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Starbucks Social Media Strategy Project


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A project for my social media management class at the University of Florida. The objective was to design a social media strategy campaign for the company, and include possible results to go along with my campaign ideas.

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Starbucks Social Media Strategy Project

  1. 1. Table of Contents: 1.) Executive Summary (February 2016) 2.) Social Media Audit a.) Social Media Assessment b.) Website Assessment c.) Customer Demographics Assessment d.) Competitor Assessment 3.) Social Media Objectives 4.) Online Brand Persona and Voice 5.) Strategies and Tools 6.) Timing and Key Dates 7.) Social Media Roles and Responsibilities 8.) Social Media Policy 9.) Critical Response Plan 10.) Measurement and Reporting Results
  2. 2. Executive Summary • For the year of 2016, our social media goals will be to increase our online following of loyal consumers and potential consumers. • The focus will be to drive revenue goals by creating more traffic on our social media sites. We will use more engaging and relevant content designed to capture consumer interest. Two Major Social Strategies Will Support This Objective: 1.) An organized plan to create unique, engaging content that will generate interest. 2.) Encourage conversations and respond to consumers to build trust on social media sites to gain more followers.
  3. 3. Social Media Audit • The following is a social media audit of Starbucks social media presence on various platforms as of February 21, 2016. The audit includes social media, website, customer demographic, and competitor assessments.
  4. 4. Social Media Audit: Social Media Assessment Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate Twitter s?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle% 7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr %5Eauthor 11.6 million 12 posts per week 42% Facebook Starbucks 36.1 million 3 posts per week 27% Instagram /starbucks/ 7.8 million 8 posts per week 38% LinkedIn ompany/starbucks 661,794 3 posts per week 22% Social media assessment: According to the presented data, the highest number of interactions per post occurs on Instagram. (Engagement rate can not be calculated at the present time.) The smallest average for interactions occurred on LinkedIn. More emphasis on improving the LinkedIn company page for Starbucks will improve engagement on the site. (Data as of February 21, 2016.)
  5. 5. Social Media Audit: Website Traffic Assessment Source Volume Percentage of Overall Traffic Twitter 15,000 unique visits 14% Facebook 7,500 unique visits 8% Instagram 16,000 unique visits 16% LinkedIn 3,00 unique visits 7% Website Traffic Assessment: At present time, Instagram and Twitter have the biggest followings. Facebook still has a fair amount of unique visits, while LinkedIn could use some improvement. (Time frame: Monthly average, January 20016 to February 2016.)
  6. 6. Social Media Audit: Customer Demographic Age Distribution Gender Distribution Primary Social Network Secondary Social Network Primary Need Secondary Need 50% 18-30 25% 31-40 15% 41-55 10% 56-80 75% Female 25% Male 50% Instagram 25% Twitter 25% Facebook 10% LinkedIn Caffeinated beverages, food, pastries, or other non-caffeinated drinks. Friendly, relaxing atmosphere fit for studying or hanging out with friends. Survey distributed in January/February 2016 via email and through visitor registration. Total applicant responses: 3,000. Audience Demographics Summary: The majority of those who responded to the survey are part of the 18-30 age group. Most of Starbucks customers are female. The primary motivator for purchasing at any select locations is the food and beverages. Considering Instagram is the most successful, the social media campaign should be focused on further developing engagement and increasing the following on this platform.
  7. 7. Social Media Audit: Competitor Assessment Summary Competitor Name Social Media Profile Strengths Weaknesses Dunkin’ Donuts Instagram Well edited, creative photos. Lot’s of followers. Not nearly as many comments as likes, could use more audience interaction. McDonald’s Twitter Celebrities in tweets and emphasis on breakfast all day. Lot’s of followers. A fair amount of retweets and favorites, could use more. Panera Facebook Interesting content, a good mix of relevant videos and photos. Could use more followers. Posts need more likes and shares.
  8. 8. Competitor Assessment Summary • The competitor analysis focused on three major competitors that also serve food. Each competitor had a select analysis on a particular social media site. The biggest strengths competitors displayed on these sites were interesting variety in content. All could use more engagement and user interactions.
  9. 9. Social Media Objectives: • In 2016, the main focus of our social media strategy goals will be to increase our online following of loyal consumers and potential consumers. • The focus will be to drive revenue goals by creating more traffic on our social media sites. We will use more engaging and relevant content designed to capture consumer interest.
  10. 10. Some Specific Objectives Include: 1.) Increase Twitter following by 40% within the next six months. 2.) Increase Instagram following by 50% within the next eight months. 3.) Vary content in posts. (videos, GIFs, articles, not just photos) 4.) Increase unique visits on Facebook and LinkedIn sites. (Use new hashtag, incorporate picture opportunities to increase engagement, followings, unique visits) KPIs 1.) Number of Twitter and Instagram followers. 2.) Number of unique visits on Facebook and LinkedIn. Key Messages: • A place where anyone is welcome to grab coffee, whether they are commuting to work or want a relaxing place to hang with friends. • Innovative and new holiday-inspired delicious, trendy drinks.
  11. 11. Demographic Visuals
  12. 12. Online Brand Persona and Voice • Adjectives to describe our brand: o Trendy o Innovative o Urban o Seasonal • When interacting with customers we are: o Helpful o Understanding o Encouraging o Solution-oriented o Polite
  13. 13. Examples: Seasonal
  14. 14. More Examples: Trendy
  15. 15. More Examples: Friendly
  16. 16. Strategies and Tools • Paid: Boosting Facebook and other sites to gain more followers and unique visits. Also pay for talented photographers to maintain competitive, well-composed photos for all sites. • Owned: Introduce the hashtag #SpringWithStarbucks to promote new seasonal drinks just in time for spring. Introduce new promotions for in store locations as well. Promote this hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram especially. Promote hashtag on Snapchat as well. • Earned: Partner with eco-friendly nonprofits to promote green efforts to associate with the company on social media. Develop GIFs, videos, or photos of customers trying the new spring drinks. Allow guests to tag their friends with their own spring special drinks by tweeting the hashtag with the photo to @Starbucks. • Tools: • -Approved Tools: Hootsuite, buffer. • -Existing Subscription/ liscenses: Vimeo, all Adobe apps, all Microsoft apps.
  17. 17. Timing and Key Dates • Holiday Dates: o Valentine’s Day o Fourth of July o Halloween o Christmas o Hanukah • Internal Events: o TBA, any coffee or tea related holidays as well. • Reporting Dates: o Reporting will occur once every quarter in February, May, August, and November. Precise dates TBA.
  18. 18. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities • Marketing Director: Sally Smith • Social Media Manager: Drew Schmidt • Social Media Coordinator: Carol Cochran • Supporting Social Media Team Members: Jack Miller, Kelsey Sharp, Cindy Smith, Sarah Brown
  19. 19. Social Media Policy Our policy in regards to social media is simple. Be polite, listen, be respectful to consumers. Always try and find a solution when plausible. Maintain the integrity of the brand. Here are some guidelines: • Be respectful, put the customer first • Do not under any circumstances, use foul or disrespectful, aggressive language • Do not speak directly in any negative way about competitors • Always ask before you post if you are unsure Starbucks seeks to uphold this policy in every post, picture, and Tweet. Violation of this policy may result in corrective action, and possible termination. The company also reserves the right to take any further action, as it sees fit. Any questions? Speak with higher management on the social media team.
  20. 20. Critical Response Plan • Scenario 1- Inappropriate Tweet or Post Sent 1.) When Tweet is detected: o Take screenshot of Tweet o Delete Tweet o Alert social media manager (Drew Schmidt) 2.) Discuss impact, reach and evaluate proper action to take with entire social media management team 3.) Get approval from social media manager for appropriate follow up tweet 4.) If media has picked up on the Tweet, the social media manager will manage all contact with the media 5.) Employee responsible for the Tweet will be talked to. Further disciplinary action may occur
  21. 21. Measurement and Reporting • Quantitative KPIs • Reporting Period: 3 months • Website Traffic Sources Assessment • Timeframe: Monthly Average, February 2016 to April 2016 Source Volume Percentage of Overall Traffic Facebook 3,000 unique visits +12percent growth 20% LinkedIn 1,200 unique visits +7 percent growth 14%
  22. 22. Social Network Data Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Engagement Rate Twitter m/Starbucks?ref_ src=twsrc%5Egoog le%7Ctwcamp%5E serp%7Ctwgr%5Ea uthor 14.8 million +55% growth 14 posts per week +8% growth 45% Facebook https://www.face ks 37.2 million +40% growth 5 posts per week +10% growth 35% Instagram https://www.insta ks/ 8.5 million +60% growth 10 posts per week +10% growth 45% LinkedIn https://www.linke /starbucks 1 million +30% growth 6 posts per week 15% growth 25%
  23. 23. Social Network Data Continued • Follower counts, post activity, and average engagement rate have all increased. • The Twitter following has increased over 40% (55% growth) to meet one of the objectives. • The Instagram following also increased over 50% (60% growth) to meet another objective. • Unique visual content, such as video and GIFs have been added to sites to increase engagement and content variation. • Unique visits increased on LinkedIn (14% growth) and Facebook (20% growth).
  24. 24. #SpringWithStarbucks Hashtag Performance • Between February 2016 and April 2016, the hashtag went viral. It was mentioned over 2 million times within a two month period. Users tagged themselves in thousands (around 500,000 photos) with their new spring Starbucks seasonal drinks. • Partnership performance: with nonprofits increased engagement in comments by users of all sites by 20% collectively. Favorable attitudes were detected in comments, and Starbucks helped many green hashtags take off and start trending on Twitter. • Proposed Action Items: • Continue #SpringWithStarbucks Campaign • Consider a go green campaign incorporating the Starbucks green tea to increase awareness for nonprofit green causes on social media sites and promote a company beverage. • Continue creating engaging content to increase following and interaction on LinkedIn.