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  1. 1. The music industry is very competitive and trying to be original is very hard to do. In the 60s and 70s, trying to grow as an independent musician was difficult to do because you needed professional software and hardware to record and play live music. Today, you can get software free andhardware at very cheap prices to start up your own music career.stock hd music
  2. 2. As a young musician, it's often difficult to afford the morequality products and you're usually stuck with basic toolsWhich isn't bad, but you can end up failing if you don'tknow what you're looking for One of the greatest tools is midiMidi allows you to simulate almost any sound right from yourcomputer Though, it's hard to create it on your own, but luckily,there are free midi files available online at your disposal For qualitymidi files, you'll have to pay for them
  3. 3. If you're thinking about just dealing with free midi files, here area couple reasons to avoid them Midi in general is considered aninsult to most musicians because the sounds aren't realisticWhen you pay for midi files, you'll get a near close sound to thereal thing You shouldn't expect the same if it's freeYou'll be criticized and worst of all Your music will sound like8-bit game tracks from the 90s
  4. 4. You'll find yourself in a situation running for the hills becauseyour music sounds terrible I don't mean the actual work of thesong, but because the sound is poor quality You should considerthe fact that your recorded tracks should sound lively as possible Itshould allow the listener to feel as if they were there standing in frontof you playing the music The midi files tend to feel as if they werecompressed and don't have the surround musical feel actualinstruments have
  5. 5. They don't just please the ears as actual instrument shouldEvery computer is different If you have a low end computer, yourmusic will suffer because of cheap hardware When your music isproduced and exported, the sound will depend on your sound card Ifyour sound card isn't the stock hd music best, then your musicwill only sound good as your sound card
  6. 6. Most standard computers come with an in-built soundcard thatproduces moderate to adequate sound So, even if you decide to godown that route and you find everything you're looking for Inthe end, all that effort put into your songs, won't be worth itBefore taking a leap of faith, consider ALL your options first
  7. 7. stock hd music