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Conclusion Part 2


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Conclusion Part 2

  1. 1. A look at the similarities in the opening credits of my deconstructions (Excluding The Haunting, as this has no credits in the opening 2 minutes.)
  2. 2. The first thing we can notice from the opening sequence is that none of the main actors are mentioned first in theopening credits. In both Saw 1 and Misery, the production company is the first thing to be credited, and in The Shining it is the director. Saw 1 The Shining Misery
  3. 3. After mentioning the production company first, both Saw and Misery credit the directors. The fonts are continuous; the same as with the production company. Both of the styles of writing are also quite similar, as they are both in capitals and take up almost the same amount of the screen. Saw 1 Misery
  4. 4. The only one of my deconstructions that even mentions actors in the opening 2 minutes is TheShining, but like Saw 1 and Misery, it maintains the exact same font.
  5. 5. The Shining and Saw 1 are the only films that Ideconstructed to mention the title within the opening 2minutes.The Shining mentions the main actors, then states the titleof the film before continuing to name other actors thatfeature in the film. And Saw states the title after a fadingout from a main scene.
  6. 6. The films all keep the same fonts and sizes for everything they mention in the opening title sequence. The transitions in Misery and Saw 1 are similar, as the credits are separate to the main scene, but The Shining blends the credits in with the scene. The Production company/directors are mentioned before any of the actors.