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Evaluation Question 6


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Media Evaluation.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Evaluation Question 6

  1. 1. What have you learnt about technologies from theprocess of constructing this product?Will Ellis
  2. 2. Facebook & TwitterIn order to let people know about my surveys, and toask them to fill them out, I used both of these socialnetworks.I was already familiar with these technologies, so itwas helpful that I knew about them when it wasnecessary to use them in order to get sufficient targetaudience research.
  3. 3. WordpressWordpress is the blogging site in which I have had topresent all my work.I have had to get used to using the site throughout theprocess I my whole media AS. Structuring my blog andposts has been part of this learning experience. Ithelped that I have had experience with Tumblr, whichis another blogging site, so has a similar purpose andfunction.
  4. 4. SurveyMonkeySurveyMonkey is a site in which the user can devise their ownquestionnaires online and send them to people in order for themto fill the questionnaire out.The site is quick and easy to use, so I quickly got a handle on it. Iused it in order to create and get results on my Target AudienceResearch and Target Audience Feedback.
  5. 5. YoutubeYoutube is a site in which anyone can share their videos withmillions of people across the world.I was very familiar with Youtube before having to use it, as it isa world renowned site. I had never uploaded a video to the sitebefore, however, until carrying out my media construction. Itwas easy to get familiar with it, and so I had no problemuploading videos before embedding them into my Wordpressblog.
  6. 6. Freesound & FreeplayBoth Freesound & Freeplay are sights inwhich uncopyright music can be listened to anddownloaded for free.I used both of these sites in the editing processonce I had filmed my construction, in order tocreate the score for my movie.
  7. 7. iMovieiMovie is a program in which film shots canbe edited individually and precisely.This program was a huge part of the wholeprocess, and we were introduced to it andgiven some time to use it freely at the start ofthe year in order to become familiar with it. Iused this program to edit my entire film, addmusic, add in and take out shots, and todevise the credits.
  8. 8. Sony CameraI used the Sony camera throughout theentire process. I used it to film everything;my preliminary task and my final product.It took time and process to get used tousing the camera effectively, and this isshown in the improvement made from mypreliminary task at the beginning of theprocess to my final product at the end of it.
  9. 9. What have I learnt?I have learnt that there are endless amounts of things you can dowith technology, and that you can synergise them in order towork towards one goal, which was, in this case, to construct anopening to a film.