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Star chart


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Star chart

  1. 1. That thing we have to do every year….what is it any way?
  2. 2. Use navigational icons
  3. 3.  School Technology and Readiness A Teacher Tool for Planning and Self- Assessing aligned with the Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020.Source: Texas STaR Chart
  4. 4.  Looks at four categories ◦ Teaching and learning ◦ Educator preparation and development ◦ Leadership, Administration, and instructional support ◦ Infrastructure for technology
  5. 5.  Based on scores, campuses are classified as ◦ Early Tech (beginning stages) ◦ Developing tech (getting there) ◦ Advanced (higher on the tech food chain) ◦ Target (we did it!)
  6. 6. State Data
  7. 7. 201816141210 8 6 2006-2007 4 2 2007-2008 0 2008-2009Graph courtesy of Juan R.
  8. 8.  Majority of the state was classified as Developing Tech for Teaching and learning and Educator preparation and development Majority of the state classified as Advanced Tech for Administration and Support and Infrastructure. Back to Campus Data
  9. 9.  Identify areas of need Determine how to improve those areas on our campus Develop an action plan Go for it!
  10. 10. http://www.bastrop.i can’t soar with Eagles if you keep your feet on the ground.It’s time for our Eagles to rise to the challenge and put a priority on using technology for teaching and learning to reach our digital natives in ways that they can understand and be engaged.