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Pigeon Detectives Promotions Analysis


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Pigeon Detectives Promotions Analysis

  1. 1. Both of these album covers are very different from eachother, and have no distinctive similarities; apart from the bands name. The font for the name of the band and album is different, and the actual images/design of both of the albums are very different. This is good as it shows that they seem to reinvent themselves as a band each time they release an album, and don’t seem to be trying to replicate what they’ve already done before. Both of the covers are quite interesting to look at, and are very different. The album to the left connotes some form of ‘intergalactic’ link, and the album to right denotes quite a strong, distinctive image. Colours are used well in the album to the right, with the bright, vibrant red really standing out on the white background. The album on the right uses contrasting colours well, to make sure that the name of the album stands out strongly-and also the use of a contrasting colour for the word ‘emergency’ coincides with the meaning of the word. The tour poster uses the same image as the album cover above-it’s a simple way to get the fans of the band to instantly recognize the bands tour of that particular album. It also saves them having to create a whole new look for the tour poster. This poster of the band doesn’t seem to relate to any of their other forms of promotion-apart from the font for the band being the same as the font used on the album cover in the top right of the page. The poster is quite ‘cool’, as one of the band members isn’t looking directly at the camera, and the fact that their ‘pose’ is pretty casual, connotes that the band seem less contrived and bit more nonchalant. The tour poster is also still quite striking, because the image used is quite a distinctive image-and its unconventional difference means it really stands out as a promotion poster. The use of colour scheme for the photo also means that’s it quite aesthetically pleasing, as the use of colours in the poster are consistent.