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  1. 1. How to Make Your website Viral & Profitable Inbound Marketing Explained
  2. 2. Talk is Sheep Marketing Philosophy Audience Engagement Revenue New Media vs Traditional Media
  3. 3. New Media Vs Traditional Media Traditional Media Audience Development •Radio: Radio Waves •Newspaper: Newspaper Stands •Television: Cable Networks •Newspapers: Subscriptions New Media Audience Development •Social Media Fans & Followers •Blog Subscribers •Search Engine Traffic •Inbound Links (bloggers, trade journals, etc) •Online Review Sites
  4. 4. New Media Vs Traditional Media Traditional Media Engagement •Newspapers: Editorial Content •Newspapers: Comics •Newspapers: Coupons •Radio: Music, Sports, News New Media Engagement •Blog Posts •Promotion •Video •Ebooks •Podcasts
  5. 5. New Media Vs Traditional Media Traditional Media Revenue •Newspapers, Radio, Television: Advertising •Newspapers: Classifieds •Newspapers: Subscriptions New Media Revenue •Leads •Direct Purchases
  6. 6. New Media Marketing Revolution Sales are now directly linked and measured with the marketing process
  7. 7. Sales Funnel Awareness Credibility Need Evaluation Fulfillment
  8. 8. “Content is King”
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization is now a Misnomer website on SEO • The Industry Expertto from changed their name in 2013 Engine website Traffic is the only • Search of web traffic - social media and source inbound links are just as important
  10. 10. Talk Is Sheep Marketing’s November 2013 Traffic Sources • Direct Traffic is also “organic search” but by users with privacy settings. • “referrals” are traffic from website visitors who click on a link to my blog post via another website. For example, a blogger who is blogging about my content. I.E “inbound links” • The 4th column, “Contacts” are the leads, but for producers the leads would be sales and would be a much higher # because the sales process is much shorter and privacy concerns are lower. • Website traffic would be magnified for a wine producer because their audience is much much larger. TISM audience 3,800 bonded wineries in the US, but a wine producer audience is 35% of Americans. Website Optimization is about optimizing all website traffic sources; this is done 95% through quality content
  11. 11. Content is Key New Media Content is •Public Relations •Social Media •Search Engines Optimization •Email Marketing
  12. 12. Content For PR
  13. 13. Content for PR • Referral links from traditional and online media, e.i writers blogging about your own content and website and linking to your website • Builds trust because wine write is advocating for your product
  14. 14. Unpaid Media Traffic
  15. 15. Content for Google Wine enthusiasts now learn about wine via blog posts that they find search Google & Bing.
  16. 16. Content for Social Media • David Carr the media critic at The New York Times describes Twitter as “a personalized "human-enabled RSS [feed]" that allows him to follow what his friends are reading and thinking about at any given moment. • Facebook builds loyalty. Facebook content is generally about the people - producers and fans. Not wine bottles and food. • 25% - 50% of social media posts should include links to your website Gary “V”, social media superstar, understood the value $$$ of content
  17. 17. Content for Email Marketing • Nurture leads and customers with educational content, promotions, video, food pairings, etc • Always host content on your website - only link to it in your emails. • Segment, Segment, Segment!
  18. 18. 30% - 50% open rates is utterly unheard of but the most important metric
  19. 19. Sales Funnel Awareness Credibility Need Evaluation Fulfillment Awareness • Twitter Shares • Facebook Shares • Bloggers & Journalists sharing and writing about your content • Search Engine Traffic
  20. 20. Sales Funnel Awareness Credibility Need Evaluation Fulfillment Credibility • Twitter Shares • Facebook Shares • Bloggers & Journalists sharing and writing about your Product • Product & Yelp Reviews • Targeted Email Marketing - No SPAM allowed • Blog Content
  21. 21. Sales Funnel Awareness Credibility Need Evaluation Fulfillment Need • Email Nurturing • Proper Call to Actions on Website •Clear messaging on Value Proposition •Promotions
  22. 22. Sales Funnel Awareness Credibility Evaluation • Wine Club Benefits Page Need Evaluation Fulfillment Design • Wine Club Benefits • Intuitive Design (coveys good customer service) •Promotions
  23. 23. Sales Funnel Awareness Credibility Need Fulfillment • A intuitive and easy checkout system. Evaluation Fulfillment
  24. 24. Navigation Design Is Queen • Navigation that Addresses each buyer persona’s needs. •Visual Modules for the visual navigator
  25. 25. Design Is Queen Lead Nurturing • Email Signup SEO • Address & AVA in footer • Ease of Use
  26. 26. Design Is Queen Promos •Free Shipping on a Case Social Media • Share Icons Usability •No Scroll •Fast Load Time Reviews
  27. 27. Brand Consistency LOGOS Complete Logo Complete Logo Reversed Complete Logo No Duck Complete Logo no Duck or AVA N A P A VA L L E Y N A P A VA L L E Y N A P A VA L L E Y FONTS BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS: COLLATERAL DESIGN COLORS Garamond (Faxes, Memos, Letter, Emails etc.) BACKGROUNDS AND WATERMARKS COLLATERAL DESIGN Background (PMS 7500) C=0 M=2 Y=15 R=247 G=237 B=212 K=3 Background (Rather than White) C=0 M=0 Y=2 R=255 G=254 B=249 K=0 Watermark Duck C=9 M=9 R=231 G=222 K=0 Y=24 B=196 CENTAUR MT TITLES: ALL CAPS TEXT AND BORDERS Adobe Garamond Pro Founded by Dan and Margaret Duckhorn in 1976, Duckhorn Vineyards has been crafting classic Bordeaux varietals from the Napa Valley for over 30 years. This winemaking tradition has grown to include seven meticulously farmed Estate vineyards, located throughout the various microclimates of the Napa Valley. Focused on quality and consistency, these Estate vineyards are an essential element in making wines of distinction. One of the first wineries to pioneer Merlot as a premium varietal, Duckhorn Vineyards now makes several elegant Merlot and distinctive Cabernet Sauvignon bottlings that showcase the characteristics of its various vineyard sites. In addition, the winery is known for its acclaimed Sauvignon Blancs. Beginning with the 2006 vintage, Duckhorn Vineyards unveiled The Discussion, a Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend representing the pinnacle of the Duckhorn Vineyards portfolio. DUCKHORN VINEYARDS Text: Title Case, +1pt Leading, Tracking - 10, Vertical Scale - 90%, Horizontal Scale - 103%, 0.625” Paragrah space. SUBTITLES: SMALL CAPS, TRACKING - , VERTICAL SCALE - , HORIZONTAL SCALE - ) 1000 Lodi Lane St. Helena, California 94574 (707) 963-7108 © 2010 Duckhorn Wine Company, St. Helena, California Acceptible Substitute: Garamond Premier Pro Logos, Titles, Borders C=49 M=48 R=115 G=103 Y=81 B=63 K=26 Primary Text Color C=54 M=47 R=113 G=110 Y=58 B=98 K=119 LABEL COLORS (for reference) Subtitle Color (Primary Background only) C=27 M=22 Y=36 K=0 R=189 G=185 B=164 Titles/Accent Red C=43 M=79 R=78 G=35 Y=76 B=29 K=62 OTHER LOGOS DV Yellow (PMS 7402 U) C=0 M=6 Y=30 R=255 G=240 B=178 K=0 DV Label Red (PMS 202 U) C=0 M=100 Y=61 R=152 G=0 B=46 K=243 DV Label Green (PMS 362 U) C=70 M=0 Y=100 R=74 G=170 B=66 K=9