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  1. 1. As a universal file format out there, PDF is considered ideal for uploading, downloading, and publishingdocuments over the internet. But as it is no easy to editor change the text in PDF format, sometimes you may need to convert PDF to other format file if you make some changes to your PDF files?Edit PDF os x
  2. 2. Recently I find many people wonder how to convert PDF to word, but notwilling to pay for Adobe Acrobat So, here is the question, how to convert PDFto Word without Adobe Acrobat? With respect to this problem, I believe youcan find many free online PDF converters It's a really good option if yourPDF files are not important However if you want to convert some confidentialPDF files to Word, it isn't an ideal choice without doubt
  3. 3. In that situation, my suggestion is to get an efficient PDF to Word converterEdit PDF os x Aside from 100% free online PDF convert websites,there're many programs allowing you to convert PDF to Word for freeHere I will introduce a free PDF to Word convert software and teach you howto covert PDF to Word by using this program Nemo PDF To Word iscompletely free Word to PDF convert software
  4. 4. By using it, you can convert your PDF files to well-formatted and editableWord/RTF in seconds After conversion, the original text, images, tables,columns, graphics and other formats are well saved in the generated files Itsupports batch conversion and partial conversion, greatly saving your time Asfor how to convert PDF to word by using free Nemo PDF to Word, just followthe steps below, you can know how to convert PDF to Word for free
  5. 5. Step 1 Import PDF flies Click Add Files button to load your target PDF filesinto the program The file information like file size and pages will be listed onceimported Step 2
  6. 6. Make settings Under Output, you can specify the page range, select Worddocuments as output file format and output path Step 3 Covert PDF files toWord Click the Convert button to start converting your PDF files to WordWhen the conversion completes, a dialog box will pop up
  7. 7. You can view the generated Word files directly by clicking Open File or OpenFolder on it Worth Noting: 1 During conversion, the Convert button will bechanged to Stop button You can stop converting anytime by clicking the Stopbutton
  8. 8. 2 If your PDF files are encrypted, it will pop up a dialog box for passwordimmediately after importing it You can load and convert the secured filenormally after inputting the correct password
  9. 9. 3 If you want to convert the generated Word documents to PDF, Nemo PDFConverter will do you a favor
  10. 10. Edit PDF os x