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CraftedINFORMATION                                    1.0By Daniel Somers,Senior Search Consultant, Twitter   20 SEOs and ...
CraftedINFORMATION                                  2.0By Zoë Dean,                                  The Panel ‘Ask the En...
CraftedINFORMATION                            3.0                            (Re-) Launching a BrandBy Amy Lightowlers,   ...
CraftedINFORMATION                          4.0By Rachel Tooke,                          Killer Market Research for Peanut...
CraftedINFORMATION                     5.0By Nick Woolnough,                     I believe that Authors are The FutureSEO ...
CraftedINFORMATION                           6.0                           How you can get BIGBy Georgina Rayner,         ...
CraftedINFORMATION                         7.0                         It’s only Words?By Andrew Doyle,                   ...
CraftedINFORMATION                         8.0                         SEO & PPC WorkingJohn Stuchfield,                  ...
CraftedINFORMATION              Ipswich Studio              32 Fore Street              Ipswich IP4 1JU              T.	 +...
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Brighton SEO writeup


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On 13 April 2012 Crafted Media's search team attended the Brighton SEO event. This is their write up with details of every session.

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Brighton SEO writeup

  1. 1. Crafted INFORMATIONBrighton SEO
  2. 2. Crafted CraftedINFORMATION INFORMATION #brightonseo BrightonSEO has fast become one of the most On Friday 13th April the Crafted Media search anticipated search events of the year. Earlier team prepared for a road trip down to the this year the Crafted Media search team were Brighton Dome to join fellow search agencies, poised at their desks ready to secure tickets marketing teams and delegates from as far afield and just as the confirmation emails arrived as Thailand. BrightonSEO certainly lived up to @KelvinNewman tweets that the event sold its reputation this year so we’ve pulled together out in a record 13 minutes. key takeaways from some of the presentations.
  3. 3. Crafted CraftedINFORMATION INFORMATION Contents 1.0 20 SEOs and a Fish and Chip Shop 2.0 The Panel ‘Ask the Engines’ 3.0 (Re-) Launching a Brand or Product Online Effectively 4.0 Killer Market Research for Peanuts 5.0 I believe that Authors are The Future 6.0 How you can get BIG links from BIG media sites 7.0 It’s only Words? Working with Content Strategy 8.0 SEO & PPC Working Together in Harmony
  4. 4. CraftedINFORMATION 1.0By Daniel Somers,Senior Search Consultant, Twitter 20 SEOs and a Fish and Chip Shop Hearing about a free search event left me with absolutely love what they do. In fact, not just love and SEO as one solid platform, highlightingBrightonSEO in mixed emotions; normally any conference that it but have a real passion for all things to do with how one side of marketing can really boost allows free tickets requires 3 pages of questions search, social and online marketing. It’s great to the other. It was not that long ago when PRthe words of Daniel and a well-oiled overdraft before you get to know work within a tight knit industry that’s constantly and SEO were kept at the other ends of the if you are truly rewarded with a golden ticket. changing. Google and other search engines (yes office, so it’s a true reflection on how things areSomers, Senior Search With BrightonSEO I was pleasantly surprised others do exist), are always moving the goal posts changing within the online marketing world. and not force fed anything, other than free to suit their needs and certainly not the needs ofConsultant at Crafted. knowledge, experience and rubbing shoulders the website owners or online businesses. Rather The venue was also fantastically placed for a with some of the most talented SEOs and than moan about what we do as an SEO quick bite of Harry Ramsden’s famous fish & internet marketeers in the country. community we simply roll up our sleeves and chips on our extended lunch break, a whole work around the bad (cheers Google) and make hour and twenty minutes (remind me to The venue wasn’t held in some ‘rent a space’ things good for website owners across the globe. claim expenses). It was great to see Brighton office, but held in one of the most historic play host to one of the most rewarding online locations in Brighton and Hove; The Brighton It was great to see speakers such as Lexi Mills industries. So, to the guys at #BrightonSEO; Dome. Amazing, considering it’s an event (from @distilled), who is clearly from a strong “I salute you,” for pulling off such a knowledge for a reasonably new and definitely up and PR background, making her presence felt on packed and fun day! coming industry. the stage in front of hundreds of gifted search engineers, consultants and in house SEOs. Ever wondered how many SEOs you can fit One thing I really picked up on at BrightonSEO She simply said, “We welcome SEO”, before in a fish and chip shop? Last time I counted was the feeling that people, just like me, proceeding into a powerful talk on using PR it was 20 ;)
  5. 5. CraftedINFORMATION 2.0By Zoë Dean, The Panel ‘Ask the Engines’Search Account Manager, Twitter …with Pierre Far, Dave Coplin, Martin Mcdonald, Rishi Lakhani Is SEO dead? a ‘really good faith effort’ to clean up bad links – scripted to explain that Google are protectingArguably the highlight ‘Clean it up – tell us what you did and be honest’. user privacy whilst pointing SEOs to Webmaster Bound to spark debate and passion, the first Undoubtedly link ranking factors are important Tools to uncover search queries.of the day, this was a question was an inspirational start to the but what next? Social. conference and allowed the panel to reflect on Martin Mcdonald and Rishi Lakhani representedchance for SEOs to ask the evolution of SEO and where the industry Bing stressed that companies need to be really the SEOs in the room by responding with, is right now. Pierre Far reassuringly answered, good at social – in particular Twitter and “That’s rubbish”. Rishi went on to ask some keythe engines some of the “SEO will never die,” whilst Dave Coplin of Bing Facebook. To the amusement of the audience, questions including, “What % of users of Google compared SEOs to magicians. The big subject Pierre added Google+. actually know that their search queries are hiddenmost pressing questions was that whilst this is an industry with no formal and who actually understands that if they click on education or qualifications, it is a discipline that The platform is perhaps irrelevant – create an organic results its hidden but a paid ad is not?”in search marketing is constantly and rapidly changing. We have to powerful, interesting content and it will naturally Interestingly it was Bing who defended Google adapt to new technology and products quickly. get shared. Social cannot be ignored – but if you on this topic and Dave Coplin said “It’s reallyright now. To mix the do it ensure you do it properly. easy to be upset about this but we are at the SEO is not a checklist. forefront of some difficult questions in societypanel up Google (Pierre Why do Google hide search queries? about our privacy.” Pierre Far reflected on Google’s algorithm The infamous ‘(not provided)’.Far) and Bing (Dave - “What does the user want? Did they get it?” It didn’t really matter that the room didn’t get And whilst we came back to ‘great content’ it is There was no escaping the topic of Google the answer they wanted on the ‘not provided’Coplin) were joined by evident that this now extends beyond copy to hiding search queries in Analytics and of all the issue, as Dave Coplin puts it, “Debates like this images, video and applications. questions you’d expect Pierre to come prepared are crucial to ensure we get the balance right”.Martin Macdonald and with a slick answer to, this was one. Pierre’s initial ‘Bad links’ was a hot topic and the panel response was, “Thank you that it wasn’t the first To put the fire out and in true BrightonSEORishi Lakhani. responded to the question of what a site should question,” which demonstrates that Google style the panel closed with the question, “Larry do if it is deindexed or penalised for bad links. knows exactly how SEOs feel about this change. Page vs. Steve Ballmer in Sumo suits, who The answer was simple – Google are looking for Disappointingly the answer was defensively would win?”
  6. 6. CraftedINFORMATION 3.0 (Re-) Launching a BrandBy Amy Lightowlers, or Product Online EffectivelySearch Executive Samantha Noble, Digital Marketing Director at Koozai Koozai, formerly Impact Media, struggled with Once your name has been chosen, brand Sam gave some tips in further establishing yourSam Noble from Koozai, brand confusion therefore decided to rebrand. development can begin. brand by creating social profiles with your name Sam highlighted other reasons to rebrand could and associated names wherever possible, eventhe digital marketing include an overcrowded marketplace, buy-outs, • Secure trademark if you don’t use all of them you can re-direct to mergers or because of a new product/service. the ones you do. She also suggested using reverseagency, told the story of Underlining the importance of conducting the • Find the right branding agency image searches to locate where your old logo can research when re-branding, Sam stressed, be seen on the web, giving you a list of sites tohow Koozai re-branded “A brand is not what you say it is, it’s what • Check domain availability contact when you change logo. they say it is”.themselves in May 2011. • Check social profile availability with As a final note, Sam said to put your ‘Page 1 Consumer opinion will dictate the success Knowem and claim all possible profiles Domination’ into action NOW and don’t loseThe process took over of your brand therefore listening to their views sight of how you want your brand to grow. and whether they connect with your brand • Review brand consistencya year but gave them is essential. • Decide on a date to go livea unique identity that When choosing a brand name, Sam pointed out that your brand name needs to be something • Update company propertiesthey have been able you will like and that fits for the long term. and documentation Before Koozai was suggested, the preferred nameto monopolise. for the company was ‘Guava’. This word inspired • Prepare a press release and blog them to create a unique name that would stand post ready for the go live day out against competitors. Koozai was born.
  7. 7. CraftedINFORMATION 4.0By Rachel Tooke, Killer Market Research for PeanutsSearch Consultant Adam Lee, Managing Director at No Pork Pies Researching the correct language to use is software such as ClickTale, can inform you aboutTo create a successful important so your visitors feel like you really the ways your customers use your website and understand your product or service and can can help develop and redesign your, understanding advise them accurately. To do this, use social media tools, market research tools and website Additionally, to find out what your currentyour prospective optimisation software. brand presence online is, use Google thinkinsights for example.client needs is the To find these prospective visitors, to find out what they are talking about, what they want or Adam’s presentation confirmed that marketkey to success. need, use social media tools such as Brandwatch, research is an important element of SEO and Klout, Followerwonk. From this research, you can give insightful information that can be can formulate a set of keywords and ideas on integrated within a standard search approach. which to base your website content. There are a range of ways to gain information from your current customers, including market research, polls, surveys and questionnaires. Using
  8. 8. CraftedINFORMATION 5.0By Nick Woolnough, I believe that Authors are The FutureSEO Executive James Carson, Digital Marketing manager at Bauer Media Over the past nine months, Google users may content relating to their field of knowledge, thusThe Future of have noticed an increase in author thumbnails potentially spelling an end to the effectiveness of appearing in the search results (SERPs). This writing online via a range of pseudonyms.Online Authorship development is all about giving authority to prominent online authors and was a hot topic at The relationship between a piece of content and(rel=“author”) Brighton SEO. an author is made using a small piece of HTML known as rel=“author”. There are numerous Below is an example of author ownership in resources online to help writers and webmasters the SERPs, linking to an article which happens implement rel=“author” or rel=“me”, with Carson to be singing from the same hymn sheet as James predicting that the concept of online author Carson of Bauer Media, a speaker at Brighton ownership will slowly see the value of quality SEO who gave an excellent presentation on the journalism come to the fore on the internet future of online authorship. He emphasised how – backing up the ‘content is king’ philosophy Google will lend weight to articles and sites on that has been a popular phrase in SEO for the which registered Google+ users have posted past couple of years.
  9. 9. CraftedINFORMATION 6.0 How you can get BIGBy Georgina Rayner, links from BIG media sitesMarketing Executive Lexi Mills, Online PR Consultant at Distilled She also underlined the importance of presenting At this stage, she highlighted the importanceLexi Mills offered tips to ‘the right person with the right story at the of persistence, noting that any response good right time’ and discussed the need to choose or bad needs to be acted upon and is a potentialand tricks for achieving your battles wisely, only targeting relevant sites link waiting to happen. She also explained that that are likely to have a realistic interest in your often, journalists are weary of non-branded‘Big Links’ from ‘Big content. Mills also suggested that if a site had anchor text and that it is usually easier to previously published your content without request branded links.Media’ sites as well as links, an agreement that links would be included should be a precursor to you providing them Finally, Mills provided an example of usefulhighlighting ways in with any future content. twitter feeds including: #journorequest, #prfail and #prwin and also identified thewhich PR and SEO Next her presentation tackled the delicate value of PR distribution sites such as subject of asking for ‘followed’ links as well as PRNewswire and BusinessWire. Her key tipcan work together targeting specific keywords in your outreach. when using BusinessWire was not to fill out She emphasised a ‘softly, softly approach’, focused the URL and blog boxes when completingmore harmoniously. on relationship building and underpinned by your press release as this is the only way to helpfulness, whilst strongly advocating the need get a link. to make telephone contact rather than simply sending emails. She even suggested that if all else A thought provoking presentation that bridged fails; tell the journalist your boss has requested the gap between PR and SEO – make love that you ask for a link! not war.
  10. 10. CraftedINFORMATION 7.0 It’s only Words?By Andrew Doyle, Working with Content StrategySEO Manager, Twitter Charlie Peverett, Content Strategist at iCrossing Charlie began by painting the picture of SEO This growing vested interest in website content ‘Content Strategy’ by Christina Halverson andFresh from our and its historical separation from editors, UX means that content is; thirdly to know your value as an SEO - “search designers and ordinary citizens. He initially • Political – needs of all involved have to be insight is valuable at every stage”.lunchtime stroll to delved into the barriers between *magic* SEO balanced practices and traditional online brand and • Shares multiple objectives – all involved have Five main takeawaysBrighton pier and back content while comparing SEO to the Wizard different objectives i.e. SEO requires visibility of Oz and Toto (Web 2.toto to be exact) pulling while UGC strives for engagement 1. Content is your visible assets i.e. words,Charlie Peverett from back the curtains. Charlie then took a sword • Quality content is expensive pictures, video, audio, tools, data to the simple labelling of ‘Great content’ as a 2. Widening vested interest in website contentiCrossing was first up checkbox in search marketing presentations. Charlie then made one of the central points 3. Speak the same language as everyone Charlie discussed his disappointment with this of his presentation. All activities i.e. SEO, PR else involvedwith a presentation on brushing over of ‘creating quality content’ and etc. share different objectives, these activities 4. Read the book ‘content strategy’ emphasised his belief that it is the central element largely manifest as content and are all seen by Christina Halversoncontent strategy. within all online marketing strategies. by users. Content therefore is becoming 5. Know your value as an SEO - search insight increasingly important to brand. Thus a is valuable at every stage The presentation then moved towards describing content strategy is what ties your users content. Charlie defined content as ‘all of your and your brand together online. Charlie’s presentation certainly stirred a few websites assets that communicate with users’ feathers in the room but the central theme is for example words, video, sounds, images etc. Charlie then discussed some tips for online something to which all websites should strive. Also he discussed the widening of users who content strategy. Firstly he advised to speak A successful content strategy is central to brand create content within websites. Expanding from the same language as others within the process and online marketing. Happy at destroying IT, SEO and e-commerce in 2001 to customer i.e. link bait is sick inducing, over-optimisation clichés at every turn I thoroughly enjoyed services, brand, PR, CSR, the CEO and user means making something too good and using Charlie’s presentation and I am completely generated content in 2012. the term ‘bloggers’. Secondly read the book on-board with all of Charlie’s ideas.
  11. 11. CraftedINFORMATION 8.0 SEO & PPC WorkingJohn Stuchfield, Together in HarmonyPPC Executive Tim Ireland, Jellyfish He first stressed that PPC & SEO are part of He stressed that understanding these differences Tim followed this up by highlighting that PPCTim Ireland from the overall ‘information universe’, which also is vital for effectively responding to customers’ can also support SEO in more practical ways. features TV, radio and print. He suggested that search behaviour and that advertisers need toJellyfish, the digital the internet has a lower ‘threshold of influence’ recognise that customer’s relationships with For example, it can act as a ‘reconnaissance craft’ than other mediums but is a more democratic products will change over time. and provide insights about patterns of searchmarketing agency, environment where users share and pass on behaviour and demand, which is useful in the information they like. This makes it easier This will involve periods of highs and lows, organic keyword research process.highlighted the to shape. with different products resulting in vastly different patterns of highs and lows. For PPC can also contribute towards the relevanceimportance of using Tim then focused on fundamental differences example, newspaper buyers will enjoy of organic listings by overwhelming (and even between SEO and PPC: frequent highs while an owner of a flat displacing) competitors and taking up morePPC and SEO in screen TV may experience an initial high space on the SERPs. Organic listings which then fades.conjunction with each • Receive the most traffic from SERPs but the The ultimate goal therefore is to use PPC in process of improving your rank in these Businesses must therefore use PPC & harmony with SEO in order to dominate yourother, rather than as listings is a slow one SEO tactically in responding to these particular search market and turn user interest • Require the ‘accumulation of relevance’ emotional patterns. into a tangible reward.two separate entities. over time • SEO should be used to capitalise on predictable PPC emotion peaks • Receives a lower volume of traffic but is an • PPC should be used to respond to fast-moving immediate process and unexpected changes in search behaviour • Has ‘no capacity to accumulate relevance’ or even to combat sustained low periods
  12. 12. CraftedINFORMATION Ipswich Studio 32 Fore Street Ipswich IP4 1JU T. +44 (0) 1473 213222 E. London Office Clerkenwell Workshops 27/31 Clerkenwell Close London EC1R 0AT T. +44 (0) 20 7061 6216