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My name is Robert A. Wilson with Cowboy Wisdom NLI Coaching, and I am writing to introduce you to my “I Expand Thru Life” Seminars that are opening peoples’ eyes to the innocence of life to discover their inner ‘canonized’ abilities with NLP and Hypnotherapy.

NLI means ‘Neuro Linguistic Innovation,’ and it’s a new way of unlocking people’s state-of-the-art insight so a person is free to engage and experience their dreams – turning those dreams into a reality, both in life and business.

I am the author of several books, including; Fear is My Friend, Flow in the Glow and Holiday Wisdom, as well as CD’s, Fear is My Friend; Money is My Friend; and Flow in the Glow, to name just a few.

My “Expand Thru Life” Seminars have been truly well-received and avidly expands people into new wisdom; sets free a visionary vocabulary unlocking astute awareness utilizing rhymes that authorizes them to understand they can trust themselves to expand their wisdom, energize their ‘wise’ inside of them and unleash their entrepreneurial talent to experience life with galvanizing gusto.

With Cowboy Wisdom NLI Coaching, people have found a way to live their desired life, as they are shown the path to health, wealth and success. Through a unique ‘rhyming’ delivery combined with my own life experiences, I have presented a way to open the heart with NLI, and people are truly ‘jumping on board’ with the absolute positive experiences that are occurring now.

I look forward to presenting this material to open people’s eyes to realize dreams are a dare to let go of old patterns, expand out of their current way of life expanding into walking their paths of prosperity in a bold new way.

I look forward to presenting this intra-prizing common-sense to open peoples' eyes; to bring them to a place where they can realize their dreams as they dare themselves to let go of old patterns, expand out of their current way of life, and walk their path of prosperity in a bold, new way.

Thank you,

Robert A. Wilson
(702) 755-9410

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I expand through life seminars

  1. 1. I Expand through lifeseminarsCopyrighted by Cowboy Wisdom NLI Coaching and RobertA. Wilson
  2. 2. Cowboy Wisdom NLI CoachingRob doing a live hypnotherapy session on Cowboy Wisdom NLI Radio:http://www.cowboy-wisdom.com/coaching-recordedsession.htmlCowboy Wisdom NLI Coaching opens your enterprising listening to unmask yourentrepreneurial wise and unleash your canonized abilities so you see all the opulentopportunities to experience your copious outcomes in galvanizing gusto - now toeternity…www.cowboy-wisdom.comRob@cowboy-wisdom.com
  3. 3. How is everything I know How is everything my biggestlimitation? I now realize everything I know locks me into theinsane of the same. How will it feel to take all you knowexpand it this is what I understand about my life to thispoint? I grasp every time I experience a break through or Iexpanded paradigms I now realize I expand into newlimitations
  4. 4. Books and CD’s My Amazon authors page: https://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson Fear is My Friend: Robert A. Wilson http://dld.bz/cduAP via @amazon Fear is My Friend: http://dld.bz/cduAQ via amazon Flow in the Glow: http://t.co/zPNLN5kw0K @amazon New Release Holiday Wisdom: http://dld.bz/cduBq Holiday Wisdom: http://dld.bz/cduBr Money Is My Friend http://dld.bz/cu5Hn My Friend CD http://dld.bz/cu5HF
  5. 5. I am geart pesrpnDid you see the misspelled words first or the message “I Am aGreat Person.”It says I am a great person How do you instantly look for thenegative rather than the wisdom to walk innovatively speak daringomnific magic into my dreams…I chime the rhyme in the subliminal mind unbind the consciousmind to untie the lies of want and need…To light the fires of desire fanning my fame unleashing my financialavatar magnetizing the earth ethersWith enthralling fortitude I encompass it all thankfulness I chooseto engage in my esteemed dreams setting free my rabble rousercarouser…
  6. 6. Hypnosis CD’s to expand your life!!! www.cowboy-wisdom.com/TenMillionDollar.html www.cowboy-wisdom.com/ExpandLife.html www.cowboy-wisdom.com/LettingGo.html www.cowboy-wisdom.com/Sunrise.html www.cowboy-wisdom.com/SpiritBodyMind.html
  7. 7. Facilitator I let go of busy and productive to feel free as thefacilitator of my paths of prosperity… How does it feel to be a facilitator expanding yourbrand enhancing your bottom line televising I am divineunbridles my daring individual visionary innovationnaturalizing every day escapades into intra-surprisingadventures in the right way under grace in aprosperous perfect way…
  8. 8. Unlocked my courage to utilize Third Party I discovered embedded patterns within me that I wasunable to release so I utilized another hypnotherapist torelease my barrier-d layers of fear. I authorize my inner wise to see I was afraid to let go ofmy inner pain because of the pain it created on the wayin so I hung on to the ingrained pain thinking I wastougher than the pain. That thought was my downfall so now I just let go of allmy ingrained pain instantly.
  9. 9. I write my legacy I now understand I expand my life when I write mylegacy now as my intentions in my life thru my writingspeaking and coaching now to show me while alivehow my legacy expands people lives. I write my legacy now to avow my wow to waltz inwinning omnific wealth now. I choose to live my legacy now.
  10. 10. Questions The Quality of questions I ask myself the higher theoutcomes I experience. The questions mark is shaped like a person closed the backopen in the front… Today I un-challenge the to challenge me to ask thisquestion where is the wisdom in this situation to expand me. First questions how am I reacting the same way as before? How do I choose to expand out of this situation?
  11. 11. My dreams My dreams intentions sired desires wealth success andunconditional love is God Mrs. Universe the womb of divinegrandeur Infinite Spirit my divine diviner my talentsimagination intuition daring me to expand energizeenterprise experience life in glorious gusto. Life is a dare to be rare to realize I am a revolutionaryvisionary unleash my sassy tenacity ride my typhoons oftriumph rope my winds of wisdom sail on my breezes ofboldness to surf my seas of success yacht on my oceans ofopulence to ski on my mountain of money to relax on mybeaches of bliss now to eternity…
  12. 12. Parents The womb to 2 years old embeds parents patternswords etc… ingrain emotional patterns. How do mirror the things about your parent you don’tlike? I now realize my parents were my teachers picked toshow me my spiritual expansion. How do you react the same way your parent did?
  13. 13. Sovereign Innocence Life is sovereign innocence when I choose to allow myspirit and heart to be the leaders in my life. When I choose to see life in a sovereign innocence Iliberate my ingrained patterns from entering my dailyencounters now. I now understand life is innocent it is my reactiveapparatus that energizes my responses.
  14. 14. I Am Renting this Life!!! As I open my inter-prizing eyes I realize I am renting this lifeto expand my spiritual sapience… Understanding I am renting this life authorizes me to unlatchthe latch of attachment ups my periscope of detachment tosee me like a tumbleweed I expand thru situations then I letgo into a new sensationalizing extravaganza… Wisdom is like a tomahawk missile used one time expandsinto a understanding… Wisdom wise innovation speaking daring omnific magic…
  15. 15. Thank YouContact Robert A. Wilson with Cowboy Wisdom NLI Coaching.To experience I Expand Through Life Seminars to expand your emotionalintra-prizing surprises to relish living your sired desires contact. Robert A. Wilson Phone 702-755-9410 Website: www.cowboy-wisdom.com Rob@cowboy-wisdom.com