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  1. 1. Does SEO actually help your business? SEO services and Sales Department SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO works on “on page― as well as “off page― so that your business site lists higher in Googlesearch with certain keywords. Higher your websitelist more the genuine traffic. This ultimately results in getting more and more new customers in your business. New customers explore new opportunity which keeps company sales department extremely happy. But funny part is SEO just doesn’t stop keeping sales department happy, it has more to offer.said
  2. 2. SEO service and Marketing department On the overlook SEO servicesand Marketing department work sounds similar Both departments usetheir skills to promote business / company Generating the pull strategy toget attention towards your website from potential customers, advertisingproduct or services over the internet and foremost important building trustamong the new customers; factors like these differentiate SEO frommarketing department These days search engine becomes the firstplace to check the credibility or the worthiness of brand or company
  3. 3. Customers often prefer and go with the brand listed in reputed searchengines top position Trust over reputed search engine like Googlemakes brand trustworthy General customer has mindset as Google orany other reputed search engine list good brand higher in their searchengine result You don’t want your customer ending asking “Whyyou do not list in search engine for your core product?― SEO helps youto safely escape from this question
  4. 4. SEO helps sustaining competitive advantage for which marketingdepartment strive to achieve Getting edge over your competitor I cyberbattle is earns something which cannot be pend down in words and whichcannot take away SEO services and Finance department Financedepartment has one point agenda, to keep shareholders interest in thecompany to keep the uninterrupted money flow in the company So thatthey can match with the ratio of outgoing expense vs
  5. 5. incoming revenue The ability of SEO to keep track of every move byvisitor through analytical data and the measurable results help Financedepartment to manage their funds Moreover, the budget of SEO is fixedsince it has fixed monthly cost as compare to other online marketingstrategies like pay per click or pay per visit Cost of pay per click or payper visit depends on number of visits or number of clicks made by thepotential client
  6. 6. Sales department, marketing department and Finance department arethe pillar of successful business SEO keep these key departments happyassisting them in big way said Now you can decide yourself if SEO helpsyour business or not
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