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  1. 1. AlbertoVirtual Server Hosting
  2. 2. Santos-Dumont was the most accomplished aviator around the world whoinitiated the step to make a hybrid airship in 1905 His first airship was namedas “number 14” but it proved unfeasible after the experiment on it to checkits effectiveness The reason of its failure was the design of its envelopeRealizing this problem, he developed this airship again with the name of “14bis” (means number 14 again) This time Alberto Santos-Dumont succeededto make this airship, which was the first public heavier flight in the world
  3. 3. In 1986, another effort was made using 4 helicopters with the airship in orderto use it for heavy work This airship was named as Piasecki PA-97 HelistatLater on, another airship was developed with the name of “Aereon 26 ” Itwas basically a small scale prototype which was lighter than air craft Thedevelopment of Aereon 26 is mentioned in the book of "The Deltoid PumpkinSeed" written by John McPhee
  4. 4. The advance technology of hybrid airships were introduced in 2000 with thename of “sky Kitten” (also referred as sky cat) Hybrid airships are intendedfor heavy lifting of machinery or other material from one place to other If youobserve traditional airships, you will come to know that they have lowoperating cost but they are limited in different ways for example they have lowspeed low payload/volume ratios Moreover, they are very difficult to VirtualServer Hosting handle while grounding them Whereas hybrid airships areeasy to control and one can easily trained for controlling a hybrid airship Moreever, they consume less energy for lifting heavy things from one place to other
  5. 5. Along with the benefits of hybrid airships, they have some disadvantages aswell One major disadvantage is that it needs a runway in order to take off andfor landing In addition, it is difficult to manage them due to their poor airdynamic performance Hybrid airships are highly criticized by people and theyare referred to as "worst of both worlds ” But still we can’t ignore theirbenefits for its utilization in shifting heavy things with less fuel consumption
  6. 6. Mostly hybrid airships use blending of vectored thrust and buoyancy ZeppelinNT is one of the airships that uses vectored thrust and buoyancy for its flightIn 2005, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) initiated aprogram for the exploration of this technology named as “WALRUS” whichwas terminated in 2007 but their research can be utilized in further enhancingthe performance to hybrid airships A lot of corporations are involved in makingdifferent hybrid airships with more efficiency The Hybrid Aircraft Corporation isactively involved in the research for hybrid technology airships
  7. 7. World Sky Cat Ltd and Millennium Airship Corporation are also active formaking hybrid airships Recently, Worldwide Aeros Corporation designed anairship with the name of “Aeroscraft” which can be utilized for body shapes,vector thrust, and buoyancy control Experts believe that hybrid airships can beimproved using fewer resources in order to make them more effectiveArticle Tags:
  8. 8. Virtual Server Hosting