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How will it feel to flow in the glow of galvanized luminary omnipotent wisdom? Flow in the glow shows people the way to beam heart wisdom into the daily life with NLP and Time Line Coaching. How free do you feel when you say I flow in the glow? In the book Flow in the Glow through Hypnotherapy I uncovered words that have shining boldness expand peoples visions such as this I am in the flow of the go of my genius glow. With this magnificence, I unleash my galvanizing leadership which opens up my winning wisdom that lays beneath my skin to brazenly gleam my bold, lightning bolt ‘chutzpah’ that highlights my glittering star and lightens and brightens my omnipresent worldly revered honor. This is from inside the book with Reiki and Past Regression. Did you feel your eyes heart and mind’s eye open as you felt free in your visionary astuteness? Flow in the Glow opens your soul sapience to live your sired desires.

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Flow in the glow

  1. 1. Flow In The Glow
  2. 2. Flow in the Glow Written by Robert A. Wilson
  3. 3. Flow In The Glow Published by Freedom of Speech Publishing Is available for purchase at: Flow in the Glow: http://t.co/zPNLN5kw0K Amazon Robert‟s Website www.cowboy-wisdom.com Robert‟s Authors Page: https://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson Freedom of Speech Publishing www.freedomofspeechpublishing.com
  4. 4. Chapter One Flow in The Glow I am in the flow of the glow of my galvanizing luminary omnipotent wisdom to say “I won my game of life.” I am in the flow of the go of my genius glow. With this magnificence, I unleash my galvanizing leadership which opens up my winning wisdom that lays beneath my skin to brazenly gleam my bold, lightning bolt „chutzpah‟ that highlights my glittering star and lightens and brightens my omnipresent worldly revered honor.
  5. 5. Chapter 3 Winds Of Wisdom Infinite Spirit, I feel the winds of wisdom glistening, opening my lithe listening to glow and blow my words of wisdom down my river valleys of prosperity, across my mountaintops, over pristine, prospering prairies and traversing my seas of success by crisscrossing my oceans of wealth, freeing me to… Walk my talk boldly, expressing my prophet-„eyes‟-zing wise, inspiring nirvana, declaring success, opening free-flowing wealth with superstar determination, optimizing mammoth money flow and mirroring the waves of the Hawaiian surf - today and every day in a lavish, lively way.
  6. 6. Chapter 5 Rainbow Wisdom Infinite Spirit opens the way for my rainbow of wisdom to illuminate the heavens with my colorful YHWY charisma, unlocking a crystal clear understanding that I am the rainbow of wisdom, expansively electrifying… The ethers with robust acumen, innovatively naturalizing bountiful omnipotent „Wow!‟ - optimizing forthright wealth by invigorating superstar determination that manifests all my desires, unfurling … A crisp, sharp-witted understanding that rainbows are both reflection and refraction. In the raindrops emulating my rainbow of wisdom are three rays of light beaming from my YHWY imagery, bending to uncover and discover my highest pathway…
  7. 7. Chapter 6 Sunrise Wise I am an avant-garde vanguard, unbridling my entrepreneur because I am selflessly self-assured, enduring my visionary voyage into my lionized lands… Of canonized common sense; giving free rein to my astronomical acumen which sets free my bodacious boldness to ride my mountain-reared bronco to burst forth into a wild new frontier… Of forthright candidness within my innerness to understand that I am blessed when I let go of stress. To let go of what I know opens me up to say “I don‟t know”… And unleashes my flow in the glow gallantry - gives me the lively omnipotent willingness to white water raft the rich regal rapids of my terra incognita. Stripping the masks off of my fictitious fears un-restricts… My devout clout. It empowers and sanctions me to live my life in lavish luxury - to strive because I arrived to live my trillion-air triumph in an animated affluence NOW!
  8. 8. Books Written by Robert A. Wilson With Cowboy Wisdom NLI Coaching New Release Flow in the Glow: http://dld.bz/cv5uh My Amazon authors page: https://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson Fear is My Friend: Robert A. Wilson http://dld.bz/cduAP via @amazon Fear is My Friend: http://dld.bz/cduAQ via amazon Holiday Wisdom: http://dld.bz/cduBq Holiday Wisdom: http://dld.bz/cduBr Money Is My Friend http://dld.bz/cu5Hn I Expand Through Life Seminars by Cowboy Wisdom NLI Coaching http://dld.bz/cwe8S via @youtube
  9. 9. Chapter 7 Divine Bright My divine bright sets free my more divine light and unleashes my rainbow insight; it ignites my heart‟s knight to glide gallantly across the sky, highlighting my heavenly harmony. It opens my sunrise eyes to sashay in blessed bliss, relishing my prosperous paydays, embellishing enlightened prayer and animating „Yes!‟ in every facet of my daily voyage… Opening out omnipotent peace, aggrandizing my Yahweh to daringly applaud Yule-Tide prosperity, affluently heralding dauntless prophecy, animating… My inner „yahoo‟ - enticing winning woo - to sooth my cascading cash flow cosmos. It unchains my sapient, oracle, omnific terrific-ness, harking my stark feisty liveliness.
  10. 10. Chapter 10 Sunset Supremacy I am sunrise wise, revealing my sunset supremacy and soaring through the instinctual cosmos at an avatar altitude, televising my stainless aptitude and broadcasting my Thor attitude… To smile in the eye of a challenge while I laugh in the face of chaos, realizing I am encompassing the “rock-„em, sock-„em, knock-„em out” galvanizing gritty „get and go‟… All to expand my imaginative wisdom; to unbind my mind; to wind up my sagacious, magnanimous, intuitive love expanding throughout and beyond every challenging dare… That is innate to my purposeful journey because Mrs. Universe - the womb of enterprising energies - my intentions and God - purposefully, passionately and lovingly place in…
  11. 11. Chapter 15 I Am a Spiritual Savant Untying the Lies with Titan Truisms I am a spiritual savant untying the lies with titan truisms, utilizing the wisdom of my inner empire to be the sired „seer‟ hurling my fervent fire. Flaunting my undaunted titanium backbone sets free my candid truth and unhinges the courtly couth of my titan truism tongue. As the sword of my inner Lord slashes the lashes, untying the lies of the world‟s senile cynicism, he smashes the gloom and doom within. He uses the power of the zooming, booming, luminary sledge-hammer – throwing pessimism in the „slammer,‟ to never ever damn anything or anyone again. This un-damn‟s the glamour of egotistical naughtiness…
  12. 12. Chapter XVI I Am Mystically Magically Marveling in Miracles I am mystically magically marveling in miracles with a pure, clear, new understanding that there is pain in change, heartache in create, inflammation in transformation, guarded scars in healing… But there are also epiphanies in expanding my wisdom, energizing my enterprising endeavors, freeing the spree in my entrepreneurial utopia to suavely experience life… With galvanizing gusto flings the zing of my „get up and go‟ undaunted sapience, tantalizing optimism, dawning dauntless acumen – WINNING – naturally instigating new-fangled gutsiness, unbridling the „seer‟ of my newborn, stout-hearted understanding. I can expand by engaging in my inner sage to canonize my abilities, lighting up my universal truth of white light tenacity.
  13. 13. Chapter XVIII Godsend Zen My Godsend Zen sensationally sends my spirited „chi‟ to free the world of human bondage, because to realize the common sense in „letting go‟ of everything… I know allows me to avow my astute visionary oracle-wise, to understand the fact that my eyes are in front in order to see the world as I choose to peruse the universe. This un-constricts my new, nomadic, energizing wisdom. To cruise into new adventures unbridles my brazen sassiness to recognize I encompass the preeminent pizzazz to confront myself with heroic honesty about every facet of my life. This opens the way for my confident campaigner to comfort the world with new wisdom; deleting the elite‟s „rule book,‟ I took the people for a ride of stealth control…
  14. 14. Thank You Robert A. Wilson I hope you enjoyed, Flow in the Glow. I am Robert Wilson, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Past Regression Specialist, Reiki Master, Radio Show Host, Parts Integration and Time Line Coach. Cowboy Wisdom NLI Radio is on Tuesday and Thursday at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific and has reached out to listeners. Cowboy Wisdom in known to open people‟s eyes so they see their talent and engage in their intrepid intentions instantly. Cowboy Wisdom Innovation Coaching opens your enterprising listening to unmask your entrepreneurial wise and unleash your canonized abilities so you see all the opulent opportunities to experience your copious outcomes in galvanizing gusto - now to eternity.
  15. 15. Hypnosis CD‟s to expand your life!!! http://www.cowboy-wisdom.com/coaching-recordedsession.html www.cowboy-wisdom.com/TenMillionDollar.html www.cowboy-wisdom.com/ExpandLife.html www.cowboy-wisdom.com/LettingGo.html www.cowboy-wisdom.com/Sunrise.html www.cowboy-wisdom.com/SpiritBodyMind.html
  16. 16. Thank You With a Smile in My Heart Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLI Coaching Cowboy Wisdom NLI Radio Tuesday and Thursday‟s 8PM EST, 7 PM CST, 6 PM MST, 5 PM PST, at www.blogtalkradio.com/cwbywsdm. Call in number 718-305-6548 www.cowboy-wisdom.com cwbywsdm@gmail.com