Annotating Magazines  3 annotated front covers, 3annotated contents pages and 3annotated double page spreads      Courtney...
Masthead- The ‘NME’ is in a bold colouring, harsh font and                                         Date and Price- The dat...
Masthead- The masthead on this magazine is the name of the                                                                ...
Heading- The heading gives the basic outline of what                    Date and Price- The same as the other two magazine...
Page Names- The page names give thebasic outline of what the page is going tobe about and basically what to expect. The   ...
Editors Note: The editors note is in a size 8 font which is                                                      extremely...
The structure of this magazine’s contents page is in a      Company Logo- The company logo is placed on the topvery organi...
The general layout of the text on this double page spread is really formal and set out in a plain but formal manner. This ...
Continued…However, there is a contrast in thisshot, although it is set in the kitchen suggestingthe traditional woman, Kat...
Strapline- ‘Young, dumb                                                                                                   ...
This magazine page spread has a very plain set up with the colour palette being black, white, light blue and grey tones. T...
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Magazine annotation


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Magazine annotation

  1. 1. Annotating Magazines 3 annotated front covers, 3annotated contents pages and 3annotated double page spreads Courtney Elliott
  2. 2. Masthead- The ‘NME’ is in a bold colouring, harsh font and Date and Price- The date and price is essential for the magazine cover as it educates the is shown in capital letters so that it automatically catches reader on the price they are going to pay for the things the magazine is offering. the readers attention and so that readers of this magazine However, the text of this information is a small size and in fact rather minute in relate to this and do not struggle in finding what the comparison to the rest of the texts on the magazine cover. This shows that the price and magazine is named. Instead, NME keep their masthead the date lacks importance in comparison to all the other information. As well, the text is not same on almost all, if not all of their magazine covers so in a colour that will stand out as they do not want the audience to be attracted to the that it is easily recognisable to their audience. The price. If they were attracted to the price they would see that first and then may be put masthead is in front of the shot of Jimi Hendrix showing it’s off before they have actually read what the magazine actually has to offer. importance to the front cover. It is most important to this Kicker- A kicker is used to grab the readers attention and give company that the masthead is recognisable so that them them a lot more that may encourage them to buy the magazine. looking for it know exactly what to spot. Also, to begin with In this case it is ‘THE GREATEST GUITARISTS ALIVE TODAY’ this NME will have used this technique so that the public will mixes up fan bases with Jimi Hendrix followers and lover of have become familiar with the name of the magazine and guitars. This acts as a final persuading device if the viewers are therefore will have been encouraged to buy it not already pulled in by the main title. The cover-line here continuously. However, as the magazine became a lot introduces that the magazine is going to be offering to read more known they began to lay the masthead behind the about. main shot as they were no longer desperate for the public The main feature of this magazine cover is communicated through to see the title of the magazine and had got the fan base the capital letters, similar to the masthead, this could indicate his they wanted (small inset image on the right shows importance as he must be just as important as the masthead itself example). NME have chose to keep this masthead style as in this magazine edition. The colour of this text is white and is the their stereotypical set on their cover page and therefore only piece of text which is in this shade. As the colour white has this has become their brand identityand therefore suggests connotations with innocence and angelic qualities it suggests that from the more modern magazine editions that the Jimi Hendrix is to this edition very innocent and is the main source audience must have a pre existing knowledge of the of goodness. magazine.Anchorage- The anchorage’s purpose is to give basic The Main Image- The main image is of Jimiinformation about what the main title is so that the Hendrix who is the main subject matter of thisreader understands what they are going to read about magazine, Hendrix himself is in black and whitebefore buying the magazine and finding out for which is contrasting with the bright colours in histhemselves. In the NME front cover, the anchorage is in clothing. This suggests that Jimi Hendrix took greatblack, this shows its lack of importance in comparison to care in what he wore and that fashion and stylethe title. The title is in a pink colour which stands out was of high importance in his day-to-day lifestyle.more over the black text to the viewer and it is intended The main shot is in the centre of the whole pagethat they read the title first before then reading the making it the main focus which makes the vieweranchorage. Also, the anchorage is in a smaller text size Selling Line- The selling line is the method of notice it straight away and if they are interested inso that it does not take over the title and the main selling more brands that makes the reader think anything related to Jimi Hendrix then they willsubjects that the publisher wants the viewer to see that they are getting more for their money. easily be attracted to this magazine and want tomore. Basically, it is a way of forcing the viewer to read There has been a buzz word used so that the read what it has to offer. As well, the black andthe titles easily then giving them a choice to read the viewer is easily drawn to it and experience what white tone of Jimi Hendrix’s face is behind theanchorage. It benefits the reader more than it does the the magazine has to offer. bright coloured masthead which shows that itpublisher of the magazine, therefore it lacks importance lacks importance in comparison to the name ofand is not as essential to the magazine company as the this magazine.titles and kickers which encourage them to read more. Barcode- This indicates that the Buzzwords- The use of explanation marks here gets magazine is made to be bought by the reader personally involved with what is inside its reader. the magazine and therefore makes them feel as if the magazine is made just for them. It gives them even less of an excuse not to buy this magazine.
  3. 3. Masthead- The masthead on this magazine is the name of the Price- Similarly to the NME magazine, the price on this frontmagazine. It is displayed in a very large text which suggests that this cover is really small. In fact, it is hardly noticeable. This suggestsmagazine is not very known and therefore needs their title to become that they do not want their audience to see the price straightrecognisable to the public. As well, there is a small sub-heading off, instead they want them to see what the magazine has tounderneath the masthead title of the name of the magazine. This also offer before being ‘put-off’ by the price. As well, this shows therelates to the point that this magazine is not known. The subheading lack of importance that the price has to the magazine fronthas had to be simplified so that the public know what the title actually cover as it is located at the bottom of the page and is the laststands for, if this magazine was known then the public would already thing that the audience will see. The colour of the price’s text isknow what it stands for and the subheading would lack point of being in white which suits the whole layout of the magazine cover.there. None of the colours clash, instead all of them work together. It is important that the price does not stand out as if it did then the audience would easily see it and their opinion on the magazine may automatically change before they have read The Main Image- the main image works really well anything of the kickers or the masthead of the magazine. along side the masthead and complete composition of this magazine front cover as it is not really loud and harsh on the other colours used on the front Kicker- In comparison to the cover. The person modelling the front cover shot NME front cover, there is only one kicker, this may come will only be known by people that are fans of this across to the audience that the magazine does not have kind of music and they will therefore be easily much to offer. However, it could actually in fact be attracted to the magazine and want to pick it up appealing to the audience as it is simple and sometimes from the shelf. The background of the shot is a the simplicity of things is more appealing than a pastel pink colour. The pastel palette relates to the magazine like NME that has so much to offer on the vintage, more shabby-chic look which the magazine front cover. The text colour is a pastel yellow/orange has aimed for. All these colours have connotations colour. The pastel tone colours have connotations of of being innocent and good which relates to the being quite innocent and delicate. I would describe this young model in the shot. She looks youthful and front cover as quite vintage/shabby-chic looking as all very innocent. Her bright eye make up is messy but the colours are pale and these colours are often used in is still effective, the messy eye make up effect has this style genre. The way that the text is formatted in a connotations of a young girl’s experiment with way that looks like it has been hand-written in some sort bright colours lacking knowledge of how to actually of crayon adds to the shabby-chic look, it looks unique apply the make up. Additionally, this adds to the and quite quirky which will attract an audience that are naïve, innocent look of the magazine. The prop of in to things that are not the same as others, and that are the small ears in leopard print also add to the basically ‘individual’. As well, by using this text format playful stance of the young model, this has over and over the magazine will then become typically connotations of her being careless and lacking known for been a playful, unique, shabby-chic kind of judgements from others around her. This is a false magazine set up and therefore will be recognisable to message to the audience that this magazine is Barcode- The barcode on this magazine is their audience in this way. aimed at which is teenagers. Teenagers are actually rather large in comparison to the Issue Number-This shows that this magazine comes as a season set. throughout their teenage life judged for what they NME magazine, this suggests that they are This suggests that the audience is not varied and those that do not wear fashion wise and the way that they appear. really eager for the public to buy their those magazine will be a small number and that they will order it as However, by having an influential model on the magazine. To some of their audience this an edition selection and not buy it from the shelf of the shop. front cover appearing careless influences the may come across as quite desperate. However, it still could be bought from a shop shelf to increase the audience to also not care about what the people However, it could also persuade the number of people wanting to buy it and those that may be around them think either. This is successful in audience to buy it more as they may feel interested in it. The text size of the issue number is not small, it is making the audience reliant on the magazine so that it is personally made for them as it is instead quite a medium size which could suggest that the that they will carry on investing in to it. one of the first things that they notice on publishers are very proud of the fact that they are producing this this front cover. magazine as a set.
  4. 4. Heading- The heading gives the basic outline of what Date and Price- The same as the other two magazines that IMasthead- The masthead on this magazine front cover is the magazine is going to be about. In this case it is laid have previously annotated, the text size is really smallplaced behind the main shot, this suggests that this out in front of the main image showing that it is the suggesting that the magazine producers do not want themagazine is very well known by the public as they do not most important text, it is even more important than viewer to see this straight off, instead they want them toneed to make the masthead stand out. The style of the the masthead itself. It is in a bold, black, large font so know everything that the magazine may have to offer sotext is a stereotypical type for the Rolling Stone magazine, that it is easy to read and stands out to the reader. It that they value the magazine before thinking about buyingthey use this type of text for every single magazine that is important that this stands out so that the message it. In comparison to the other two magazines, the barcodethey produce. They do this so that the public will of the whole magazine is not hidden and the audience is not displayed on the front of this magazine cover. It maystereotype this font format with this magazine and easily pick up what it is all about. be on the back instead. This suggests that this magazinetherefore if it was to change then the magazine would does not need to provide their audience with a simple waynot be recognised as the same magazine anymore. It is to buy this magazine and that instead they will instantlyactually really important to the magazine cover, as this pick it up from the shelf and find a way to pay for itname is known and the layout of the magazine is easily themselves. However, on some of their front covers, therecognisable to the public as it is always the same layout bar code is easily viewable.wise. The masthead is behind the main shot. To this Example on right.magazine, the main shot is more important to the Kicker- A kicker is used tocompany and the public than the masthead as the encourage the reader to buymasthead never changes and therefore is known. the magazine if they are not already interested in the main Main Image- The main image on this magazine story. In this case, it is about front cover is actually the main focus. For this the American economy- this front cover, the most important part is the gives a wider range of celebrity shot on the front of the magazine. The information, adds a little celebrity is what appeals to this magazines fan information which is not base, continuously this magazine always has related to music but is relevant idolised famous people and this is what their fan for the adult age-range of this base look forward to seeing when picking up this magazine’s audience and magazine from the shelf. Therefore, it is makes the magazine even more important for the main image to stand out and relevant. Selling Line- The selling line here is be a main part of the magazine front cover. offering free online 300 classic Here, the main shot is of Snoop Dogg, this concerts, the selling line is used as a last months magazine edition is obviously one for resort of hooking the audience and making December and therefore it is very seasonal them want to buy the magazine. In most including Snoop Dogg’s costume consisting of cases, like this magazine cover, it is a the traditional Santa Claus look. He uses the The main feature of this magazine links with the main image of Snoop Dogg contrast of what the main topic of the candy stick prop as a symbol of something he is ‘smoking’ the candy stick prop. Snoop Dogg is stereotypically known for smoking magazine is for this month for example- smoking. As well, he wears a large chain. This cannabis and therefore it is important for this magazine to get across to the public Snoop Dogg is a rapper and therefore this takes away the innocent connotations that the what their celebrity this month is all about. Therefore, this is why they make the magazine edition will be appealing to Santa Claus costume has and instead gives main feature and the costume of the celebrity work for the theme of the those who are fans of rap. However, the connotations of a gangster look, quite rebellious magazine but also for them. The size of the text is really large, it is this size so that selling line is for those interested in more and bad, which is what Snoop Dogg is known it easily catches the viewers attention and also because it is the main story and the classical music- this reels in a wider range for. main thing that the magazine has to offer. Additionally, the gold and white colours of audiences. of the text are the traditional colours used at Christmas time. However, the gold They may not be interested in the main tones could have connotations with wealth which links to the main shot of Snoop story but may be interested in the ‘freeby’ Dogg who is very wealthy. The ‘smokin’’ is shown as it has been spoken in slang that the magazine has to offer and and suggests that this would be the way the Snoop Dogg would pronounce it. As it therefore may buy the magazine anyway. is easy to tell, throughout, everything links so that it is all easy to understand and the message of what the magazine has to offer is put across to the audience.
  5. 5. Page Names- The page names give thebasic outline of what the page is going tobe about and basically what to expect. The Masthead- The masthead is really simple butwords are simplified so that it is easy for stands out. It is in a bold text in capital lettersthe reader to find what they want. The located at the top of the page suggesting thatpage names themselves are in a bolder font this is the first thing that the audience shouldthan the caption underneath the page read. The NME part of this text is in thename. It has been made bold so that it stereotypical red colour that it always appearsstands out and also because it is the most on the front cover so that all of the magazineimportant part of the text. The colour of layout links well, contrasting with each otherthis font is black, and it is black for all of the and so that the colours used do not clash andpage names- this shows that there is no become too busy and confusing for the viewerconnotations of judgements been made- all to understand. As well, if different colours wereof the pages are of equality. The cover used it would not appear as professional andlines which are underneath the page name reliable as it does if all the colours are laid outis in a smaller font size and is not bold as it in an organised manner.lacks importance to the actual contentspage. It is there for the reader if they wantto get further information on what the Date- Here, the date is in a much largerpage has to offer. font than it normally is on the front cover, this is because it has more importance to the contents page. As the masthead says ‘NME THIS WEEK’ it is important that the Kicker- The kicker here is rather audience know when this magazine has large and is the main focus on this actually been published and therefore need contents page. It is another to know the date. As well, this is suitable device to encourage the public to for those that collect the NME magazine as buy this magazine. The font is it shows which weeks magazine it actually is black which is a stereotypical font so that they know when referencing it. colour for the NME magazine therefore is keeping the magazine looking organised and well set- out. Image- The image is a link to the main Main Text- The main text gives a shortened version of one of text on the contents page and is basically the main stories in the magazine and gives the basic outline there as a support act for the text. It of what the story is about. This gives the reader a choice of makes the text easier to understand and weather they just want to know the basic information or relate to. whether they want to read more on the double page spread on this story. The text size here is smaller but still a reasonable size, this shows that it lacks importance in comparison to the kicker but is still important as the size of the text is still readable.
  6. 6. Editors Note: The editors note is in a size 8 font which is extremely small, this shows the lack of importance it has to the page and to the reader. It is there as an optional thing to read but is not essential. The editors name is in a boldImages- All of the images on this contents page font and appears in capitals but is still only in a size 9 font.relate to all of the page names, it gives the This shows that the editors name is important to this textreader an insight on what that certain page has but lacks value in comparison to the rest of the page. The general background of this contents pageto offer. Almost all of the images are medium is white. This is so that it does not clash withclose up shots which gives the reader choice to anything else on the page and so that the pagehave a close look at these musical artists. names are not hard for the reader to find andFrom the shots of the people it seems that the therefore they can get to what they intend toaudience are expected to have pre existing read without struggle.knowledge of the genre of music that thismagazine has inside. The colour palette used on this contents page is yellow, black and white. These colours have connotations of being bad, dangerous and ‘toxic’ – this represents the type of music that this magazine informs the reader about and continuously includes within its pages. The music fits in to the This contents page is offering a monthly indie genre with hints of heavy metal – payment for all of the magazines straight to these types of music have stereotypically a the readers door. This is a positive thing for very ‘crazy’ fan base and therefore these the magazine to do to make sure that they colours work well in representing the keep the reader involved in the magazine. If it magazine, the music and also the people is getting delivered to their door there is not expected to read the magazine. excuse for them not to be reading the magazine and more importantly, paying for the magazine. This is a way of the company Selling Line- Even on the contents page the magazine is still getting guaranteed money and guaranteed offering extra things to their audience. This could be a last readers. persuasive tool to get the reader to buy this magazine, it constantly has things to offer to the reader on top of the information in their pages. Here, it is offering a competition to win a signed t-shirt. This is suggesting that the reader must be a fan of this genre of music and has come across this magazine brand before. This is a USP (unique selling point) of the magazine as no other magazine will have this to offer and therefore this will be more appealing to the audience and will win the battle if they were deciding which magazines to buy.
  7. 7. The structure of this magazine’s contents page is in a Company Logo- The company logo is placed on the topvery organised manner with boxed off texts in which left hand side of the contents page in a size so that it isdifferent sections they are in. This makes it easy for noticeable but it does not over power the page. Thethe reader to find out where they can find what they company logo is used so that the reader becomeswant in the magazine and to know what is what in familiar with the magazine name and logo.terms of the different sectors of the magazine. The Main Image- The main shot takes over most The headlines of the contents page are of the contents page which suggests that the in a white coloured font size 12 and is in band in this shot play an important part in this capital letters so that it easily stands out magazine monthly. By making the image take and puts across what that section is over most of the contents page, it makes it easy going to include. The text contains a red to tell that one of the main stories is going to be background, the red colour has about this band and therefore the reader will connotations of love and happiness- this want to find the page dedicated to this band could be what they intended it to have easily. The costumes worn by the band members on the contents page suggesting that the are black and white. The black shade has reader is going to love what the connotations of being a bad character and quite magazine pages have to offer. evil. In comparison to the black shade, white has connotations of being innocent and rather angelic. With the combination of these two colours used in these band members outfits it suggests that they can be bad and good. By this it could mean that stereotypically they are seen as ‘bad boys’ to their teenage girl fan base but additionally, they love this – hence the white. In addition, the setting that this shot has been taken in, it is a natural depth of field with the grass in the foreground. This suggests that they are really ‘OASIS SPECIAL!’ Headline- This headline appears natural and therefore basically ‘what you see is in a gold text in a size 14, Ariel font type. The what you get’ kind of attitude is portrayed by this connotations of the gold colour used for this band. By putting the page number on top of the headline is special, royal, wealth and happiness shot it gives the reader the opportunity to go which represents the band that are the main straight to that page. subject matter for this magazine edition. The Repetition Of Company Logo- At the bottom Oasis band are an important part of this magazine of the page, the magazine logo is repeated. and therefore their page name stands out among This is so that the reader familiarises the rest of the page names. There is no doubt that themselves with the company and therefore the main shot used for the front cover will have it becomes second nature to recognise it and been of the Oasis band and therefore the people pick it up from the shelf of the shop. picking this magazine up from the shelf are expected to be great fans of this band and therefore will expect a big part of the magazine to be dedicated to Oasis.
  8. 8. The general layout of the text on this double page spread is really formal and set out in a plain but formal manner. This makes it easy toread and also makes the main shot stand out a lot more. The text size is extremely small, in a stereotypical magazine format. The quoteon this page is in a much larger font size than the rest of the text on this page. This is so that it captures the readers eye and encouragesthem to read the story on the page. Stereotypically, the quote is the most ‘embarrassing’ or ‘shameful’ part of the whole story but thismakes the reader want to read more. Selfishly, people want to read when a wealthy person/celebrity/musician has done bad as itinterests them and in some cases actually makes them feel better about themselves. This is the use of Bulmer and Katz, the uses andgratification model – this is when the reader seeks for what ful-fills their needs. By laying out the quote in the centre of the left handside of this double page spread it makes it really easy to see when turning to this page and therefore makes sure that this is the firstthing that the reader sees and makes sure that they are intrigued by this. The splash image on this page is extremely large and takes upthe whole of the right hand side of the double page spread. The shot includes Katy Perry, the musician who this story is about. Thesetting of this shot is in a kitchen which has connotations of the stereotypical place for the woman of the house to be in, it is said thatthis is where the woman’s pride is at and therefore by setting the shot in this place it puts across the message to the reader that KatyPerry is a traditional woman despite what the public think of her and despite the quote on the left hand side of the page suggestingdrug use which is a massive contrast between the traditional woman and users of drugs. It is seen as very manly and un-lady like to beunder the influence of drugs etc.
  9. 9. Continued…However, there is a contrast in thisshot, although it is set in the kitchen suggestingthe traditional woman, Katy Perry wears alacking amount of clothing. The clothing thatshe is wearing is a double-denim look with apair of denim shorts and a bra-like crop top indenim too. Wearing denim-on-denim is seen asa big no-no in fashion critics eyes, unless youare a extremely lucky when it comes to pullingoff outfits then you are the exception. So, thissuggests that Katy Perry as seen as a fashionidol to the younger generation of teens which isher fan base. The denim shorts that she wearsare ripped and the pockets hang from thebottom highlighting the fact that these areshort-shorts. The ripped denim hasconnotations of Katy Perry being a ‘bad’ girl anda rebellious character. The use of the lemonprop has connotations of being bitter, this couldalso be a suggestion of Katy Perry’s personality.Katy Perry stands in a strong pose with her The colour red has connotations of love and seduction and thereforeskinny frame and big breasts. This suggests that suggests that Katy Perry has a seductive personality. Also, this linksshe is the ‘perfect’ woman as today it is seen as with the unbuttoned shorts.a positive thing if the woman’s frame is tiny but The non buttoned-up shorts have connotations of her being seductiveis contrasted with a large rear and breasts. but could also suggest that she is quite ‘easy’ when it comes to theFrom the stance of Katy Perry’s pose in this opposite sex which also highlights the point I made earlier, with hershot it looks as if she is pushing her rear being made to look the traditional woman and therefore if she was –out, trying to emphasis that she does have a the man in her life would be the boss and therefore she would dolarge bottom and that she is the ‘perfect role whatever he would like – she lacks power when it comes to the menmodel’. Katy Perry wears red lipstick in this vs. women battle.shots.
  10. 10. Strapline- ‘Young, dumb and full of…filthy tunes’ – the tag line here is a play on words the word filthy has connotations of being mucky and un-clean which relates to the teenage fan base of this band. Teenagers are also seen as unclean and not very hygienic.The main layout of the double page spread is quite busy and suggests that this magazine is aimed for the younger generation – more ofthe teenage age. The colour palette is really bold including colours like bright blue, white and black. The colour blue has connotations ofbeing a stereotypical boy colour. This suggests that this page is aimed at the teenage boy audience. The colour white has constantconnotations of being really innocent and good. In comparison, the black colour is the complete opposite and has connotations of beingreally bad and evil. This shows that ‘teenagers’ can be good but are stereotypically known by the older generation as being bad. Theheadline ‘The Teenagers’ suggests that this page is going to be all about this band- clearly their fan base is teenagers. The set out of thepage is quite unorganised and busy which relates to the stereotypical teenager. The text size is 8 which is small but not the stereotypicalsmall text size usually used in magazine pages and therefore there is not much to read about- this is suitable for their target audience asteenagers will not want to read heaps about the band and would prefer to just know the basic information about what this story is allabout. Also, the main shot, which takes up the whole of the left hand side of this double page spread suggests the ‘lazy’ stereotypicalteenager too. The band members look extremely relaxed and careless which is what teenage boys are sometimes described as. Thesetting of this shot is in a bedroom and the band members are laid on a bed. This suggests the laziness of teenagers. The walls arecovered in magazine cut-outs of half-naked girls which is also very stereotypical of what a teenage boys bedroom would look like. Also,the walls appear really messy and not organised which is also a relation to what teenage boys are seen to be like. As there are constantlinks between the band and teenage boys this is the use of the Bulmer and Katz theory- teenage boys will like to see things that relate tothe way that they are and therefore will want to read it. Just above the headline is a small text bubble which says ‘NME LOVES’ – this is away of the magazine getting on the good side of teenage boys and therefore picking up a wider fan base. If teenage boys think that NMEloves ‘The Teenagers’ too then they will think that the magazine loves them and therefore is made for them and will be encouraged tokeep on buying it. The headline stating ‘RADAR’ suggests that these are a band that the public needs to keep up with- that they are in thepublic eye at this point in time. Because this band are in the lime light this means that all teenagers will know of the band and want toread more about what they are all about and therefore will want to read this double page spread.
  11. 11. This magazine page spread has a very plain set up with the colour palette being black, white, light blue and grey tones. The set out ofthe text itself is the very stereotypical set up of a magazine in general columns suggesting that it is aimed at an older audience, moresophisticated and those that are used to the general set up of the magazine.