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Social Media Portfolio


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This is a portfolio of Courtney D. Wright's Social Media work.

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Social Media Portfolio

  1. 1. Courtney D. Wright An organized and dependable worker.An ideal candidate for positions requiring a creative driven personality.
  2. 2. 2Work SamplesThe ReconnectProject Overview..............................................................3Sample Contribution......................................................5Without PaperBlog Overview and Writing Sample..................... ....6Twitter Participation@CourtDortWright.........................................................7Digital Interactive PlanPaul-Ish Project................................................................8AppendicesUnofficial Transcript.......................................................12Letter of Recommendation.........................................13
  3. 3. 3 The Reconnect “Disconnect 2 Reconnect”The Reconnect is a collaborative project which aims to challengeand question an individual’s media consumption habits, withparticular attention to Social Media and emerging technologytrends.Through a series of challenges The Reconnect team and I darefollowers to disconnect from popular forms of SocialMedia and technology such as Facebook, and reconnectthrough forgotten formats like letter writing. As our MissionStatement says “We want to initiate a conversation about thelifestyles we lead online and help people tailor their own.”This mission has allowed our team and followers to openlyexplore the implications of various Social Media forms andtechnologies in our lives. The first challenge The Reconnectproposed was “Face Value” which asked readers to deactivatetheir Facebook for a week. The challenge received a lot ofbacklash, but also acquired the project enthusiastic participants.The Reconnect team alongside our participants had begundocumenting our experiences through a series of blogs, vlogs,videos and tweets. Before long we had acquired over a 100followers willing to read our reflections, and participatethemselves. We also gained attention from our schoolsnewspaper the Radix, radio stations such as Radio Laurier, andesteemed members of the blogging community.
  4. 4. 4My participation in The Reconnect allows me to not only explore my personal relationship with SocialMedia, but connect with a variety of members in the Social Media community. This has contributed to myknowledge and passion for using tools such as Twitter to connect to a wide array of unique individuals.Through this project I was also able to define what it was to be a member of Generation Y. Thisunderstanding allows me to efficiently communicate in a variety of web environments to a desiredaudience.Throughout the project I employed web tools to complete tasks, such as collaborate efficiently throughwiki-spaces. I have since learned how to quickly adapt to using a wide assortment of web based tools andtechnologies.While The Reconnect has temporarily halted publication, I intend to re-initiate in Summer 2011.For a list of some of my contributions to The Reconnect please click here. @The Reconnect For more please visit:
  5. 5. 5 Sample Contribution: One of my favourite stories since I was a child was Alice in Wonderland. This is a common fact about me, and it is not unknown for me to receive an Alice in Wonderland themed gift from friends and family. One of the greatest lessons I learnt from the story was the need for self exploration, and as my favourite passage describes it is a constant journey. It reads; “I wonder if I’ve been changed inthe night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can rememberfeeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’sthe great puzzle!” Recently I have begun to associate this concept of self exploration to The Reconnect ,recognizing that we constantly have to examine our personal media consumption habits. Ever since we’ve begun learning about “media” we have been told what our relationship to it has been,is, and should be. Video games for example make us lazy, violent, and if we play them we are trying toescape our own reality. If we are on Facebook for example we are careless about our privacy, sociallyinept, and probably horribly narcissistic. These two examples describe some of the stereotypes thathave been placed on our generation’s media consumption habits. However the only way to accuratelydefine our habits and consumption is to examine them ourselves.No other generation has experienced these “things” the way we have, so how could they possibleunderstand what it is like. The outsider’s perspective has never been an accurate or insightful one, andas in Alice in Wonderland, we cannot have others define our world, because no one sees what we do.As we continue this week, and move into tomorrow’s challenge, we hope you consider the self reflexivecomponent of this project.Continue to e-mail us your comments and thoughts at disconnect2reconnect@gmail.comPosted by: Courtney D. Wright For more please visit: the-reconnect/
  6. 6. 6 Without Paper is a personal blog which I began in A Mess of Ideas October of 2008 on blogger under the name Mixed Signals. When I first began blogging I was extremely I write this blog to collect my ideas, my interests, hesitant to enter a world with which I was so unfamiliar. and the things I find along My first post captured not only this hesitation, but the the way. beginning of my understanding of the blogosphere.There’s A First for Everything Right?So what is this magical world they call blogging? I have always imagined it as world filled withclever quips and more opinionated writers than one reader could possibly handle. Now here I amimmersed in this world that I know so little about. I admit have only read one blog in my entirelife, and now I am expected to write one of my own. Not only must I now be witty with mywriting, but I also have to think of something intelligent to say. The pressure is big!It took me a long while before actually setting up my blog (as some may notice), but notbecause I had nothing to say. I have always had something to say whether intelligent or not. Myhesitation came from this high anxiety I had over naming my blog. The name after all is one ofthe most important parts. It is a newcomer to your blog’s first impression. It is their firstimpression of what you will write about and who you will be as a blogger. A name must be allencompassing, and I doubt I will ever come up with a name that is worthy enough for a blog.However I needed to put a blog together though so I settled on the name Mixed Signals. I knownot very creative, or clever. It is not really what I would consider all encompassing either.The name just kind of came to me one night as I laid awake thinking of all the homework I hadto complete. I began to think about Mass Communications class, and thought about the mediaoften sending out mixed signals to the masses. Since my blog is essentially a self reflectiveanalysis of the world of communication I found it to be an appropriate name. I suppose in a wayI myself interpret the signals the media is sending me, and I am ultimately analyzing my place inthe world of mass communications as well.Even with a name now in mind I am still nervous about creating a blog. It is extremely nerveracking to put your opinion out there for not only your peers to scrutinize but the entire world aswell. What if I do not use the right words in my sentences? What if my grammar is poor? Oreven worse what if my writing is just terrible and boring? When I went off to university this yearcreating a blog was the last thing I expected to have to do; now here I am on blogger, and nowan academic blogger, or so I think.In the three years since my introduction to blogger I have learnt to enter unfamiliar territories, particularthose of Social Media, with a sense of curiosity oppose to hesitation. I recognize the value of employingSocial Media tools as a way of advancing my learning in various fields of interest. I continue to blog andon February of this year I moved my blog over to WordPress.
  7. 7. 7Like any Social Media fanatic I have a Twitter account,dedicated to spreading information to my followersconcerning topics like Social Media, Marketing, PublicRelations and other content that I find of interest.I have also used Twitter to broadcast and promote variousevents in which I partook such as Hello. UGH and thePower of Movement.I currently hold a Klout score of 42 and have managed toreach a total score of 50. An active member of Twitter asof this September I have managed to become aninfluencer of 245 individuals according to Klout, and adubbed “Explorer” engaging in the social web.I have become familiar with a variety of programs such asHootsuite, TweetDeck and to advance the successof my account. One of my recent achievements on Twitterwas becoming one of #u30pro’s (a chat stream dedicatedto discussing the careers of professionals under 30 yearsof age) “Featured Participants”.
  8. 8. 8 While I have not had privilege of employing Social Media as a content marketing tool professionally, I have been able to practice my skills in school projects. I recently designed a Digital Interactive Plan as a component of an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for a new line of fictional nail lacquers from O.P.I. This Digital Interactive Plan focused on representing the new collection online, and providing the brand’s consumers with engaging and entertaining information. The sample content created to enact the plan demonstrates my ability to target audiences’ pre-existing interests and incorporate them into a brand’s image. A strategy focused on engaging audiences in conversations, rather than a direct sales approach fosters a trusting relationship between the consumer and the brand. This is essential to generate brand loyalty, an increasingly difficult achievement in today’s markets. Catering to the unique motivations of the readership on each Social Media channel employed allows the brand to enter these realms with a sense of authenticity. Instead of disseminating the same messages throughout each network the channels used were unified through a unique tone specific to this line of
  9. 9. 9 Each account was run under the persona Paul-Ish, and written from the perspective of an unidentified male character. Writing through the perspective of a company can be one dimensional, in contrast a characterized approach allows readers to develop a personal connect with the brand. For example I created a Facebook profile instead of a fan page. This allowed the O.P.I customers to become friends and not followers of the brand. The tumblr account was also created under the tone of an everyday user, not a company, creating a sense of familiarity amongst users of the micro blogging site.Created contentsamples: A focus on integrating a companyTumblr into the Social Media sphere,Twitter rather than integrating SocialFacebook Media into a company can prove to be more successful approach to content marketing, and is one I tried to enforce in this plan.
  10. 10. 10Appendix
  11. 11. 11Unofficial Transcript0642314 Courtney Wright Course/Section and Title Grade Credits Repeat Term AHSS*1050 S1 Sociology of Consumption S11 MDST*2060 01 Marketing Communications 086 0.50 W11 MDST*3030 0101 Event Management 093 0.50 W11 MDST*4050 01 Examining Public Rel Sectors 085 0.50 W11 SCMA*3020 0202 Statistics for Media Studies 072 0.50 W11 AHSS*1230 01 Intro to Classical Culture 076 0.50 F10 AHSS*3080 02 Web Design 079 0.50 F10 AHSS*3220 02 Law and the Media 082 0.50 F10 MDST*2040 01 Media Relations 087 0.50 F10 MDST*3010 01 Fundraising Principles & Prac 092 0.75 F10 AHSS*2020 02 Presentations & Persuasion 082 0.50 W10 AHSS*2130 02 Subcultures and the Media 073 0.50 W10 AHSS*2280 01 Popular Music 075 0.50 W10 MDST*2070 01 Digital Design 087 0.50 W10 MDST*3170 01 Writing for Public Relations 084 0.50 W10 AHSS*2010 0101 Documentary Film & Television 072 0.50 F09 AHSS*2030 01 Contemporary Narrative 070 0.50 F09 AHSS*2250 01 Politics: An Introduction 080 0.50 F09 MDST*2020 01 Media Structure & Policy 073 0.50 F09 MDST*3080 02 Writing for Public Relations I 074 0.50 F09 AHSS*1070 0101 Film Study 076 0.50 W09 AHSS*1080 01 Ethical Issues 081 0.50 W09 AHSS*1090 02 Communication, Tech & Culture 083 0.50 W09 MDST*1030 01 Visual Communication & Design 079 0.50 W09 MDST*2010 01 Intro to Public Relations 073 0.50 W09 AHSS*1060 01 Mass Communications 077 0.50 F08 AHSS*1210 01 Reading & Writing Effectively 072 0.50 F08 MDST*1010 01 Internet Survey & Research 070 0.50 F08 MDST*1050 05 Introduction to Media Writing 085 0.50 F08 MDST*1070 03 Photography & Digital Imaging 087 0.50 F08Total Earned Credits 14.75Total Grade Points 1175.50Cumulative GPA 79.695
  12. 12.