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Make Sponsorships Popular & Profitable


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Learn about the challenges of organizing sponsorship opportunities, and identify strategies that will aid in your success. Find answers to questions like “What items do I offer for sponsorship? How do I come up with my sponsorship pricing levels? How do I turn sponsorship opportunities into a revenue source?” From planning to delivery we layout the necessary steps, and offer tips & tricks that will help you navigate the entire process.

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Make Sponsorships Popular & Profitable

  1. 1. HOW TO MAKE SPONSORSHIPS POPULAR & PROFITABLE ✚ What do I offer for sponsorships? ✚ How do I price my sponsorships? ✚ How do I make my sponsorships profitable? ✚ What challenges do I need to consider? ✚ How do I make sure everything goes smoothly & sponsors are happy?
  2. 2. WHAT TO OFFER ✚ Think WWWWWH – know your audience; know your event ✚ Purpose of event? ✚ Who is attending? ✚ Where and when is it? ✚ How far are people travelling to attend? ✚ How long is your event? ✚ What tools are necessary for a smooth event? ✚Lanyards for IDs/Badges/tickets ✚Bags (literature/giveaways, etc.) ✚Directory or Agenda ✚Signage, Wraps, Floor/Wall Decals – anything can be a billboard
  3. 3. PRICING TIPS ✚ Have various pricing levels ✚ Sponsorships based on estimated qty, item price (delivered), visibility, exclusivity ✚ Price sponsorship tiers based on domestic production of items, but allow time for overseas production where possible ✚ Drive-out pricing! ✚ Identify & clearly communicate benefits of sponsorship ✚ attendee contact lists, ad visibility, special access, exclusivity, etc. ✚ Offer OPTIONS that all meet budget ✚ Create price-based/theme-based presentations and circulate to potential sponsors
  4. 4. BE PROFITABLE ✚ Price based on the WORST CASE SCENARIO, and plan ahead to capture savings along the way ✚ Use DRIVE OUT PRICING for quotations/planning ✚ Clearly communicate budget to your vendors ✚ Identify your BIG SPONSORSHIPS & be profitable on them ✚ Channel buying power with FEWER VENDORS that can do MORE for you to negotiate a better overall price ✚ Collect FULL PAYMENT from your sponsors before deliverables are produced ✚ Be clear: If sponsors provide their own merchandise, charge a fee for distributing it at the event (like a corkage fee)
  5. 5. LITTLE DETAILS, BIG IMPACT ✚ Know WHERE your goods will be staged in the weeks leading up to the event ✚ Know HOW the goods will get to the destination & if setup/assembled/kitted if necessary ✚ Pad your budget to allow for some professional art support ✚ Be aware of your timeline – when is CNY? Holiday closures? ✚ You may need to do some SELLING to get sponsors excited – consider virtual mockups to get attention
  6. 6. KEYS TO SUCCESS ✚ Plan ahead & start early ✚ Set clear rules & expectations for your sponsors ✚ Provide formal proofs & pre-pros (if possible) for sponsor review/approval ✚ Give your sponsors OPTIONS (within budget) ✚ Use a SPREADSHEET (items/status/costs) to stay organized ✚ Partner with TRUSTED PROVIDERS ✚ What do sponsors want? Offer it! ✚ Thank sponsors after event (letter, gift) ✚ Survey sponsors
  7. 7. QUESTIONS? ✚ What challenges have you faced with your sponsorships?
  8. 8. THANK YOU ✚ Courtney Bathgate – BMP, Brand Management Professionals ✚ ✚ LinkedIn - post link to presentation