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Coustic Glo Pp Presentation

  1. 1. Office: +61 3 9028 Commercial Ceiling SolutionsYouTube:
  2. 2. Who is Coustic-Glo? Coustic-Glo is the World Leader in ceiling Why YOU should use Coustic-Glo! restoration. Formally incorporated in 1975 in the USA, Coustic-Glo has grown to incorporate 30 countries world wide. Operations Your ceilings are cleaned and resurfaced in place and at a time convenient to YOUR operations. commenced in Australia Qld in 2005 and now have representation in all major states. You will save time and money, with up to 80% savings when compared to replacement costs.• Coustic-Glo (Australia) now holds the licence Your sitting tenants won’t experience disruptions, loss of for New Zealand, Hong Kong and India, productivity or rents. ensuring the companies ability to meet your Your ceilings will be cleaned and resurfaced with our needs. exclusive proprietary products. You will meet the increasingly stricter targets for• Coustic-Glo® s R&D objective has been focused sustainability and use of low VOC ‘s. on effective products which are Non-Toxic, Bio- Degradable with Low or Zero VOC’s. Our You will be offered cost effective ongoing maintenance GREEN initiative policies ensure our products assistance. are environmentally friendly and responsible.• Our speciality is renewing and maintaining commercial and industrial ceilings, including acoustical tiles, vinyl tiles, aluminium linear and vermiculite finishes.
  3. 3. Acoustic fibre tile comparison assessment. Coustic-Glo’s Advantage Tiles were coated “in situ” with Coustic-Glo’s patented FDA approved for Food service areas.product. Tiles are whiter and brighter, increasing the area’s illumination. The fire rating and acoustics were restored. Increases light reflectance. Reduced energy costs. Returns surface to original new, or better. Up to 80% less than replacement. No Business downtime. Water based, non-toxic, bio-degradable. Emits no VOCs. Ceilings completed “in situ”. Can have a mould inhibitor added. Class “A” fire rating when applied. Non Bridging or bonding. No discernable weight. Non yellowing. Anti static - won’t attract dirt. Coustic-Glo offers a real solution for the maintenance of suspended ceilings. Tinting to any colour (company logos and promotions)We are the only option that meets both fire rating and building code regulations.
  4. 4. Metal pan tiles and linear aluminium ceilings These coated patch area’s clearly show the improvement Coustic-Glo makes to the overall appearance of a metal pan or aluminium ceiling. These ceilings can be triple the cost of fibre or vinyl acoustic ceilings to replace.
  5. 5. Coustic-Glo’s ceiling cleaning service provides a cosmetic improvement by removing general staining,pollution residue, loose dirt and dust. The sanitiser and deodoriser does not strip the tiles original coatingand leaves the ceiling with a pleasant, clean aroma. In most cases the light level is dramatically increased.
  6. 6. Light ReflectanceThe energy savings you can makeTests by the Twin City Testing show that a Coustic-Clean can increase a ceilings efficiency by 50%.An independent Brinjac Engineering Research Studyfound increasing a ceilings light reflectance from0.75 to 0.90 resulted in a total building energysavings up to 11%, 23% reduction in lighting and 7%savings in cooling system energy.Weidt found that the use of a LR 0.89 ceilingincreased by 15-20% the amount of daylight inspaces. Save up to 11% on energy bills with a “High” Light Reflectance ceiling
  7. 7. Ceilings are a breeding ground for Bacteria. Mould. Yeast and Micro-organisms. A ceiling will become a breeding area for mould and bacteria if not maintained properly. Coustic- Glo can help ensure your ceiling doesn’t become a health hazard. Our products are specifically designed to restore and maintain your ceiling to the correct standards and building regulations.
  8. 8. Coating a ceiling has a powerful affect on the overall appearance of an area. Killing bacteria, mould, yeast and micro-organisms increases the Indoor Air Quality and promotes a healthy working environment. Replacement is outdated Replacing your existing ceiling is up to 80% MORE expensive than restoring your existing structure. Dumping removed tiles, grid, and waste into landfill is not only expensive, especially now with the carbon tax but also environmentally irresponsible. Replacing a ceiling is time consuming, inconvenient and costly, often closing a site till completion. Ceiling services need to be disengaged requiring staff or tenants to be re- located and costs start to mount up. If only the tiles are replaced the aged grid system is left noticeably out of place.
  9. 9. Sydney Opera HouseTo undertake work at the Sydney Opera Houseour process’s and products needed to beapproved by both the Federal and StateGovernment bodies.The management system of the Sydney OperaHouse takes into account a wide range ofmeasures provided under planning and heritagelegislation and policies of both the AustralianGovernment and the New South WalesGovernment.The Sydney Opera House was included in theNational Heritage List in 2005 under theEnvironment Protection and BiodiversityConservation Act 1999 and on the StateHeritage Register of New South Wales in 2003under the Heritage Act 1977.Listing in the National Heritage List implies thatany proposed action to be taken inside oroutside the boundaries of a National Heritageplace or a World Heritage property that mayhave a significant impact on the heritage valuesis prohibited without the approval of theMinister for the Environment and Heritage.
  10. 10. To give these mismatched tiles and discolored grid a clean, fresh and uniform look Coustic-Glo coated the entire ceiling. Comparing the before and after photos it is easy to see the improvement in appearance this has made. To achieve the same uniform look this client would have had to replace both the grid and tiles, as well as closed the bistro till complete. Coustic-Glo achieved this result for 90% less than replacement quotes.Coustic-Glo ‘s patented product maintains all thefissures of the tile. Rather than the webbing effect ofpaint, coustic-coat is made up of individual particles thatbond separately to the surface they are applied to.
  11. 11. Commercial ceilings are NOT designed to be paintedX Paint causes the tiles to stick to the grid system.X Painted tiles loose their fire retardant properties creating a volatile environment that risks breaching insurance and building codes.X Painted tiles will increase smoke density and fire spread.X Painting adds significant weight to the suspended structure, a structure engineered to hold only a specific weight safely.X Paint has adverse effects on the acoustical Here is a painted ceiling showing how the paint peels from the properties of the ceiling. grid. These tiles are bonded to the grid and will be damaged to gain access to the ceiling void. Paint peeling from a grid system. This system will need to be capped Our coating will or replaced . Flaking paint falling in not bond tiles to food preparation areas, on floors, or work surfaces becomes an OH&S the grid or peel issue. from a surface
  12. 12. Painted tiles will blister and peel. Painting is a costly mistake Painted tiles will warp. Painted tiles will yellow. Once a tile is painted it is destroyed forever. Paint will attract dust and dirt. Paint traps bacteria and grime. Painting adds weight to tiles and oftenBacteria and mould will fester and bleed through. causes them to warp. Clean-up is costly and time consuming. Paint traps bacteria and grime which will fester and eventually bleed through. Painted tiles will discolour, blister and peel overtime. As a rule, painted ceilings will attract dirt and grime more easily. This will not happen with our coating
  13. 13. Coustic-Grid will add to the fire retardation of a ceiling with a self ignition temperature of 435 CCoustic-Glo ‘s Geon Vinyl-based PVC-typematerial used in their Coustic-Grid system has been extruded to fit neatly over any standard grid system.
  14. 14. Water stains are obvious and unsightly. Coustic-Glo , in most cases, cancompletely remove these. This process draws all moisture from the tile andseals it preventing any further bleeding and staining. Water stain removal can be preformed as a stand alone service or can be part of an overall coating application. Regular ceiling maintenance can extend the operational life of a facilities ceiling.
  15. 15. Two years on and this ceiling we restored still looks like NEW!Coustic-Glo offers a real solution for the maintenance of suspended ceilings. The onlyoption that meets both fire rating and building code regulations and lasts the distance.
  16. 16. Some of our Clients...Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital Clemenger group limited
  17. 17. Hello RajanHi Pauline and Rajan Recently your company undertook the cleaning and repairs of our suspendedI visited Harcourt PS yesterday and was extremely pleased with tiles ceiling at our newly refurbished office premises at 29 Finchley Street,the outcome in the hall and canteen. The rooms are much, Milton.much brighter.I have passed on the invoice for payment. This was not an easy task as at the time we required the work to be doneThank you for the terrific service J there were several contractors and painters still working in the building andGina Sant our office furniture had been partially installed.Senior Project Officer - Granville We were very impressed by the work your team carried out, preparation ofPH: 9846 8156 FAX: 9846 8213 the site was thorough and there was no spill over any surfaces, your team’ work was of very high quality and they were efficient and we very much appreciated your assistance and advice on several questions we had about repair and maintenance. Congratulations to yourself and your team and our sincere thanks. Kind regards Monique | Once again thank you for your efforts in this project. I know Qantas are MONIQUE SKILL | Diabetes Australia - Queensland | Project Manager - Premises Relocation | t: 07 3239 ecstatic with final results and the way in which it was carried out. 5665 | f: 07 3846 4642 Please pass on my thanks to Trevin and all your guys. Mark Rothery Project Manager Thermaline Pty Ltd Ph 02 49549744 Fax 02 49540536
  18. 18. Thanks Rajan - much appreciated. Thanks Rajan,Please pass on my thanks to your crew for doing a great job of theMelbourne Lounge ceiling. The ceiling looks great, thanks for your efforts.They were very professional and our staff have commented to me "they The card can be sent to me at the below address.were friendly and courteous and went out of their way to work in with theVirgin Blue staff" Cheers, John John Aldred|Office Manager - Finance|CLEMENGER BBDO Melbourne|Best wishes P +61 3 9869 4444|Dir +61 3 9869 4245|F +61 3 9869 4249|M +61 418 353 092| 474 St Kilda Road|Melbourne|VIC 3004|Australia| GPO Box 385|Melbourne|VIC 3001|Australia||DAVE HARD Co-ordinator 2008 Cannes Network of the Year for Creativity |Property Department 2008 The Won Report – Network of the Year, most creative network across all communications platforms | 2007 The Gunn Report – World’s Most Awarded Advertising Agency Network |Virgin Blue Airlines 2007 AdNews Network Agency of the Year | 2007 B&T State Agency of the Year | P Please consider the environment, before printing this email.T (03) 9339 1680F (03) 8346 2470M 0402 968
  19. 19. To truly see how theCoustic-Glo system can helpyou, contact us for yourfree, no obligationassessment with one of ourtrained consultants. Office:+61 3 9028 7370 YouTube: cousticglotv