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Egypt, Through The Eyes Of A Solo Woman Traveller


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Divya Nawale, winner of Grab Your Dream contest Season 1 writes about her experiences as a solo woman traveller in Egypt.
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Egypt, Through The Eyes Of A Solo Woman Traveller

  1. 1. As the world becomes a smaller and smaller place due to globalization, more and more people, women in particular, are ready to venture out on their own and see off-beat places across the world.
  2. 2. My G Adventures Egypt tour group for the Grab Your Dream journey consisted of solo women travelers (Six of us!) and we were all really interested to see Egypt-to experience its history and culture! While Rebecca (Bec) and Elizabeth (Liz) were Australian, Katherine was from Norway, Natasha from New Zealand and Joanna was from the States. Not to forget ‘me’ – Divya from India ;)
  3. 3. One of the most incredible aspects of group travel such as G Adventures is the people you will meet on your trip! They are going to be from different parts of the world, sharing same interests (they chose the same destination as you after all) and are crazy travelers who have already seen a lot of the world. I have never met an un-interesting person when I traveled with small groups and have always ended up making great friends!
  4. 4. We had an amazing CEO (Chief Experience Officer), Adel Galeeby, who was our super-hero made us confident as young solo women travelers ready to take on the madness of Egypt!
  5. 5. As we visited the Pyramids of Giza on our very first day together, we started to become a family of sorts- walking together, caring for each other and holding hands as we took jumping shots at Giza. We didn’t need more than few minutes to connect on a level that made us go from ‘travel mates’ to ‘friends’ instantly.
  6. 6. I was happy to click pictures especially with local kids, women and also someone who could have possibly helped me/my group during the tour in a specific manner.
  7. 7. Having had a number of meals together over the last couple of days, we shared information on food and culture from our own countries. And this is what excited me the most. Hearing about the local culture from a person you have never met, talking about their country is an amazing and eye-opening experience- ALWAYS!
  8. 8. We could hardly believe when it was time to leave. But such is the life of a solo traveler, you meet new people in new places- make friends for life- and then you bid goodbye, you move on. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have met 5 incredible women- all solo travelers in their own right- who came together for this journey and became my ‘ Egyptian family’…
  9. 9. To know more interesting stories about my Egyptian dream journey, visit: