Using technology in the classroom presentation


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Using technology in the classroom presentation

  1. 1. Using Technology in the Classroom<br />By: Melissa Smith<br /><br />
  2. 2. Technology—a world view<br /><ul><li>New age of hand held computers and internet access in the palm of your hand
  3. 3. Most careers require their applicants to be technology educated
  4. 4. Students become more contributing members of society
  5. 5. Students are more likely to go to college and receivehigher paying jobs</li></li></ul><li>The Students<br />Students become explorers<br />The students design and create programs using their own ideas<br />They produce a product that is meaningful to them<br />They can produce movies, documentaries, presentations., etc.<br />The School<br />Higher test scores<br />Higher student retention<br />How does it help?<br />Use in the Classroom<br />
  6. 6. Technology + Teachers = Success<br />
  7. 7. 59% of teachers claim that technology is enhancing their students engagement in the classroom.<br />What technology is being used?<br />MP3 players for podcasts<br />Video Cameras/Cameras<br />Promethean Boards<br />GPS systems<br />Computer Programs<br />Technology + Students = Success<br />
  8. 8. Projects<br />Groups or Individual<br />This will differentiate instruction and create a subjective product<br />Classroom<br />Technology enhanced lecture<br />Technology led classroom experience<br />This will create an engaged learning experience<br />Integration<br />
  9. 9. Technology in Use Today<br /><ul><li>There are many popular technology programs being used in the classroom today. Here are a few that allow students to experience real life problem solving.
  10. 10. Simulations
  11. 11. Gaming Programs
  12. 12. Social Networking
  13. 13. Videos
  14. 14. Skill Building Programs</li></li></ul><li>“It should no longer be considered a privilege to use computers, but rather a right and a need for every student who has these resources available to them.” (Tanke, 2009, p.1)<br />All students and teachers should have access to technology and computers.<br />It is the responsibility of the school and teacher to use the resources they have available to them<br />Computers are no good to the students or the teachers if they sit on the desk and not get used.<br />Teachers need to take more time to integrate technology into their lessons.<br />A Right to Use Computers<br />
  15. 15.<br /><ul><li>Teach with Technology
  16. 16. works to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms by offering online tools and resources. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars. There are also tools for student use. Discover valuable professional development resources addressing issues such as equity, ELL, technology planning, and at-risk or special-needs students.
  17. 17. Teachers Blog
  18. 18. Teachers Features
  19. 19. Teachers Tools</li></ul>Integrating Technology in the Classroom<br />Using Online Resources to create Integration—anyone can do it!<br />
  20. 20. Lesson Planning<br />Using Online Resources<br /><br /><ul><li>Website for teachers with a wealth of information and resources
  21. 21. New This Week
  22. 22. Article of the Week
  23. 23. Archived Articles
  24. 24. Blog of the Week
  25. 25. Technology Lesson Plan of the Week
  26. 26. Technology Integrated Lesson Plans
  27. 27. Tools and Templates
  28. 28. Worksheets
  29. 29. New Tips
  30. 30. Total Reader Reading Machine
  31. 31. Math Machine</li>