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  1. 1. Have you ever wanted to laminate a stack ofsprint promo codes
  2. 2. documents in a short period of time while also doing something else? If so, youwill want to take a look at the GBC HeatSeal Sprint H950 Have you everwanted to laminate a stack of documents in a short period of time while alsodoing something else? If so, youll want to take a look at the GBC HeatSealSprint H950 This is one of the companys newest roll laminators and it hassome features that make it truly amazing, such as its ability to automaticallylaminate 50 sheets of paper in just 12 minutes Check out the top sprint promocodes seven features of the H950 It works quickly
  3. 3. As you may have guessed, this laminator is extremely fast It will warm up inone minute so you can begin work without waiting around and wasting a lot oftime The H950 can process a document thats 36 inches long in just a minuteIn other words, it will take less than 20 seconds for it to fully laminate aletter-sized document (8 5" x 11")
  4. 4. Fully automatic operation This is an automatic device that will do all thework for you once youve selected the right settings (Selecting your settings isa no-brainer thanks to the devices LCD controls ) The machine has adocument feeder that can hold up to 50 sheets of paper and all of yourdocuments will be automatically fed into the device, so you can walk away anddo something else in the meantime It will take the machine only 12 minuteslaminate all 50 pages
  5. 5. The documents will be stored in a capture tray when they come out of themachine so you can pick them up when youre ready You can use differentkinds of paper You can use a variety of different papers with the H950 It canhandle paper that has a weight between 20 and 70 lbs , as well as sheets thatare as small as 6" across or as wide as 11
  6. 6. 5" Its compatible with EzLoad cartridges The H950 uses Nap Lam II film inthe following thicknesses: 1 7, 3, and 5 mil You can use EzLoad filmcartridges with this device to ensure that youll never inadvertently load themachine the wrong way
  7. 7. It shuts off automatically If you accidentally leave the machine on after use,you wont have to worry about the motor becoming overheated Thatsbecause the H950 will turn itself off when it hasnt been used in 30 minutesIt will fit on your desk Despite its amazing capabilities, the H950 is actuallysmall enough to be stored on a desk
  8. 8. It has dimensions of 27 25" x 25 75" x 27" It only weighs 60 pounds, somoving it around wont be particularly difficult Get it serviced right in youroffice
  9. 9. The H950 comes with one year of on-site service in case something goeswrong with it The GBC HeatSeal Sprint H950 is a great laminator to get if youwant a machine that can deliver quick results almost completely on its ownThis is one of the fastest laminators available and it can really make yourworkday go more smoothly Take a look at this great product today so you cansee just how quickly it will laminate your documents
  10. 10. sprint promo codes