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LIBRARY COMPETENCY SESSIONSMETHODIST UNIVERSITY<br /><br />Courtney Mack, MLS - Instructional Services Librarian<br />Dav...
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Library competency at methodist univ - poster


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Poster session highlighting Methodist University's Library Competency Test which is required of all undergraduates. Students must score a 70% or higher and is reflected on their official transcript. Presented by Courtney Mack. MLS Instructional Services Librarian

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Library competency at methodist univ - poster

  1. 1. LIBRARY COMPETENCY SESSIONSMETHODIST UNIVERSITY<br /><br />Courtney Mack, MLS - Instructional Services Librarian<br />Davis Memorial Library<br />Fayetteville, North Carolina<br />Library Competency Session<br />Time: One hour <br />Occurrence: Offered throughout the year<br />Registration: Preferred, walk-ins accepted<br />Instructor: Reference Librarians<br />Description: An orientation to library services, online catalog, electronic <br />databases, and fundamentals of information literacy. <br />Test: Ten questions; multiple-choice (Adobe Captivate)<br />COLLABORATION<br /><ul><li>IDS-110 Instructors
  2. 2. First-year students take the test within their IDS-110 course.
  3. 3. Office of Registrar
  4. 4. The library competency score is reflected on the student’s official transcript.
  5. 5. Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  6. 6. Test taken on Scantronform; reports </li></ul>INTRODUCTION<br /><ul><li> Students at Methodist University are REQUIRED to complete a Library Competency session in order to graduate.
  7. 7. A student must pass with a score of 70 percent or higher prior to completing 60 semester hours.
  8. 8. Any student not completing the requirement WILL NOT be able to register for classes for the following semester or term.</li></ul>HISTORY<br /><ul><li>Library Competency sessions were established after a 1999 visit from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS),
  9. 9. Davis Memorial Library wanted to ensure that every student would have access to instruction in library services and resources.
  10. 10. The test has evolved from library tours, scavenger hunts, 20-15-10 questions hand-graded and Scantronform used.</li></ul>ASSESSMENT<br /><ul><li>Four question survey pertaining to the instruction session are asked before students receive their grade.
  11. 11. Each instructor is assigned a test version in which results pertaining to their session and survey are retrievable and accessible.
  12. 12. Non-traditional students (transfer, 21 years or older) scored higher on the library competency test, than first-year students in IDS-110.</li></ul>XLS REPORTING<br />Report Type<br /><ul><li> Testing
  13. 13. Survey</li></ul>Test Version(s) Start Date<br /><ul><li> A XX - XX - XXXX
  14. 14. B
  15. 15. C End Date
  16. 16. D XX - XX - XXXX</li></ul>For additional information, please contact:<br />[Name]<br />[Department]<br />[Institution or organization]<br />[E-mail address]<br />GET RECORDS<br />