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Coustic Glo Presentation


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Refurbish and restore suspended commercial ceilings to new condition 70% less than replacement. No VOC\'s, No landfill, all Green products. Reduce energy bills. Reduce carbon footprint.

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Coustic Glo Presentation

  1. 1. Coustic-GloCommercial Ceiling Solutions
  2. 2. Who is Coustic-Glo?Coustic-Glo is the World Leader in ceiling restoration,formally incorporated in 1975 in the USA.Currently, Coustic-Glo reaches hundreds of markets throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia.Coustic-Glo International (Australia) now holds the licence for New Zealand, Hong Kong and India, ensuring the companies ability to meet your needs.
  3. 3. What we do We specialise in cleaning, sanitising and restoration of all types of ceilings, including acoustical tiles, vinyl tiles, aluminium linear and vermiculite finishes. We ensure the safety of your environment whilst saving you money. Coustic Glo offers the building and maintenance industry the total package for all ceiling requirements.
  4. 4. Acoustic fibre tile comparison assessment before being coated compared to tiles coated “in situ” withCoustic-Glo’s patented product. Tiles are whiter and brighter, increasing the area’s illumination. The fire rating and acoustics are restored.
  5. 5. A Patch demonstration on a Vermiculite ceiling highlights how accumulated dirt over time discolors the surface. These types offinishes are impossible to paint. Coustic-Glo’s products are perfect to restore a vermiculite surface, our coustic-coat is made from a mineral fibre that will adhere to this surface without adding weight, flaking or drying the surface.
  6. 6. A Restored Vermiculite Surface.The applied surface restores all the original characteristics.The finish will become whiter over time due to the mineralparticles. This finish will not dry out the original surface or cause it to flake.
  7. 7. Why Coustic-Glo? Ceilings are cleaned and resurfaced in place and at a time convenient to your operations. Excellent value for money, with up to 80% savings over replacement costs. We work with sitting tenants so you have no disruptions or loss of productivity. We use our own proprietary products. We assist with the increasingly stricter targets for sustainability and use of low VOC ‘s. We offer cost effective ongoing maintenance contracts.
  8. 8. Coustic’Glo’s ceiling surface, cleaning service, provides acosmetic improvement by removing general staining, pollution residue, loose dirt and dust. The registered sanitiser and deodoriser leaves the ceiling with a pleasant, clean aroma. In most cases the light level is dramatically increased
  9. 9. A ceiling will become a breeding area for mould and bacteria if not maintained properly. Coustic-Glo can help ensure your ceiling doesn’t become a health hazard. Our products arespecifically designed to restore and maintain your ceiling to the correct standards and building regulations.
  10. 10. Coustic-Glo Advantage Non VOC resurfacing of acoustical tiles, vinyl tiles, aluminium linear ceilings and vermiculite. Products used include a Registered sanitizer and a Registered fire retardant. Our system has been accepted by the FDA for use around Food service areas. Fire retardation restored to original or greater specifications. Enhanced light reflectance contributing to reduced energy costs. We leave you with a clean and fresh ceiling.
  11. 11. Coating a ceiling has a powerful affect on the overallappearance of an area. Killing bacteria, mould, yeast and micro-organism’s increases the IAQ and promotes a healthy working environment.
  12. 12. Coustic-Glo coated this aged and mismatchedceiling giving these premises an updated, new look and feel.
  13. 13. Coustic-Glo ‘s patented product maintains all the fissures ofthe tile. Rather than the webbing effect of paint, coustic-coatis made up of individual particles that bond separately to the surface they are applied to.
  14. 14. Replacement is outdatedX Replacing your existing ceiling is up to 80% MORE expensive than restoring your existing structure.X Dumping removed tiles, grid, and waste into landfill is not only expensive, especially now with the carbon tax but also environmentally irresponsible.X Replacing a ceiling is time consuming, inconvenient and costly, often closing a site till completion. Ceiling services need to be disengaged requiring staff or tenants to be re- located and costs start to mount up.X If only the tiles are replaced the aged grid system is left noticeably out of place.
  15. 15. Mismatched tiles and discolored grid. To give a uniform look Coustic-Glo has coated the entire ceiling with their proprietary product. Comparing the before and after photos it is easy to see the difference in appearance. To achieve the same uniform look this client would have had to replace both the grid and tiles, as well as closed the bistro till complete. Coustic-Glo achieved this result for 90% less than new quotes.
  16. 16. Metal pan tiles and linear aluminium. Both these ceilings show the difference Coustic-Glo makes to theirappearance. These ceilings can be 3 or more times, moreexpensive than fibre or vinyl acoustic ceilings to replace.
  17. 17. Commercial ceilings are NOT designed to be paintedX Paint causes the tiles to stick to the grid system.X Painted tiles loose their fire retardant properties creating a volatile environment that risks breaching insurance and building codes.X Painted tiles will increase smoke density and fire spread.X Painting adds significant weight to the suspended structure, a structure engineered to hold only a specific weight safely.X Paint has adverse effects on the acoustical properties of the ceiling.
  18. 18. Here is a painted ceiling showing how the paint peelsfrom the grid. These tiles are bonded to the grid and will be damaged to gain access to the ceiling void.
  19. 19. Painted tiles will blister and peel. Paint traps bacteria and grime which will fester and eventually bleed through. The clean-up fromthis mistake will be costly and time consuming.
  20. 20. Painting an acoustical ceiling is a costly mistakeX Once a tile is painted it is destroyed forever.X Painting adds weight to tiles and often causes them to warp.X Paint traps bacteria and grime which will fester and eventually bleed through.X Painted tiles will discolour, blister and peel overtime.X As a rule, painted ceilings will attract dirt and grime more easily.
  21. 21. Paint peeling from a grid system. This system will need to be capped or replaced . Flaking paint falling in foodpreparation areas, on floors, or work surfaces becomes an OH&S issue.
  22. 22. Coustic-Glo ‘s Geon Vinyl-based PVC-type material used in their Coustic-Grid system has been extruded to fit neatly over any standard grid system.
  23. 23. Coustic-Grid will add to the fire retardation of aceiling with a self ignition temperature of 435 C
  24. 24. Water stains are obvious and unsightly. Coustic-Glo , inmost cases, can completely remove these. This processdraws all moisture from the tile and seals it preventing any further bleeding and staining.
  25. 25. Water stain removal can be preformed as a stand alone serviceor can be part of an overall coating application. Regular ceiling maintenance can extend the operational life of a facilities ceiling.
  26. 26. Coustic-Glo offers a real solution for the maintenance ofsuspended ceilings. The only option that meets both fire rating and building code regulations.
  27. 27. Next Steps of Action To truly see the advantage of our system ask us to arrange a demonstration on your ceiling. You will be able to see and compare the true difference Coustic Glo will make to your facility.