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  1. 1. Bike riding fans are increasingly seeing beach cruiser bikes for sale in their favorite bike shop, but many people aren't sure exactly what a beach cruiser is. These nostalgic bikes are a tribute to an earlier era when bicycles were simpler, sleeker andmade to last. Although they don't usually have multiple speeds or hand brakes, beach cruisers are seeing a resurgence in interest because they're affordable, easy to operate and comfortable.
  2. 2. Beach bikes are designed much like the bikes you remember from yourchildhood or even your parent's childhood days They featureheavy-duty steel construction and a focus on comfortable, easy to steerdesign There's usually a single speed chain with a chain guard andan over-sized seat that's more cushioned and comfortable for thecasual bike rider Balloon tires give beach cruisers an easy ride onpavement, grass or sidewalks
  3. 3. The position of the seat relative to the handlebars and the shape of thehandlebars mean riders sit in a more upright position than they would ona modern ten-speed racing bike or BMX style bike This makes it a goodchoice for anyone who has back problems but would like to start riding abike regularly The beach cruiser bikes for sale today come in a varietyof updated colors and styles and come in new, modern versions that area nod to some of the modified cruisers that originally became popular inthe 1980s and 1990s This was a period of time when people began tofind the older, original style cruisers and modifying them to suit theirneeds
  4. 4. Now you can find beach cruisers that feature speeds from three to ten,giving you the added control that's nice for hilly terrain with thecomfort and style of a more traditional beach cruiser You'll also findtandem beach cruiser bikes for sale that are great if you want to take achild or your sweetheart along on a leisurely bike ride Beach cruiserbikes are perfect for: * Anyone who enjoys biking for pleasure rather thanspeed * Biking on relatively flat terrain, such as in a housingdevelopment, park or along bike trails * Bike riding that emphasizes
  5. 5. comfort and less stress on the back * Nostalgia buffs who would love toride a bike that takes them back to childhood * Younger children whodon't have the mastery to use a multi-speed bike You'll beamazed by the great deals you can get when you find beach cruiser bikesfor sale
  6. 6. Because most styles don't come with the complex speed gears,hand brakes and other features that quickly add up to a high price tag,you can often find stylish and durable beach cruiser bikes for sale for lessthan $200, making them one of the most inexpensive and fun pieces ofexercise equipment on the market They're fun for the whole familyand come in sizes that will work for anyone from the largest adult toyoung children To find beach cruiser bikes for sale, search the Internetfor a shop that specializes in these fashionable, fun bikes
  7. 7. You can check out your local bike shop, but bricks and mortar storesdon't generally have a large selection because they use most oftheir sales floor space for pricier, more complicated bikes The beauty ofshopping online for beach cruiser bikes on sale is that you can find aselection of beach cruisers in just about any color and size imaginable, soyou can find that perfect beach cruiser that brings back fond memoriesand will be a great way to create some new ones