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Avalon winter 2012 newsletter


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Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Avalon winter 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. Winter NEWSLETTER 2012What we do INSIDE THIS ISSUE What we do 1 Free Estimates 1 Wood Shrinkage 2 Drying the Logs 2 Avalon Design Services 3 Company info 3 Winter Specials 3 European logsmiths centuries ago.Visit Our Website Avalon Log Homes Page 1
  2. 2. Winter NEWSLETTER 2012Wood Shrinkage We did not invent the log home, but we perfected it! Drying the Logs “The lower the moisture content of the house log, the drier and lighter the wood will be.” Avalon Log Homes Page 2
  3. 3. Winter NEWSLETTER 2012 Avalon Design Services Graded Homes we believe there is no such At Avalon Log thing as a perfect log home plan. Though we pride ourselves on having the finest standard plans in the industry, we realize that your dream home is just Powder River Log Homes, Inc. uses Wall that- the home of your dreams (not ours). We offer Log 40, or better. a full design service where you can create your own custom designed home, incorporating the uniqueness and individual needs of your family into the design. Because we understand your need to personalize your log home design, Avalon Log Homes expert team of designers, architects, engineers, and local builders in your area are at your service to ensure that your log home meets each of your exacting requirements. Contact US LOGS@CABLEONE.NET Office: 208.467.6098 Avalon Log Homes uses 19% Moisture-Wall log 40 or better http://www.avalonloghomes.comAsk Us about our Fall/Winter Specials! Avalon Log Homes Page 3