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  1. 1. IN THE UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF DELAWAREIn re Chapter 11 1CORDILLERA GOLF CLUB, LLC dba TheClub at Cordillera, Case No. 12-11893 (CSS) Debtor. Hearing Date: July 16, 2012, 10:00 a.m. Objection Date: July 11, 2012 JOINDER OF HOMEOWNER JOSEPH PERRY TO OBJECTION OF DEBTOR TO THE MOTION OF CHERYL M. FOLEY, THOMAS WILNER, JANE WILNER, CHARLES JACKSON, MARY JACKSON AND KEVIN B. ALLEN, INDIVIDUALLY AND AS REPRESENTATIVES OF A CERTIFIED CLASS OF MEMBERS, TO TRANSFER VENUE AND RELATED MOTIONS AND JOINDERS BY ALPINE BANK, CPOA AND THE DISTRICT Cordillera Club Member Joseph Perry ("PERRY") hereby submits this Joinder to theObjection of Debtor to the Motion of Cheryl M. Foley, Thomas Wilner, Jane Wilner, CharlesJackson, Mary Jackson and Kevin B. Allen, individually and as Representatives of a CertifiedClass of Members, to Transfer Venue and Related Motions and Joinders by Alpine Bank, CPOAand the District, and states as follows: 1. PERRY opposes a transfer of this bankruptcy case. PERRY is located in Illinois.If necessary, PERRY will retain Delaware bankruptcy counsel to represent it in this bankruptcycase. PERRY believes the matter can be best handled, for the benefit of all Club Members, andespecially dues paying Club members in good standing, if the bankruptcy case remains pendingin the Delaware bankruptcy court. Furthermore, in light of the acrimony borne out in theVail/Denver area concerning the many unfounded claims asserted in the local press, an1 The Debtor in this chapter II case, and the last four digits of its employer tax identification number, is XX-XXX I3I7. The corporate headquarters address for the Debtor is 97 Main Street, Suite E202, Edwards, Colorado8I632.
  2. 2. economically-driven reorganization will be more efficiently handled in Delaware bankruptcycourt. Further,.iti:s morea.ot i;oooovenient for PERRY to travel to Delaware for various hearingsas may be needed to ·e:tfect a swift at1d effie-ient :fmatteW rehabilitation of the Debtor.Dated: July IJ)_, 2012 345 W Fullerton #1801 , 1 ~ S Chicago IL 60614 2