatory Compliance - Make it possible and practical to follow the rules Potential Tokenization Benefits
  14. 14. Potential Benefit #2 The administration and management of asset securitization issues is potentially easier despite smaller projects and more investors Potential Tokenization Benefits
  15. 15. These benefits do not come for free. There are potential risks: • New Technology - The tech supporting tokenization is new • Regulatory Uncertainty - Regulators are trying to figure this out • Provider Risk - Some providers in this space are inexperienced and learning • Investor Adoption - Will investors be comfortable managing their own tokens? Potential Tokenization Risks
  16. 16. Tokenization has the potential to: • Lift Asset Values • Help with Issue Administration while: • Introducing Potential New Risks Summary
  17. 17. So Why Tokenize Your Real World Assets? To distribute ownership of your asset while potentially increasing its aggregate value and make the process easier to administer Summary
  18. 18. Bernd Petak - Investment Partner Northmark Ventures 604-617-4128