I need an app for that, don't I?


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With half of Britain now owning a smartphone, mobile apps are becoming increasingly effective marketing channels. But is a listing in the App Store really essential? Crafted’s Tom Gillman will help you determine if an app is the best investment for your company and offer insight on securing maximum return for your mobile strategy.

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I need an app for that, don't I?

  1. 1. EASILYDIGESTIBLEDIGITALINSIGHT#digitalbites @digital_bites
  2. 2. I need an app for that, don’t I?presented by Tom GillmanIpswich-based integrated digital marketing agencyEASILYDIGESTIBLEDIGITALINSIGHT
  3. 3. CraftedPRESENTATION
  4. 4. CraftedPRESENTATION
  5. 5. CraftedPRESENTATION
  6. 6. CraftedPRESENTATION
  7. 7. The rise and riseof the mobileCraftedPRESENTATION
  8. 8. 4 billionmobiles in use globallySource: marketing.anchormobile.net/blog/bid/202428/Mobile-Marketing-Statistics-2013-That-Will-Blow-Your-MindCraftedPRESENTATION
  9. 9. CraftedPRESENTATIONOver halfof Britain owns a smartphone (Ofcom)
  10. 10. CraftedPRESENTATION31% ofsite trafficin the UK is from mobile (Mobify)
  11. 11. CraftedPRESENTATIONMore timeis spent on mobile media by adults,than they do on newspapers andmagazines combinedSource: marketing.anchormobile.net/blog/bid/202428/Mobile-Marketing-Statistics-2013-That-Will-Blow-Your-Mind
  12. 12. CraftedPRESENTATIONMobile browsingis expected to overtake desktopbrowsing by 2014 (Microsoft Tag)
  13. 13. CraftedPRESENTATIONMobile consumer spending is predicted todouble by 2014(eBay)
  14. 14. CraftedPRESENTATION40% of emailis now opened on mobiledevices (Knotice)
  15. 15. CraftedPRESENTATIONMore people owna mobile than owna toothbrush!Source: marketing.anchormobile.net/blog/bid/202428/Mobile-Marketing-Statistics-2013-That-Will-Blow-Your-Mind
  16. 16. App statsCraftedPRESENTATION
  17. 17. CraftedPRESENTATION40 billionapp downloadsfrom the App Store (followthatapp)
  18. 18. CraftedPRESENTATIONOn average smartphoneusers run43 appsSource: mobileapptesting.com
  19. 19. CraftedPRESENTATIONGaming& socialnetworkingare the most popular type of appSource: mobileapptesting.com
  20. 20. CraftedPRESENTATION25-34 year oldsis the largest smartphone user groupSource: mobileapptesting.com
  21. 21. CraftedPRESENTATIONOver 2 hoursper dayon average is spent on mobile appsSource: mobileapptesting.com
  22. 22. CraftedPRESENTATIONConsumers have a preference ofconvenience,speed & UXSource: mobileapptesting.com
  23. 23. CraftedPRESENTATION
  24. 24. Meet company A  Sell exclusively online  Established successful eCommerce platform  Extensive product range  Same day despatch USP  Current website not mobile friendlyCraftedPRESENTATION
  25. 25. CraftedPRESENTATION
  26. 26. I need a mobile website for that  Accessible to search  Improved user experience over desktop site  A single platform  Likely to be more affordable  25% of UK consumers have purchased via mobileSource: EconsultancyIf your goal is to attract more customers andincrease conversion, then consider a mobile website:CraftedPRESENTATION
  27. 27. Meet company B  A long-established player in the wine beerand spirits sector  Wants to increase brand awarenessamongst consumers  Known as an investor in new technology  Wants to create ‘enjoyable and memorable’customer experiences  The brand is considering a promotional gameCraftedPRESENTATION
  28. 28. CraftedPRESENTATION
  29. 29. I need an app for that  Works offline  Talk to your customers (push notifications)  Better ‘front of mind’ reference  Access to device specific functionality (camera, accelerometer)  App store – rules, reviews and revenue  1 in 4 apps abandoned after initial use(www.mobileapptesting.com)CraftedPRESENTATION
  30. 30. Round-up  There is no one-size-fits-all approach  Type of content or service?  Project goals?  Needs of your end-user  BudgetCraftedPRESENTATION
  31. 31. Responsive designa different perspective  Extend user experience  Increase reach  Increase sales & conversion  Increase visibility  Find out more at the next Digital Bites!CraftedPRESENTATIONFood forthought…
  32. 32. Thank you  Next Digital Bites – 23rd May  Would you like to be a speaker?  Subscribe to the Crafted Edition  Follow @craftedmedia