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Artist research for A2 Media Coursework.

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  1. 1. Architects Artist Research
  2. 2. Contents  Biography  Nightmares (Discography)  Ruin (Discography)  Hollow Crown (Discography)  The Here And Now (Discography)  Daybreaker (Discography)  Labels  One Hundred Days
  3. 3. Architects Architects are a Metalcore band, originating in 2004 in Brighton, England. The band are known for there religious (atheist), ethical and political beliefs as these are the common concepts of their songs. Sometimes, sharing their beliefs through lyrics and music videos has brought up some controversy, particularly in the lyric video for “These Colours Don’t Run,” as it was slated for being about America. All of the band members are currently vegan, voicing that they do not agree with the cruelty that animals go through to provide people with meat. Sam Carter ~Vocalist~
  4. 4. Architects Architects have been summarised as being "pumped with both controlled rage and unhindered heart, accessible and ambitious, aggressive and beautiful.” Metal Hammer – 2012 When commenting on their influences singer Carter has said that "The Dillinger Escape Plan are such a massive influence on Architects. Back in the day, that’s what we wanted to sound like when we were younger". Blare Magazine - 2013
  5. 5. Discography Nightmares - In At The Deep End, 2006 Nightmares is Architects’ debut album. It's the only album featuring the original line up with Matt Johnson on vocals (replaced by Sam Carter) and Tim Lucas on bass (replaced by Alex Dean). Stylistically the album features a mathcore sound similar to that of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sikth and Meshuggah. It is also the only album to feature guitars tuned to Drop C and only features a very small amount of clean vocals, unlike the band's later releases. Personnel Matt Johnson – vocals Tim Hillier-Brook – guitar Tom Searle – guitar Tim Lucas – bass Dan Searle – drums 1. "To the Death" 2. "You Don't Walk Away from Dismemberment" 3. "Minesweeper" 4. "They'll Be Hanging Us Tonight" 5. "This Confession Means Nothing" 6. "In the Desert" 7. "A Portrait for the Deceased" 8. "The Darkest Tomb"
  6. 6. Discography Ruin -United By Fate, 2007 Ruin is the second album by Architects. This was the first album to feature the vocalist Sam Carter and bassist Alex "Ali Dino" Dean. Stylistically, this album displays a minor change in the band's style, with the mathcore of Nightmares being melded with a more fluid Metalcore sound. Clean vocals are implemented again in a few songs, to a larger extent than on Nightmares, although not as prominently as in later releases. Personnel Sam Carter – vocals, lyrics Tim Hillier-Brook – guitar Tom Searle – guitar Alex "Ali Dino" Dean – bass Dan Searle – drums 1."Buried at Sea" 2. "Hunt Them Down" 3. "You'll Find Safety" 4. "Always" 5. "Sail This Ship Alone" 6. "Heartless" 7. "North Lane" 8. "I Can't See the Light" 9. "Low" 10. "Running from the Sun" 11. "Save Me" Re-release (2008) : 12. "Broken Clocks" (Feat. Nick Worthington of Dead Swans)
  7. 7. Discography Ruin -United By Fate, 2007 Reception Ruin was released to positive reviews but seen as a departure from their previous work Nightmares, which was more akin to the works of The Dillinger Escape Plan or Botch. Ruin was the first Architects album to feature new vocalist Sam Carter. His vocal style was a marked change from that of previous vocalist Matt Johnson, being more of a hardcore shout than a metalcore scream. This is most obvious on the re- recording of "To The Death" (from Nightmares) in May 2008 that was available for download for a short period.
  8. 8. Discography Hollow Crown - Century Media, 2009 - Hollow Crown is the third album by Architects. It was recorded at Outhouse Studios, Reading. On their Youtube channel, there are several videos documenting the bands recording sessions. The album was leaked on the internet on 12 January 2009. Kerrang! magazine gave it a KKKKK rating, which is the equivalent of 5 stars - Stylistically, the band considered Hollow Crown as a natural progression from its predecessor. Hollow Crown album displays a significant increase in clean vocals from Sam Carter, as well as a change in his harsh vocals, from the lower register on Ruin to more high-pitched screams. Also in this album, there is a further departure from the band's mathcore roots, utilising more traditional song structures, simplified riffs and more melodic musicianship, as well as a fair usage of keyboards and drum programming. - Carter has stated that the lyrics on the album are of a personal nature. He has said that he wrote about everyday life and things that happen to him, these are as simple as sitting in a car with friends or hating girls. - The album title has had different value to each member of the band. Dan Searle in interview was asked why the band gave it the title and he stated to him it refers to "those people you meet in life that earn nothing, but are given everything."During an interview in October 2009 vocalist and lyricist Sam Carter stated that the inspiration for him when picking the name was because despite the band's hard working nature they never seemed to progress, saying "we’ve always felt like we were a band that worked really, really hard and we never got appreciation for it".
  9. 9. Discography Hollow Crown - Century Media, 2009 1. Early Grave" 2. "Dethroned" 3. "Numbers Count for Nothing" 4. "Follow the Water" 5. "In Elegance" 6. "We're All Alone" 7. "Borrowed Time" 8. "Every Last Breath" 9. "One of These Days" 10. "Dead March" 11. "Left with a Last Minute" 12. "Hollow Crown" Bonus Track: 13: "To the Death" Personnel Sam Carter – vocals Tim Hillier-Brook – guitar Tom Searle – guitar, keyboards Alex "Ali Dino" Dean – bass Dan Searle – drums, programming In 2012, British publication Rock Sound added Architects' album Hollow Crown into their 101 Modern Classics placed at number 76. They considered the album more of a classic than The Offspring's Americana and Bullet For My Valentine's The Poison. Stating that "back when they were young, hungry and out to impress, Architects wrote this face-melting collection of rippers and made the world sit up.“
  10. 10. Discography The Here and Now - Century Media, 2011 As with the previous album, Hollow Crown, all tracks are tuned to C# standard apart from two tracks; Stay Young Forever and Year In Year Out/Up and Away, which are tuned C# standard, but with the low C# dropped to G#. On this album the band continued to move further away from their technical metal roots, incorporating more nuanced, melodic songwriting, their influences changing dramatically; on earlier releases a sound influenced by bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Meshuggah and other technical bands, while here Architects developed more of a post-hardcore/Metalcore style influenced by bands such as Alexisonfire, Thrice, This Is Hell, Comeback Kid and Have Hear. Reception A lot of Architect’s fans saw this album as a massive change from previous albums. Some fans have said that “it is a good album, it just isn’t Architects.”
  11. 11. Discography 1. "Day in Day Out" 2. "Learn to Live" 3. "Delete, Rewind" 4. "BTN" 5. "An Open Letter to Myself" 6. "The Blues" 7. "Red Eyes" 8. "Stay Young Forever(featuring Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid) 9. "Heartburn" 10. "Year in Year Out/Up and Away" (featuring Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan) 2012 special edition: 11. "Devil's Island" 12. "Untitled" 13. "Day in Day Out" (Big Chocolate remix) Personnel Sam Carter – vocals Tim Hillier-Brook – guitar Tom Searle – guitar, keyboards Alex "Ali Dino" Dean – bass Dan Searle – drums, programming The Here And Now - Century Media, 2011
  12. 12. Discography Daybreaker - Century Media, 2012 Daybreaker is the fifth studio album by British metalcore band Architects, released on 28 May 2012 in the United Kingdom and in the majority of Europe, and 5 June 2012 in the United States. It marks a music shift back towards the technical sound of their earlier albums; particularly Hollow Crown. This is the last album to feature guitarist Tim Hillier- Brook, who left on 16 April 2012 to pursue other interests. Reception Upon its release, Daybreaker received "generally favourable reviews" with a Metacritic score of 73 out of 100. Differing opinions have been generated by critics about the album's sound, some have said that it "sounds stripped down, not a step up“ while other reviewers considered the album "a powerful return to form.” In the United Kingdom the album debuted at number 42 on the UK Album Charts with 3,208 albums sold. This is the highest charting release by Architects in their five album career, being the chart success of The Here And Now which got to number 57. While in the United States the album debuted on the Top Heatseekers chart at number 28 with 1,200 CDs sold in its first week.
  13. 13. Discography Daybreaker - Century Media, 2012 1. "The Bitter End" 2. "Alpha Omega" 3. "These Colours Don't Run" (featuring Jon Green of Deez Nuts) 4. "Daybreak" 5. "Truth, Be Told" 6. "Even If You Win, You're Still a Rat" (featuring Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon) 7. "Outsider Heart" (featuring Drew York of Stray from the Path) 8. "Behind the Throne" 9. "Devil's Island" 10. "Feather of Lead" 11. "Unbeliever" Personnel Sam Carter – vocals Tim Hillier-Brook – guitar Tom Searle – guitar, keyboards Alex "Ali Dino" Dean – bass Dan Searle – drums, programming Bonus Tracks: 12. "Rise Against" 13. "Black Blood" 14. "Cracks in the Earth" 15. "Blood Bank" (Bon Iver cover) 16. "Of Dust and Nations" (Thrice cover )
  14. 14. Record Labels Architects have been signed to three record labels as a band, Century Media being there most consistent one as they have released three albums with them. They are currently unsigned however, having already released three songs (Black Blood, Blood Bank (Bon Iver Cover) and Of Dust And Nations (Thrice Cover)) as an independent band.
  15. 15. One Hundred Days In mid April, Architects released a trailer of a their own documentary "One Hundred Days: The Story Of Architects Almost World Tour". Directed by Tom Welsh, the documentary is a story about Architects' Almost World Tour. The funding for the film was done as a community funded project on indiegogo where they asked for £30,000 in donations. The band decided to release the film since they had left Century Media. After the target amount had been reached and even exceeded for the film, Architects posted a song clip of a new song "Black Blood" online for people to listen. The film is rumoured to release September 2013 and has already premiered in June 2013.