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Here's what we'll cover in this action-packed training:

* Why only 3 things should receive the bulk of your attention, energy, and focus (If you focus on these 3 things you can almost ignore all the others and still increase profits)
* The 5 most important tweaks you should make your branding strategy right now
* The 4 ways to make your content contagious

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Create an amazing brand webinar slides

  1. 1. Start  
  2. 2. What we will cover: What    “Brand”   means   4  ways  to  make  your  content   contagious     5  most  important  tweaks  you   should  make  your  branding   strategy  right  now   3  things  should  receive  the   bulk  of  your  a=en>on,  energy,   and  focus  
  3. 3. What “brand” means
  4. 4. What “Brand” Means  A  Brand  is  the  unique  iden>ty  that  people  relate  to  you  or  your  business     Your  Brand  =  Your  Passion     Branding  strategy  is  the  process  of  sharing  your  passion  with  your  audience  in  a  unique   way     Apple-­‐  “Apple  designs  Macs,  the  best  personal  computers  in  the  world”  from   Apple  customers  sharp,  cuHng  edge,  risk  takers   Their  fans  love  to  take  big  risks  because  so  does  Apple     They  have  a  small  market  share  but  their  fans  are  loyal     They  will  camp  out  overnight  to  get  the  latest  iPhone  or  iPad  
  5. 5. Who are you?
  6. 6. The 5 most important tweaks you should make to your branding strategy today
  7. 7. Building a successful brand What  is   it?   1st Why  does  it   ma=er?   2nd Who  should   care?   3rd How  can   you  help?   4th Where  can   you  be   reached   5th
  8. 8. Tweak #1: What is it? It all starts with Passion What  are  you   passionate  about?   What Why  are  you   passionate  about  it?   Why Who  are  you  trying   to  reach?  Who  can   you  help?   Who
  9. 9. Tweak #2: Why does it matter ª  Why  do  you  care?       ª  Why  should  anyone  else  care?       ª  Why  should  they  listen  to  you?  
  10. 10. Tweak #3: Who should care? o  People  connect  with  passion   o  Your  passion  shows  in  everything  you  do   o  Your  passion  becomes  a  customer  experience   o  That  experience  is  shared  with  others   o  Build  your  following  
  11. 11. Who is representing your brand Your  values   Your  mission   Your  vision     Create  a  corporate   culture     Your  brand   Culture       When  you   con>nue  to  build   on  your  brand   culture  you  build   loyalty  with  your   customers   People who work for you People you are trying to reach
  12. 12. Red Bull 39,363,629 Likes on Facebook
  13. 13. Chick-fil-A 6,962,585 Likes on Facebook
  14. 14. Tweak #4: How can you help? What’s your unique brand position? What  makes  you   the  best?   What  makes  you   unique?   How  are  you   different  from   your  compe>tors?   Where  do  you  fit   in  the  market?  
  15. 15. Whole Foods Market 1,348,721 likes on Facebook Mission   Our  Core  Values   *  Selling  the  highest  quality  natural  and  organic  products  available   *  Sa>sfying  and  deligh>ng  our  customers   *  Suppor>ng  team  member  happiness  and  excellence   *  Crea>ng  wealth  through  profits  &  growth   *  Caring  about  our  communi>es  &  our  environment   *  Crea>ng  ongoing  win-­‐win  partnerships  with  our  suppliers.   *  Promo>ng  the  health  of  our  stakeholders  through  healthy  ea>ng  educa>on  
  16. 16. What’sdifferentaboutyourproduct? People are buying into you
  17. 17. Tweak #5: Where can you be reached Who  has  a  similar   audience?   Who  are  your  direct   compe>tors?   Who  is  in  a  similar   market  but  is  not  a   direct  compe>tor?   Who  can  benefit   from  your  reach   and  your  audience?  
  18. 18. The 3 things that should receive the bulk of your attention, energy and focus
  19. 19. Branding Your Business Thereare3 majorcomponentstomakingyourbrandamazing Your Edge Your Story Your Community Your Amazing Brand
  20. 20. 4 ways to make your content contagious
  21. 21. Find them online • Where  is  your   audience  hanging   out?   • Online  and  Offline       Join them online • Connect  with  them   where  they  are   • Free  and  Paid   Share valuable information • Be  of  value   • Don’t  try  to  sell  to   them   • Share  OPP   Monitor what’s being said • Use  Google  Alerts   • For  your  industry,   your  company  name,   and  compe>tors   Make your content contagious    
  22. 22. The best brands are personal •  Engage  in  a  personal  way   •  Get  to  know  your  audience  so  you  can  really  understand  what  they   want  and  need  from  you   •  Connect  with  them  regularly   Person to Person
  23. 23. Make  your  content  contagious  by   Finding  your  audience  online,  joining   them  online,  providing  value  and   monitoring  what  is  being  said   Conclusion & Recap Being  Personal   The  5  tweaks  to   make  your  brand   amazing         The  things  that  you   should  focus  on  are   your  edge,  story,  &   community         You  can  connect  with  large   audiences  without  spending  a   penny    
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. thank you! see you soon!
  26. 26. For  more  branding  &  markeIng  Ips   check  out  my  podcast  Entrepreneur   2.0  on  iTunes         Contact me