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Design and creation of an outfit inspired on a pair of suede boots by fashion designer Mario Gomez Haute Couture

Published in: Design, Lifestyle, Business
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  1. 1. Dress, belt, and jewelry created bydesigner Mario Gómez based on pair of boots provided by a client. Project designed and completed in 45 hours in his design studio in Temple Terrace, Florida, USA.
  2. 2.  Special presentation made for my mother, the Designer Elis de Gómez (Elisita) by her son Mario Gómez in gratitude for all her love and teachings. Very special appreciation to Robert Brinkmann (Bob) for his collaboration on the jewelry; and to María Ramírez (Rossy) for her collaboration on the construction of the dress. In loving memory of my father, Mario Gómez Cruz, who was always an exceptional father and my hero. Copyright Mario Gomez Fashion Designer, 2010.