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fact sheet #01The zenon philosophy                                           [1/4]Project configuration, technologyand conn...
The zenon philosophy                    [1/4]Project configuration, technology and connectivity          zenon modules     ...
fact sheet #02The zenon philosophy                                       [2/4]Consistency and independencezenon is compati...
The zenon philosophy                         [2/4]Consistency and independence                   Platforms   CE /XP/XP Emb...
fact sheet #03The zenon philosophy                                           [3/4]InternationalizationWith zenon, your pro...
The zenon philosophy                        [3/4]Internationalization                zenon Editor   Available in eight lan...
fact sheet #04The zenon philosophy                                           [4/4]Vertical integrationzenon offers you con...
The zenon philosophy                [4/4]Vertical integration              Openness               Drivers            Time ...
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Zenon The integrated solution


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The integrated solution

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Zenon The integrated solution

  1. 1. fact sheet #01The zenon philosophy [1/4]Project configuration, technologyand connectivityzenon offers you many features that make your automationefficient and effective. Starting from the design of thesoftware, through to network technology, simple projectconfiguration and the diverse connection possibilities.modular software design simple project configurationzenon can be expanded in a modular fashion and will freely selectable parametersthereby guaranteeing the security of your investment. -The functionalities of all expansions are accessible via the tive graphical user interfaceuser interface. A system with layers of visualization for a clear overview, even in complex equipment screensmodern network technology -zenon features unparalleled modern network technology sion of variableswith capabilities such as distributed client/server struc- Freely selectable wizards for support with repeated taskstures. This gives users options to decentralize their auto-mation systems which, previously, they may never have distributed engineeringthought possible zenon supports distributed engineering. Several people can Decentralized data recording and administration work on a project together at the same time, either in a local network or via remote access. Functions that are currentlyand remote maintenance being worked on are blocked for other users. Interruption-free redundancy at the click of a mouse Enables circular redundancy© connectivity Automatic distribution of project changes throughoutthe network varied target systems. To this end, there is a multitude of open, standardized interfaces for the exchange of data in all directions. zenon currently features over 300 commu- nication protocols. In zenon, you simply select the requiredfast facts communication protocol from the zenon driver list and con- Modular software design - Comprehensive network technology veloped and tested by COPA-DATA. They generally support the whole functionality of the hardware and thus enable Over 300 communication protocols unlimited access to the process. In-house driver development at COPA-DATA
  2. 2. The zenon philosophy [1/4]Project configuration, technology and connectivity zenon modules Archive server Extended Trend (ETM) Report Generator Recipe Group Manager Message Control Text-to-speech engine Process Control Engine (PCE) Industrial Performance Analyzer PLC diagnosis – simatic s7-graph Industrial Maintenance Manager (IMM) Automatic Line Coloring (ALC) SAP Interface Project simulation OPC DA server OPC UA server Modbus slave DEC slave SNMP server DNP3 slave SQL online IEC 60870 slave Production & Facility Scheduler (PFS) Energy Management System (EMS) zenon SQL server zenon distributed Teamwork engineering Work on projects at the same time Work also possible via remote access Increase quality and productivity SQL server Safe access – no unintended overwriting
  3. 3. fact sheet #02The zenon philosophy [2/4]Consistency and independencezenon is compatible and open – for virtually any hardware andmany applications – and integrates into your infrastructureeasily. Operate across your entire network and workseamlessly from the terminals through to control level. zenongives you complete independence when choosing yourcomponents. You save time, costs and manpower.consistency drivers and connectionsThe consistency of zenon has set new standards in the zenon provides over 300 communication protocols. YouSCADA world. have the freedom to decide on the hardware with which you Platform-independent from Windows CE want to work. New machines or modules can be includedthrough Windows Embedded, Windows 7 and quickly and easily. In zenon, there are integrated standardWindows Server 2008 R2 to web. interfaces available (such as OPC DA, OPC UA, SQL ODBC, Consistent from PC to CE panels; both can be SNMP, Modbus RTU, Open Modbus TCP) which can be usedused as a client as well as a server. to connect to overlaid ERP systems, for example. Projects can run on both PC as well as CE panels. You can test each connection using integrated simulationto overlaid ERP system. editora project for all systems, from multiple monitor systems The zenon Editor makes consistent work possible. Changesthrough to mobiles. are transferred to target systems at the press of a button with easy-to-use remote tools. Changes can be transferred to Runtime during operation and reloaded there without re- starting. In addition, remote administration provides inte- grated tools for analysis and remote facts Compatible and open – in terms of both hardware and software The zenon network concept harmonizes the PC and terminal worlds Transparency at all levels Platform-independence Hardware and manufacturer independence
  4. 4. The zenon philosophy [2/4]Consistency and independence Platforms CE /XP/XP Embedded/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server 2008 R2 - including 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Resolution-independent Yes Platform and manufacturer Yes independent Backward-compatible Backward-compatibility with old zenon versions including online and networked applications. Drivers Over 300 communication protocols integrated; additional individual driver development on request. Protocol-independence zenon Process Gateway with the following protocol modules: zenon OPC Server, SQL Online, MODBUS RTU Slave, Open MODBUS TCP, Slave DEC-TCP, DNP3, IEC 60870-101, IEC 60870-104. Individual openness VSTA, open programming interface, .NET Controls, ActiveX, XML interface, SQL interface, IEC 61131-3 programming tool, driver kit, VBA.
  5. 5. fact sheet #03The zenon philosophy [3/4]InternationalizationWith zenon, your projects can be created for worldwideuse from the start. You have flexibility over the languagein which your projects can be executed and you define theunits that are used to display values. Just configure yourproject and use it any time, in any language and with anyunits desired. You work efficiently and quickly and optimizeyour time to market.eight languages in the editor internationalize the runtimeThe user interface of the zenon Editor can be displayed in Runtime offers language and unit switching in as many lan-eight different languages. As many languages as desired guages as desired. Machines and projects can be interna- - tionalized at the press of a button so Engineers around theured via language switching. During the engineering stage, world can get to grips with it. All text, including the zenonall Runtime objects (text in pictures, variable recognition, standard dialogs, can be switched online.limit value text etc.) can be displayed in the Editor in any - flexibility as a unicode application Asian languages and Arabic can also be used without prob-interface in the zenon Editor without starting Runtime. lems as complete Unicode applications in zenon. Even the font and its properties (size, style) can be switched with the language. When the language is switched, the paths for oth- help. Changes to language tables can be easily transferred to the target systems without interrupting Runtime operation. There are even different language engines available for the language editions of the “Message Control” facts zenon Editor in eight languages As many languages as desired can be used in Runtime Project test of languages in the Editor Automatic creation of the translation list by a wizard All Runtime messages can be translated Online language and unit switching of all text that is displayed in Runtime Global assistance from COPA-DATA’s international sales and support network
  6. 6. The zenon philosophy [3/4]Internationalization zenon Editor Available in eight languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech, Russian, traditional Chinese. zenon Runtime As many languages as desired can be switched online. Fonts can also be changed together with languages Units can be switched Can be switched in Runtime online. Includes automatic recalculation. Sales & support network Worldwide support. Export language tables automatically and re-import them after translation.
  7. 7. fact sheet #04The zenon philosophy [4/4]Vertical integrationzenon offers you consistent information in real time forquick and reliable decision making – at a glance, for allequipment worldwide. Vertical integration makes itpossible for you achieve problem-free communication toall levels, from field level (PLC) through to superordinatesystems such as ERP or BDE.consistent integrationzenon is characterized by a huge diversity of interfaces,which is a particularly important precondition for reliable, for precise and safe processesdrivers that it offers, zenon communicates with all common -control systems – and is therefore a product-independent -to connect easily with all common database systems, such - - - - cess to subordinate projects, zenon is proven to be reliable redundancy provides safety -fast facts - Simple integration / security of investment SQL connection - Over 300 communication protocols – additional drivers can be developed at the customer’s request - ODBC/OLE DB interfaces dundancy is also an important factor during maintenance SNMP network management and control -
  8. 8. The zenon philosophy [4/4]Vertical integration Openness Drivers Time stamp Platforms Years of use in industry and power station management guarantees SNMP