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A portfolio of my work and experience in media, marketing and advertising

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  1. 1. Click ‘CTR L’ forFull Screen View on a PC
  2. 2. Click ‘View’ in the browser, Choose Navigation Panels then ‘Show bookmarks’ to access the table of contents Directory (slide numbers to the right)INTRO: 3 SOLUTIONS BASED MARKETING: Partner’s Furniture: 33ONLINE MARKETING: 4 The Home Zone: Creating a New Market: 34 Chocolate Soul 6-7 Build Your Own Romantic Gift 8 MANAGEMENT: 36-38 Floral Etiquette 10 The Girlfriend Store 10 PACKAGING & TECHNICAL: Storybook Advent 11-15 Bella Caffé 39-40 Ice Breakers 16 Acheve 40 Online Activity Summary 17 MindSpa 41 Thera-Squeeze 41NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: 18 Hästens MindSpa 42-43 Summary 18-19 Real Estate 20 ILLUSTRATION & GRAPHIC DESIGN: 44 Other Products 21 Book Illustrations 45-47 Private Label 48TRADE SHOWS & CATELOGUES: 22-23 Magazine Layouts 49-50 Sales Collateral 51EVENTS: 24 Letterhead 52 Logos 53BRANDING & ADVERTISING: Direct Response 54-55 Thera-squeeze 25 Telocate 26 JOURNALISM: 56 Andy’s Glass 27 MindSpa 28-30 PHOTOGRAPHY: 58 – 62 SK Furniture 31 Advertising as PR 32 RESUME: 63-64 CONTACT: 65 TESTIMONIALS: 5, 9, 14, 35, 57
  3. 3. Welcome!The following webfolio demonstrates many of my past projects,successes, ideas and skills.I’m seeking a Director Level Position in Marketing, New BusinessDevelopment and/or Sales with a company that values innovation,and thrives on integrating technology with the needs of customers,whether B2B or consumer.A dynamic public speaker, award winning salesperson, productdeveloper, writer and artist, I know how to get peoples’ attention andcarry a project from napkin through implementation. I’m known formy ability to form strategic alliances, and as an intellectual with athirst for knowledge spiced with creativity. What I do best is createnew revenue streams by matching the needs of the market with theneeds and assets of my employer. --Laura Dawn Lewis
  4. 4. Online Marketing & Merchandising Overview & PhilosophyThe internet takes marketing to a whole new level for it invites interaction thus allowing any company to engagecustomers by satisfying one or more major needs: The need to save money. The need to save time and/or thedesire for quality.As people learn in different manners, either visually, through sound or through engagement, internet advertisingenables the marketer to address each manner of learning, thus increasing retention of the message and fosteringa positive image. An example of effective user engagement involves integrating gaming into advertising. While, the US Navy was a client. We created an ad campaign utilizing banners and interstitials called Tag theShip. The ads used interactivity to engaged potential recruits by allowing them to chase the ship in the ad and gainfacts through mouse clicks.I began working with the Internet in 1994. KZOK/KMPS the stations I worked for were early adopters. Assalespeople we were tasked with selling ads, branded internet service, email marketing and helping our clientsfigure out how to market goods and services online…back when nobody knew what they were doing.The first client I took online was a men’s clothing store that catered to men under 5’6”. I managed to convince theowner back in 1995 that as a specialty retailer, his market was global. We set up a basic website with e-mailordering, (credit card online processing at the time had a ways to go) and began creating an e-mail list of clients.To do this I had him add the e-mail address field to his customer satisfaction form. About 3-weeks after launchingthe site he got his first order online…from Germany! He was so excited and as they say, the rest is history. Notonly would internet retailing take off, but I was officially hooked on the new technology!
  5. 5. Testimonial Laura continues to be one of the most persuasive sales and marketing people I’ve ever seen and an ace at securing new business while up selling existing clients. She negotiates and closes clients with ease, and her knowledge of internet and general media consistently amazed all of us. She treats each client as if she’s their VP of Marketing, helping them plan, develop and execute full advertising campaigns, not just those we offered in online, direct response and print, but working with her clients to get the best deals from complimentary media as well. Extraordinarily smart, and up-to-date on the latest trends, and a almost always dead on with her projections, she led the sales team by working with all of us on selling, leverage and presenting all the new online products and services. Laura has a passion for the internet and will make a dynamic, results driven online sales director for any company lucky enough to snag her! Kandy Duncan Coworker, The Press Enterprise
  6. 6. Contextually Leveraged Channel Optimization Programs (CLCOP)My area of unique expertise is Contextually Leveraged Channel Optimization Programs. By utilizing intellectual propertyand marrying it with a brand or service I’m able to repurpose content, software, music and other forms of IP into newrevenue streams. Programs I’ve developed include Flowers with Meaning , Chocolate Soul and Ice Breakers.For example, if a law firm tends to do a number of standard forms, working with a software developer and marketing viasites like ClickBank, we can develop templates that people can download for a nominal fee. Research they’ve compiledfor closed cases can be repackaged and sold to other attorneys, thus saving time. Hospitals, research facilities andanyone on the edge of technology create primary research that can repackaged and sold by subscription, white papersor how-to podcasts. Media, whether print or broadcast, are a goldmine of new products using this formula! There isalways a niche market for information and entertainment. The backbone of this is defined in the 27 Platforms of RevenueGenerating Marketing which I identified ten years ago. The concept is currently taught at several Southern CaliforniaCommunity College campuses as part of the International Marketing curriculum. EXAMPLE: Chocolate Soul is a concept I developed that matches the needs of the buyer, (a unique gift that has personal meaning and demonstrates true sentiments) with the needs of a chocolatier’s to stand out and offer something different. What if you could buy a box of chocolate based upon the meanings behind the types of chocolates and fillings? You could send someone a box of inspiration, a box of childhood giggles or a lover a box of passion. More than just a box of chocolate, you now send chocolate with meaning! Women specifically love these types of gifts. The shape you like tells a lot about your personality and the definitions are based upon a study that came out in the late 1990’s in New Zealand.
  7. 7. Online Marketing & Merchandising Chocolate Soul matches the meaning of various chocolates and fillings with the end receivers personality. Purchasers design their boxes based upon the meaning of each and can download a brochure with the descriptions to send. • The Shape You Like • = Personality • The Type of Chocolate You Like • = Your Attitude Toward Life • Your Favorite Fillings • = Your Strengths & Weaknesses • What You do With Your Wrapper • = How You Are in Bed!
  8. 8. Online Marketing & Merchandising Build Your Own Romantic Gift: Hanson and Ellis is an online supplier of wedding gifts. Since they sell individual units, (ranging from $2-$45 per item) we developed a online promotion to leverage this retailer on Couples Company. Suggestive selling, this format allows people with a very limited budget to build the perfect romantic gift, one that has meaning. Buyers to choose up to ten gift items and create their own special gift of romance, thus enabling us to sell H&E gifts outside of the wedding market.
  9. 9. Testimonial Laura Dawn Lewis is a dynamo! Shes organized, self-starting and incredibly creative and inspired. She is great to work with, and Id work with her again in a flash! Youre fortunate if you have a chance to hire or work with Laura Dawn. Tina B Tessina, PhD Author, Dating Expert on Couples Company
  10. 10. Online Marketing Floral Etiquette utilizes the meaning and lore of& Merchandising flowers to send a bouquet with meaning. Somebody gets a new job? Send sunflowers, which represent success and power. A guy has been particularly sweet? Send daffodils, the flower of chivalry. The Girlfriend Store is online merchandising at its best. We discovered that people shopping online usually have an intended recipient. The problem was, men tend to over spend and buy gifts not appropriate for their stage of relationship. Solution? We designed a store around the first year of a relationship and chose gifts in cost and content appropriate for that stage, integrating it with advice. The Girlfriend Store, (as well as the Boyfriend, Wife and Hubby stores) have one several awards for creative merchandising and the use of affiliate programs online.
  11. 11. Online Marketing& MerchandisingStorybook Advent The Storybook Advent Calendar and Carols Collection is a new form of cause marketing geared at the church and non-profit market. As the economy began to slide in 2007 I realized that churches and non-profits would increasingly be burdened with people seeking assistance. Unfortunately as more people seek assistance, the available pool of donations usually diminishes exponentially. The question: How can non-profits raise funds without having to expend money to do so? It had to be compelling and something people would want to buy that also reinforced the mission of the non- profits. The solution: A children’s book and CD collection, all digital, leveraging affiliate marketing through ClickBank. Utilizing a combination of public domain writers of classics as well as 7-original stories we created a book that appeals to parents and children. My writing partner on this project and composer friend Michael Brech and I were able to create a book with proven favorites while adding exclusive content. The CD was created utilizing public domain carols and we chose a simple orchestration (piano solos) for the songs that enabled it to be used as background music or as a sing along for caroling.
  12. 12. Online Marketing & Merchandising Storybook AdventBoth products are delivered digitally, thus eliminating the need for inventory management and storage, and therefore requiring zero investment by the non-profit or church. Tracking and payments are handled via affiliate links. ClickBank is excellent at paying, delivering the funds to the non-profit within a month of the sale.For the non-profit, all they need is an e-mail list, mailing list or congregation. This also expands their reach virally, enabling more sales for the church. We created marketing material for all three thus enabling pastors to simply print out a one sheet to slip into the sermon notes about the book and CD with their own unique affiliate ID. Churches with e-mail lists or websites are able to post the book up on their site. From that point, the sales are turn- key. Buyers of either product simply download the book in a PDF form or Kindle to their computer and can chose to print it out, or not. The CD is available in MP3 files for players and iPods, or as AIFF files for CD. Everything is delivered digitally with no hassle and no fuss. The hardest part of this project has been educating pastors how to do it…which takes all of five minutes.
  13. 13. Online Marketing& Merchandising Storybook AdventLeft: The lead picture for the original story: Matthew, Mohammed &Micah, which teaches children, (and their parents) about thesimilarities and differences in Christianity, Islam and Judaism as wellas the traditions and history behind the celebrations of Christmas,Eid and Hanukah.Above: A digital printout of two pages in the Storybook Advent. Thisis the December 23 choice: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.Advent Calendars are traditionally used in Christianity to mark the 24days of December leading up to Christmas. This book is designedwith 24 stories and poems, one to be read each night of Advent.
  14. 14. TestimonialsFrom readers of The Storybook Advent Calendar & Carols Collection “I just love the concept and the execution. My granddaughter loved the stories and I cant stop listening to the carols. You deserve every success!” Cliff Lague Spain "I am awestruck with the books warmth, its caring and loving sentiment, and totally enamored with the artwork!“ Jeri Friedman Los Lunas, New Mexico "Just gone through carols and they are great, simplicity at its best. All that is needed for a sing along, or to bring out the spirit of Christmas cheer. Well done to all involved." Jeremy Allard, Lyricist, London, England
  15. 15. Online Marketing& Merchandising Storybook Advent When working with industries like churches that may or may not be internet savvy, you have to create everything they’ll need to succeed and be prepared to hold their hand if necessary. These are some of the marketing materials we created. The skyscraper banner actually did quite well, delivering a 5% click through. The e-mail newsletter even better with a 12% click through. In 2009 we’ll be using podcasts and online audio to market as well. We test marketed the product during the 2008 Christmas season and received rave reviews from the buyers and churches. We begin marketing it in June 2009 for the upcoming holiday season and our goal is to assist non-profits in raising over $1-million dollars for their causes. More information on Storybook Advent can be found here: . One lesson I learned in 2008 is that we need to have two websites, one for consumers and another for churches. Putting both markets on the same site we discovered is confusing.
  16. 16. Contextually Leveraged ChannelOptimization Programs (CLCOP) If your company produces intellectual property, (entertainment, research, news, programming, reports, software, music etc…) you have unleveraged assets that can be turned into revenue streams. Ice Breakers, a promotional card game designed to get to know someone you’re dating is an example of a CLCOP. Starbucks wanted to be seen as the home away from home, a person’s second office and meeting place. Matchnet, a dating site, needed something that would set them apart and increase success with its subscribers. Matchnet contracted me and I developed a card game for the newly dating called Ice Breakers. This combines my exclusive 8 levels of Intimacy with dating and coffee shops in a real-world and later online setting.
  17. 17. Online ActivitiesSOCIAL NETWORKING: Linked In, Facebook, Xing, SU, Ning, Zoominfo and Twitter in addition to several private invitation only groups for executives, diplomats, researchers and journalists. I’m active in social networking and like everyone else, learning how to leverage the peer-2-peer space.AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: I have six affiliate programs for my own products and services and I currently utilize about 250 between my various web properties. The majority of these originate from the big aggregators: Commission Junction, Linkshare, Google Affiliate, Share-a-sale and ClickBank.E-ZINES: A given for anyone with a website and list. Most of these I have set up on auto-responders.WEBSITES: I’ve built over a dozen websites in the past twelve years with Couples Company being the largest at 30,000 pages. Other sites I currently have include, and 15- I have the basic HTML and Flash skills and can use FrontPage, Access and SQL but prefer to defer programming and the backend to people far more skilled and mentally adapted to handle coding and the frustration that goes with it.BLOGGING: I’ve been a blogger through Stumble Upon since 2004 with a good following for my interests of politics, constitutional law, satire, the Middle East, human rights and religion. I use a pseudonym for these activities. I’m currently toying with podcasts and MP4 and am very excited by the possibilities. I can’t wait to wrap my creative energy around the v-cast industry and come up with creative uses for this format online either for education and/or promotional programming.
  18. 18. New Product Development: PhilosophyComing up with new products to sell and market is what really excites me. The formula issimple: 1) figure out what people need that the market isn’t delivering 2) bring togetherthe necessary parties 3) create the products/services that fill that need. To do this I useall my areas of expertise: My sales background allows me to get in, persuade, form strategic alliances and gain agreement. My marketing background taught me how to package, leverage and produce winning concepts, while keeping the big picture in focus. My journalism background provides the research, skepticism, tenacity and serious edge needed to pull new products off with credibly and authority.As a potential employee, this is my Unique Selling Position (USP) and what sets meapart from the rest.
  19. 19. New Product Development: Philosophy Couples Company was built to address the need for Life Skills Education. This includes issues like how to argue effectively with your spouse, manage your finances and how to navigate legal issues. Life skills aren’t taught in college. The original business plan had us integrating online education with title sponsors: i.e.: Home Depot sponsoring a series called: ‘Surviving Home Improvements’ an online interactive class that teaches couples how to overcome disagreements when remodeling (without killing each other), distributed at store level via CD ROM and online via interactive webcasts. Technology today allows this to go two ways and it opens up al myriad of amazing possibilities. Outside of regular ad design, most of what I do can be considered new product development. I like to integrate information with learning and entertainment and I want to work for a company that needs someone who knows how to do that and bring in the corporate sponsors who benefit. To me, creating these, solving these problems--this isn’t work. This is fun! Give me a good problem and the authority to fix it and you’ll have to tell me to go home at night! New product development in the media space is all about matching the needs of the underwriter with the needs of the consumer and the needs of my employer. Generally, the underwriters want publicity, positive image, traffic and sales. Consumers want information, products and services. My employers want readers/viewers, revenue and publicity. Give each what they want and you create the essential triple play: win-win-win. It really is that simple. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve done on the following slides:
  20. 20. New product Development: Real Estate The Agent Guide won the WCAA National 1st Place for Best New Product and Promotion in 1994. I realized that real estate agents specialized in various industries and I wanted to make it easier for buyers and sellers to find the right agent. This directory, which agents purchased a placement in, ran in the Saturday and Sunday paper each week and included their contact info, picture, specialty and agency logo. Profile of a Community won the WCAA National 2nd Place for Best New Product and Promotion in 1994 We locked out the top two awards! When people look for homes, they consider the neighborhood, builder and home itself. Following AP guidelines, I wrote stories about each community highlighting the builders and what was available. Though technically advertorial because the builders purchased one of the seven available slots, by keeping it journalistic, this became one of the most anticipated features each week. We rotated locations each week for 13-weeks so a community could be featured 4X per year.THE NEW HOME DIRECTORY: Borrowing a proven formula from For Rent Magazine, I took builders and created a quick reference graph inthe paper that detailed each new community’s cost, range of bedrooms, location, and other key amenities. Builders who placed a ¼ page orlarger ad in the paper that week got a free listings. Others could purchase listings for 13-week increments. Readers of The Herald voted theNew Home Directory their favorite new feature after our editorial redesign. The editor was ready to kill me. It was 100% advertorial. Oops! SnoHOMEish County New Home Tour: Joining forces with the Master Builders Association and The Association of Realtors we created a county wide new home tour that was a smashing success and redefined how new housing developments are marketed in newspapers and magazines. For me it was common sense to link a map location, listing and full color ad in a catalogue format. Turns out, it had never been done before and the readers loved it. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Seattle Times and later other papers around the country copied our formula and the biggest winners were the agents, builders and buyers. And the paper. It took three reps to replace me when I left The Herald. I’d brought in so much new business by redefining the way newspapers marketed new homes that one person could no longer handle it.
  21. 21. New Product Development: General The Blind Bath and Mini Spa: In 1990, after working with mini blinds and decorative products for three years, I developed an expandable tray that went from three feet (for easy storage) to eight feet and held twelve inches of cleaning solution. The purpose was to clean mini blinds. Additionally I developed a detergent which lifted dirt, grime and dust from the blinds in less than three minutes without harming the strings or the slats. The Blind Bath I received a patent on in 1992 and the detergent formula, considered a trade secret, is in my head. After looking into the market, I decided not to produce this product, primarily because the detergent isn’t environmentally friendly. I haven’t been able to create something that works as well or as quickly for such a low cost without harming the environment…yet.Telecommunications, Networks and the Internet: This was a quarterly I developed for the Los Angeles BusinessJournal that focused on teaching traditional business people the emerging internet market. We followed this upwith the Demystifying the Internet Breakfast Roundtable. The main sponsor, Exodus Communications paid$40,000. Two hundred executives attended and Exodus sold 1.8million dollars of services within 3-weeks. OTHER CREATIONS • Laid Off Now What Welcome to the Kingdom: • Sensuality Series Working with the various government officials of Saudi • Couples Company Arabia and my partner on this • Storybook Advent project, we created a manual • & Carols Collection for western businessmen and • Couples Mall diplomats on doing business in The Kingdom. • Ice Breakers • Profile of a Community • New Home Directory • The Agent Guide
  22. 22. POSTERS & TRADE SHOWSTradeshow Posters: These worked very well at the shows and drew significant traffic and inquiries to the booth. Created with Illustrator and PhotoShop.LEFT: This is a 3 foot by 3 foot booth poster designed to get the idea out quickly about what this product does and how advertisers can use it to merchandise their own products.RIGHT: This is a 3 foot by 3 foot booth poster designed to get the idea out quickly let people know we carried the original stressballs--the only one you can heat & freeze.
  23. 23. Click pictures to see full size Thera-Squeeze Promotional Products, Health & Wellness (Left) This is the second ad in a series inserted into a promotional products industry magazine. I finally convinced the company to allow me to change the artwork. They were very pleased! The curiosity factor of this ad drove over 1500 people to the(Above) I used subliminal representation with the American booth for a stressball flambé!Heart Association ball as a heart with the right and leftventricles going into it as a play on the primary health benefitof the product. Doctors picked up on this right away. The (Above) Same product, this ad wentclient just thought it looked cool. This ad began running in into the trade show directory. WeDecember 2002. knew most of the ads would be either black and white or brilliant full color. To stand out we chose muted tones and a classier approach.
  24. 24. Events I’ve hosted and createdThe HeraldSnoHOMEish County New Home Tour4 months of preparation and sales, two week event. First year was 1993. Strategic alliances with The Master Builders Association, The Association of Realtors and The Herald newspaper.KZOK / KMPS RadioTony Romas / Suzuki: Suzuki Bucks cross promotion with local franchises and dealerBaxter’s Pub: Multiple remote, live broadcasts and eventsAt least three to five remotes, live broadcasts and events per month ranging from parties to sweepstakes.Los Angeles Business Journal4 Technology oriented events per year, usually in cooperation with LARTA, LawNMoweR or VICDemystifying the Internet3 months preparation and sales including securing the keynote speakers, sponsors, venue and guest list. Joint project with Molly Lavik of LawNMoweR.LawNMoweR:When I left the Business Journal I joined Molly at LawNMoweR as a consultant to continue putting on technology based events in the Los Angeles area.Couples CompanyAlaska Couples Cruise: Special cruise with Couples Company experts and guests to Alaska in 2003.
  25. 25. Thera-squeeze: Branding Moving on to branding… I’ve found clients, especially small businesses, kick and scream about branding campaigns because they think they’re just a waste of money. Here’s proof branding works: We’ve sold more stress balls to women who always have cold hands due to this ad. I finally convinced the owner to try a cleaner ad focused on branding and the product’s unique selling position, (USP). His comment when the sales started rolling in? "Why havent you done these like this before?" My answer: "Because you didnt want them like this." I think hes finally converted. On the next page I have the branding campaign we developed for another of his products: Telocate. Click pictures to see full size
  26. 26. Telocate: This puppy ad netted $500,000 in sales, before itBranding Campaign was published! This is the layout for the first ad campaign I created for the Telocate product. I love this product but it’s hard to explain what it does. I needed to figure out a way to do that without using a lot of words. The hard part is getting the buyer, other marketing people, to understand what it does and see how it relates to their industry. I worked with Start2Promote from 2002 until the company sold in 2006. Through that course I created their direction, logos, collateral and advertising. The puppy ad (above) was used to explain the product to a channel member prior to the campaign launch on 01/15/2003 and resulted in a 1/2 million dollar order from one of the largest pet stores in the world! This was all done with clip art. Had we had the budget for models and a photographer, I may have chosen other examples…but it worked out all the same! Click pictures to see full size
  27. 27. Consultative Sales Utilizing a consultative sales approach, I’ve been able to bring in new accounts, industries and increase the response on the ads for my clients whether in print, online, broadcast or through creativeBy adding color, advising on other media they should integration utilizing on and offlinealso be using and including people in the ads, Andy’s channel optimization. became one of my largest clients and quadrupled their advertising budget while I was at The Press Andy’s Glass in Temecula was in a Enterprise. tough bind. The competition for replacement windows and doors was tight and they needed to stand out. They’d given up on newspaper advertising. I was able to bring them back in by personally redesigning their ads and coming up with a full campaign that included magazine, online and print. Our in house art department didn’t have the agency skills to do this, nor the library of art, fonts and photos. I created these ads on my own time at home with my system. My boss didn’t like me doing this, but the client wouldn’t advertise unless I did.
  28. 28. ADVERTISING & MARKETING This is an ad I designed for one of the products put out by Start2Promote and Neurotech, a family owned business where I was the Director of Sales and Marketing for four years. Utilizing local publications, in this case the Press Enterprise, I tested different ad copy and layouts. This quarter page ad produced 15-sales its first week out. It really stood out with the clutter common to newspaper advertising.
  29. 29. ADVERTISING & MARKETINGThis was risk I took on trying something different with a high end product and targeting one ofthe smaller user groups of the product: parents of children with ADD or ADHD. Most people Iknow with special needs kids are constantly economizing. I designed this ad to go in thecoupon book, something I knew women read religiously.By using the coupon book, I was able to saturate the entire South Riverside County market foronly $350 a month and get into the homes that don’t get the newspaper as well as those thatdo. Extra bonus, we received a full month of online advertising too. The risk paid off with over10,000 people clicking on the special link to find out more. We sold about 25 units in the threemonths directly attributed to this ad.
  30. 30. ADVERTISING & MARKETING The MindSpa is an amazing system that helps people learn faster, avoid jetlag, relax or invigorate. The writers of The Tonight Show use it, as do a number of players in the NBA, NFL and other professional sports leagues. In 2006 we made it into the NFL Yearbook commemorative edition and I was tasked with creating an ad that could explain and sell the product to this highly influential group. The ad that appeared is to your left.
  31. 31. ADVERTISING & MARKETING SK Furniture was an account I had to steal from a competing paper and several other media. Ultimately they became a $100,000+ account for me. How I got them was going in and mapping out a strategy and personally creating the ads at home. They needed to differentiate themselves from all the other furniture companies and I felt the 30-40 something professional market was under served. This market is above average income, has a level of sophistication and is ready for nice furniture. But they weren’t going to pay $10,000 for a sofa. They do want class and quality, and the ads needed to convey this. Taking an agency approach and eliminating the clutter the campaign focused on style with muted and earth tone colors. The majority of this was FSI’s in key zip codes. We also included ROS super banners on and specialty ads on the front page of the Living section. The campaign was a hugesuccess, netting over 100 sales the first week.
  32. 32. ADVERTISING & MARKETING One of the most effective forms of advertising we’ve created on Couples Company is our posters and handouts. This one in Portuguese (Left), which is one of the languages I speak, is also available in Spanish and English. The poster highlights encouraging words parents can use to praise their children. Some of our other downloads include favorite poems like ‘The Road Not Taken’ and prayers including ‘The Serenity Prayer’ and ‘The Infantryman’s prayer’. We created one for employers that compare the habits of good employees and bad employees called ‘Are you a Jerk Mensch?’ Our most popular download is ‘The Military Wife’ poem and the ‘Dictionary of Texting Symbols’.
  33. 33. Solutions Based marketing Creative Thinking This is a spec ad I came up with for a client, Partner’s Furniture. They carried brand name furniture for up to 70% off of what it would cost elsewhere. But, Partners couldn’t overtly advertise their brands. Realizing that people love games and will often engage in one simply because it’s there, I took the top twelve brand names offered and hid them in a word puzzle. Readers of the ad could then seek out the names of the brands and bring the ad in for an extra 10% off.
  34. 34. Solutions Based marketing Creating a New Market As the economy began to show signs of stress in early 2007, I began to look for ways to increase revenues in my territory. I realized we had over 300 stores within a 5 mile by 3 mile area covering all areas of home improvement, including manufacturers, artisans and retailers. I came up with the Home Zone concept, a destination location where homeowners from all over the Southland could find anything they needed for home improvements. My boss Tom Paradis and the two other AE’s with stores in the territory created a plan which also included the hotel and wineries. We approached the cities of Murrieta and Temecula, received buy in from both municipalities and set to work creating a product that could be marketed online, the paper and throughout the Southland with the goal of making the Temecula Valley the must go destination for anything to do with home improvement.
  35. 35. Testimonial Laura was a dedicated and intelligent force at the Los Angeles Business Journal. She had strong relationship-building skills and was very talented at breaking new business. She would be an asset to any company! Ellen Mazen Associate Sales Manager, Los Angeles Business Journal
  36. 36. ManagementWith twenty years of media experience (print, online Attaining District of the Year involved outselling the direct response and broadcast) ranging from other 12-districts, (we did it by 300%) and delivering distribution, advertising sales, marketing, new the lowest service complaint ration, (less than 1%). product development and journalism, I bring a broad What was amazing is my district was the largest range of skills and expertise. An expert at managing both in terms of area and the number of routes. multiple projects, people and deadlines, my And we still blew out all other teams. management philosophy is simple: hire well, guide but don’t smother and find out what each person At the Los Angeles Business Journal I was able to hire brings to the table that is unique. two assistants for a project we launched directed at the emerging online industry. My team wasIn college I was the weekend Decorative Products responsible for research, data collection and Manager at Rodda Paint, a position I was given compilation. We were able to put together a full after achieving top sales for the store and the directory and sell it within four months while following year, top sales for the entire company. creating a number of events through strategic This involved dealing with customer issues, our alliances with LARTA (Los Angeles Regional sales staff, scheduling, tallying the receipts and Technology Alliance) and LAwNMoweR (LA New closing out the cash register in addition to Media Roundtable). maintaining my department in the store. I left the Business Journal and continued to workAt The Herald I managed an area 350-square miles in with LawNMoweR on a freelance basis in addition area with 94-reports, 46 of whom were direct. I was to several dot-coms where I set up the sales team in charge of hiring, training, supervision, running compensation formulas, collateral material, systems sales crews, collections, service quality and on and hiring processes. These included contract occasion, firing people. In the two years I held this stints with,, position we achieved District of the Month 3 times and several assignments for and District of the Year in 1992. My boss retired, including creating the broadcast sales after that and I was promoted. team manual and hiring criterion for an online television network launching in 2000.
  37. 37. At PDSA, a software company as Director of Sales Managementand Marketing I was in charge of the sales teamand direction. September 11th added challenges aswe watched sales evaporate. Realizing securityand government contracts would be the best placeto focus our team, I began researching and settingthe stage for ISO-9000 and other requireddistinctions in addition to isolating and marketing totwo other specific industries: institutional andeducation. Contract PositionAt Matrix I acted as the Director of Marketing,assisting the VP of Sales identify and isolate newmarkets. We ultimately settled on thewifi/hospitality market, given telecom was in declineand heading toward VoIP. Though I didn’t have astaff under me, at Matrix I was in charge of definingthe direction and creating a brand image in themarketplace. Contract PositionStart2Promote our family owned business encompassed 7-companies. I split my time between it and CouplesCompany from 2001 – 2006. Here I worked as the Director of Sales and Marketing with a variety of industries andproducts while managing a diverse set of independent sales contractors in each key category. The owner, PaulDonner was one of the top sales force trainers in the 1980’s (Paradigms for Excellence) and mentored me on manyof the sales tactics he used as well as bring me in on negotiations in China with manufacturers. Together we spentseveral years building these companies. He taught me the ins-and-outs of retail distribution and channeldevelopment. Start 2 Promote, Bella Caffé and BioSport, the beverage companies were sold in 2006. I continuedto work with him as Marketing Director for MindSpa until March 2008 when I left for Saudi Arabia.
  38. 38. ManagementCouples Company was the most challenging managementposition I’ve held as Publisher, VP of Marketing andPresident. I had to bring onboard the executive team andadministration in addition to contracting and managing our20-experts and contributors. Keeping everyone on trackand focused was my biggest challenge. Most of my Couples Company is a concept I built frompeople were the top doctors, lawyers and marketers in the ground up beginning in 1996. Fromtheir industries. By 2003 we had 27-people working with business plan to bootstrapping, launch,us. doing the VC dance and running it, I put my heart and soul into this for over 10-I was fortunate at the Business Journal and The Press years and am in the process of selling it.Enterprise to be under Maria Flannigan, (LABJ) and TomParadis, (PE). In both cases my superiors realized I hadthe online skills and understanding of the industry to leadand teach the rest of the sales staff how to package, selland excel with online advertising. Both allowed me to A natural leader, mybecome the go-to person for matters dealing with Internet philosophy is very simple.advertising, often permitting me to lead sales meetings onthe topic. Treat professionals asAdditionally I’ve had special sales training in NLP professionals.(neurolinguistic programming) and graduated fromKendrick Cleveland’s Business Builders 10-month salesprogram. Don’t micro manage.Over the past 20-years I’ve spent significant timeresearching consumer behavior, psychology and effective Share the glory but takecommunication. I’m fascinated by what motivates peopleand how we communicate. responsibility for failures.
  39. 39. Product Packaging Bella Caffé Label Redesign: Beverage Industry Bella Caffé is one of the two beverages I was tasked with marketing. We successfully sold both, Bella Café and BioSport, a low calorie sports beverage, to a competitor in 2006. Bella’s first label, though effective, didnt communicate what the product was nor its major selling points: 99% fat free, 50 calories with a great taste--which I changed to the stronger, ‘exquisite taste’. The original label (next page bottom) was designed by another firm and did receive an award for logo design. To me, it lacked pizzazz and kind of just sat there on the shelf. I disliked the Espresso font used. I felt it was too hard to read and the color scheme didnt pick up on the richness of coffee. To the left is the version the client chose after I redesigned and changed the logo. Some of the versions he didn’t choose are on the next page. We incorporated the new look into their promotional and POS marketing.
  40. 40. Product PackagingTo the left are twoother versions of thenew label design.The bottom label isthe original.Frappacino, theproduct byStarbucks was theprimary competitorof Bella Caffé.In the test marketsconducted, (SoCal)we outsoldFrappacino in thestores that carriedus and we came in New Product Concept: Beverage Industryat 50 calories versus (Above) My client had an idea for a new producttheir 140. Our drink extension based upon their current success withwas thicker and BioSport®. They needed a name and a look that wasused Splenda as a complimentary to their current product line to showsweetener instead of investors and they needed it fast.sugar. We came up with the name Acheve and I created 10-different label concepts in two days featuring athletic women. The colors were chosen to represent youth, excitement and natural health. The only instruction I had was "no black".
  41. 41. Technical Writing & Product Manuals When you market a product, inevitably you need to create the operation manual that goes with it. The MindSpa (left) is a technical product with a manual including more than 40-pages of information, graphs and instruction. The Thera-squeeze, (right) is a simple product. We needed to create a manual that could fold to 2” X 1.5” and include all the information necessary to use the product, including hand exercises and the required health warnings and disclaimers.Paper versions of manuals available on request.
  42. 42. Luxury Product Packaging& Marketing: The Hästens MindSpa Bottom portion of the box. Hästens sells beds that range from $20,000 The top fit over completely to $65,000 each. In 2007 the owner and and snuggly in solid dark blue inventor of MindSpa entered into a with raised silver logos partnership with this luxury mattress company and created a special MindSpa System for it that retails for $2000. The regular version retails for around $350. As the Marketing Director, I was tasked with creating the packaging and a owners manual that would compliment Hästen’s high standards while promoting the purchase of the co-branded MindSpa. Hästens uses grey and dark blue for its marketing and is recognizable by the navy and white checkerboard mattress cover. Playing on this theme I created a solid dark navy blue box with silver embossed writing. The trickiest part of this was including a Box interior I designed gray foil interior to the box. Everything had in a silver foil. This is to say ‘luxury’. As navy is a power color the printing outline associated with class and sophistication, the box and the redesigned Mindspa that now uses similar technologies as the iPhone, was a hit with the manufacturer and the inventor.
  43. 43. Luxury Product Packaging & Marketing: The Hästens MindSpa To the left is the cover for the brochure and the quick start guide, mechanical drawings and general information I put together for the company. Below is the finished box and presentation of the Hästens MindSpa. From 2001 through mid-2008 I was materially involved in the marketing, sales and product presentation/design of this amazing tool. I continue to be quite proud of this product, use it myself and market it through my own properties.
  44. 44. Illustration& Art If there is a way to be creative in my work, I’ll find it. This can be arranging unusual partnerships, creating new products, designing the marketing or simply drawing maps, graphs or specs. Most the work I do today uses Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop though I do paint and draw in my spare time. The painting shown here is my first attempt in acrylic at an abstract. The actual painting is 4 feet by 6 feet and three dimensional, measuring between 2 and 8 inches thick. I used gold leafing, acrylic, multiple canvases and plaster to create this in addition to metallic and pearl paints. On the following pages you’ll find some of my favorite illustrations of the past two years.
  45. 45. Illustrations Creating composites for news stories and features online is something I’ve always enjoyed. These pictures were created using Photoshop and Illustrator for the children’s book I co-wrote and illustrated, the Storybook Advent Calendar. To create each took about 4-hours and used a total of 7-15 different photographic elements, original drawings and various other pieces. The picture to the left is from the adapted original story Thomas and the Christmas Orange. Set in the nineteenth century, Thomas is sneaking out of the orphanage and just got caught by the head mistress. The picture to the right is from another adapted original story, Finding Christmas. Meredith hears something in her living room and is going out to see what it is in a modern day story explaining the symbols and meaning of Christmas
  46. 46. ILLUSTRATIONSThis was the most difficult illustration Icreated for the Storybook Advent Calendar.The door and floor originated from the samephotograph I took of a barn door. It’s actuallythe same piece of art, just manipulateddifferently.The brick wall came from a picture of ahouse. The dish was created in Illustratorand the oranges from another piece of clipart. The oranges proved difficult, utilizing apicture and distorting them to make them fiton the plate like they belong. The little girl isclip art but took a lot of work to get the angle,shadows and colors right. Even adding theloose wires on the wall with a shadow tooksome time. But overall, I really like thisillustration.The story is Thomas and The ChristmasOrange. In the story the children receiveoranges as their only Christmas present.Thomas isn’t given one and he’s locked in hisroom for the day because he stole out of theorphanage the night before to find firewood.The kids all take a wedge off their orange,hide them in their pockets and when the headmistress isn’t looking, shove it under Thomas’door so he can have a Christmas orange too.
  47. 47. ILLUSTRATIONS One of the challenges in producing the Storybook Advent was time. I had just three weeks to finish writing seven stories and do thirty- five illustrations if we were going to get it out in time for the 2008 holiday season. My partner, Michael Brech, had the added responsibility of recording the twenty songs for the Storybook Advent Carols Collection. While I was drawing, he was playing and recording. Utilizing an electronic canvas I eliminated several steps painting these pictures would have required. It proved an excellent decision. Parents and children absolutely loved the book and raved about the illustrations.
  48. 48. ILLUSTRATIONS A client wanted to do something special for his aunt and uncle who were celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary, but he also wanted it to touch on their heritage. Armagnac seemed appropriate, given it’s aged 50-years and gets better with time. The colors used were based upon the couples’ first home in Nazareth which had blue and sandstone tile.We carefully removed the original labels and replaced them with the labels I haddesigned. At the party, attended by over 500 people, this gift was a huge hit andmy client was thrilled.
  49. 49. Illustration, Layout & Design Project Wentworth was an unusual assignment. This magazine, Aging with Style had done a feature on husband and wife team and dual authors Ted and Diana Wentworth. The problem was, the magazine reprints were hideous and couldn’t be used by the authors. The magazine itself had no style in layout and major grammatical issues. Unfortunately I only had the slick stock reproduction to work and it scanned horribly. Solution? I chose to fix the Rita Moreno photo by airbrushing away the pixilation and then setting it at 40% opacity. Additionally I reformatted the pages, added a little color and used the yellow rather than pink version of the book. In place of the ad, we decided to promote the software program that accompanied Ted’s book. Though the front of the magazine was a challenge, the inside needed serious CPR! Continued…
  50. 50. Illustration, Layout & DesignIt’s true, you don’t see mistakes until the article is published, but how could a magazine not see the title is missing?Yikes! The spacing, kerning, lack of captions under the photos, washed out colors and poorly cropped photos addedto the mess. Resetting the type was the hardest part of this redo. The rest of the layout is pretty much magazinecommon sense. Upon completion, the authors, (and the magazine to my surprise) were delighted with myreformatting and repackaging of this story. This was done with Illustrator and Photoshop. It prints out at 11 X17.
  51. 51. Affiliate & Sales Promotion for Online Portals Arts and Crafts Mart needed an associates sales kit that reflected the artistic hopes and dreams professional artisans have. We needed to convey within 10-pages everything necessary to becoming a part of the largest online craft fair in the world both digitally and with hard copy. After defining the parameters for sales, commissions and placement, I chose a painting by writer/actor/producer/artist friend of mine, Gary Conway. This way I was able to capture the free spirit of artistic endeavors and also quietly promote his upcoming Indy film, A Womans Story.
  52. 52. Letterhead & Image design For many high tech companies, the crash of the stock market post 9/11 brought a noticeable attitude shift away from the frivolity of the internet boom. To get the business, tech companies needed an image that stated they were serious, stable and here to stay. For many, this meant redoing everything as was the case with PDSA. With this client, I classed them up and added some creative elements to convey uniqueness. We wanted potential clients to know PDSA was not your average kaki wearing, fly-by- the-seat-of-your-pants software development and training company. Institutional buyers were specifically comforted by the new format. They Most companies forget about one of their said it added instant credibility to the most powerful pieces of advertising: letterhead and business cards. This is often company. the first impression a company has of yours.
  53. 53. Logo & Image design I’ve always enjoyed creating logos and I’ve done over 20. The following are a sample/ Top: ALC, Any Local Charity Brandoa Publishing Matrix Networks was a redesign Start2Promote Bella Caffé Redesign Couples Company, Inc.
  54. 54. High Tech Marketing: Direct Response Turning Tech Speak into Executive Speak: Targeted to Government SBA requirements and companies needing IT skills training, I developed this unusual direct marketing campaign for my software client PDSA. The biggest challenge we had was timing. This was during the anthrax scare right after 9/11so envelopes were out of the question. What I did was create a tri-fold non- sealed mailer and followed up with a postcard and an e-mail blast. We sold out of the product with this campaign!
  55. 55. High Tech Marketing: Direct ResponseWe used postcards and e-mail to get the word outabout PDSA. We found that technology buyersoften kept postcards for months and would callwhen a need arose. The back side broke traditionaldirect mail rules. We included a laundry list of ourservices and the SIC and Government numbersneeded to qualify us in the buyers mind.Normally this isnt done in direct mail, but for ourpurpose, providing the CTO, CIO or IT Director withan easy to access summary of our services andapproaching Government, it worked. Many peoplethanked us for making it so easy (though myagency friends rode my case about the layout).
  56. 56. JournalismProfile of a Community was my first journalism project, which was actually advertorial. When it won the WCCA 2nd place award for Best New Product and Promotion, I realized I enjoyed writing. Today I cover the Middle East with a partner and we publish under his name for several European publications and in the US as well. We’ve won several international journalism awards, two this past year alone. I’ve also been featured as an expert on the television program Bridges with Lubna Hussein in Saudi Arabia, (my appearance in April 2008 was the highest rated show of all time) and on the radio show Middle East Focus with Don Bustany KPFK. Because my writing partner has been targeted, tortured and attacked for our stories, I will provide samples to those who ask, offline.In addition to covering foreign policy and human rights, I also write feature stories covering relationships, psychology, interpersonal communication, health, identifying propaganda and anything else that strikes my fancy. 70% of the articles on Couples Company I’ve written or contributed to. I’ve appeared on television and radio discussing everything from Supermarket Sex to the 8 Stages of Intimacy and about trends in gift giving. Some of my readers favorite articles are below:8 STAGES OF INTIMACYTHE FOUR STAGES OF GRIEFWHY WOMEN CHANGE LAST NAMES UPON MARRIAGENARCISSISM What It Is & How to Recognize ItCOPING WITH SINGLE-HOOD AS A WOMAN IN YOUR THIRTIESBUT DAD, I HATE MATH!!!GOAT POLITICS: A Satirical Look at Government Dr. Abdullah Bin Abudulaziz Al Rabeeh (FRCSC) is the CEO and Head Pediatric Surgeon at National Guard Hospital in Riyadh. Here I am interviewing him in May 2008 about the two upcoming twin separations, (both successfully completed Fall ‘08) for some articles and a book on doing business in Saudi Arabia.
  57. 57. Testimonial Laura Lewis is an excellent writer and editor with a deep understanding of the issues and politics in the Middle East. Matt Horton Director of Public Relations, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
  58. 58. PHOTOGRAPHY I started doing professional photography by accident. My clients at The Herald were builders and real estate agents and I discovered if I went out and shot the photos, they’d advertise. At the time, newspapers were reeling from a number of lawsuits tied to the Fair Housing Act. According to the law, descriptive words like ‘bachelor pad’ or ‘walk to the beach’. were discriminatory. We also needed people of color in at least 30% of the ads. Unfortunately, the clip art collections didn’t provide diversity. Fortunately, an afternoon in any park in Seattle did. In one ad for Dujardin Homes, I featured an Asian family exclusively. That builder had 60- Asian families show up that weekend and sold 8 homes off that one ad! He and a lot of builders in the area were sold on ethnic advertising after that!This photo from Kenn, England (near Exeter) is an optical illusion. The hill The next several slides include a collectionwith the tree is actually 1/8th of a mile away from the pub. By taking it from of recent photos. None of these arethis angle with a wide angle lens, the hill looks like a thatch roof. Pub was posed or in a studio setting. A fan ofbuilt in 1290 AD. Monet, I like to use natural light and seek candid shots whenever possible. These have been used for articles, books, calendars and other projects.
  61. 61. PHOTOGRAPHY Sunrise on the Manhattan Beach PierWaiting for MomManhattan Beach, CA Morning Run On top of the world Clean Streets, MB Vertical Rowing Chasing the board After morning surfing class
  62. 62. LAURA DAWN LEWIS Manhattan Beach, CA. Office: 310-594-3728 ■ E-mail: Linked In Profile: Revenue Wrangler & Biz-Dev Innovator20-years of experience working with a variety of industries/cultures in management, online marketing, sales, business development,journalism, partnerships and distribution. My specialty is identifying, developing and implementing new revenue streams by marrying trendswith the needs of buyers through the repurposing or repackaging existing assets, usually intellectual property. Central to this process is theessential triple play win. Win for my employer. Win for our customers and win for our partners/suppliers/buyers. In short, I’m a revenuewrangler. I find new business and new revenue streams using creativity, strategic alliances and innovation. Software Expertise: Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage ■ Online Marketing ■ Strategic Planning ■ Channel Marketing & Optimization ■ Online Merchandising ■ Brand Integration ■ Contract Negotiations ■ Agency Management ■ Event Planning ■ Sales & Business Development ■ Major Accounts ■ Event Management ■ New Product Development ■ Social Network Marketing ■ P&L Management ■ Excellent Public Speaker ACHIEVEMENT HIGHLIGHTS 1999-2008: Online Marketing, Research, Strategy and Implementation, (Contract and Freelance) ■ Successfully launched four niche internet businesses taking each idea from conception, business plan and financing through launch, contracting 27-experts, directing editorial and overall strategy. ■ Received the Linkshare® Best Online Merchandising award for the development and execution of ‘The Girlfriend Store™’, selling products based upon the number of months dating. ■ Successfully created, co-wrote, illustrated and co-produced children’s book and CD collection, The Storybook Advent Calendar™ and Storybook Advent Carols Collection™. Fundraiser for non-profits leveraging affiliate programs. ■ Multiple consulting contracts covering online, sales force development/compensation, advertising, marketing and channel optimization through vendor and non-traditional marketing. Consulted in the following industries: Telecom, Beverages, Electronics, Education, B2B, Wifi, Media, Advertising, Software, Publishing, Non-profit and Consumer Products. 1996-1998: Channel Development, Business Development, Partnerships and Sponsorship ■ Conceived, researched, negotiated partners and executed the Demystifying the Internet Executive Roundtable resulting in $40,000 direct revenue, $500,000 indirect to the paper and $1.8 million in sales to the sponsors within 3-weeks. ■ Developed 27-platforms of Revenue Generating Marketing. Through these created three new quarterly publications and tripled the revenue of the technology desk during my tenure. Mentored my co-workers on the 27-platforms to increase revenues. As a team, we broke all sales records for the organization in 1997 & 1998. 1989-1995: New Product Development and Management ■ Advertising: Conceived, researched, negotiated partners and executed the Snohomish County New Home Tour resulting in $100,000 in revenue to the paper and $7-million in home sales. The system I created is now the industry standard. ■ Received ‘readers choice’ award for the New Home Directory, to the dismay of Editorial. ■1st and 2nd Place WCAA Awards1994, Best New Product and Promotion: The Agent Guide and Profile of a Community. ■ Circulation: Received Assistant Manager of the Month Award three times and District of the Year 1992. Sales force outperformed all other districts by 300% while concurrently achieving the lowest turn-over in subscriptions and carriers with the lowest number of complaints that year. 46-direct reports within 350-square miles of territory. 2004- 2008: Middle East—Culture, International Business and Journalism ■ 2008—Contracted by Saudis with co-author to create a book on doing business in Saudi Arabia, navigating the culture and exposing misconceptions for Western business executives. Continued project from United Kingdom, Q3 & Q4 2008. ■ Assisted on research for multiple projects including increasing medical tourism, oil industry/political implications on international business, technology industries, Islamic/Christian relations. ■Currently edit and co-write 3-6-monthly articles for international publications covering current events in Middle East. My partner and I have received 3-international journalism awards, 2 in 2008, since we began working together in 2004.
  63. 63. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEPUBLISHER, PRESIDENT, FOUNDER Couples Company, Inc, Wildomar, California Online portal for people in relationships Achievements: Created the concept, researched, developed and executed the idea into a successful online portal. Attracted and hired the management team and officially launched the site in 2002, building it from scratch after turning down $2.5 Million in VC in 1999. Invested my own money, contracted with all partners/strategic alliances including managing 27-experts from variety of fields ranging from fitness to psychiatry. Within 18-months of launch the site achieved150,000 unique visitors per month. Seventy-five percent of the articles and 95% of the graphs I designed/wrote. Our original content has been quoted at The Council on Foreign Relations (Sept 2005), used by multiple universities including John Hopkins and our features are consistently cited by experts in various fields. 1999-2009ONLINE & OFFLINE NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT The Press Enterprise, (AH Belo Corporation), Riverside, California Daily newspaper & magazines: 650,000 readers Achievements: worked with my team, successfully teaching them and corporate the ins and outs of online promotion, how to sell online ads, sponsorships and other virtual products in addition to print. Led the division in online sales, culminating in a year-long contract with Concordia University which net $25,000 in 2008 and provided the University exclusive access to graduating seniors and their parents within a 30 mile radius of the new campus. 2006-2008DIRECTOR SALES AND MARKETING Start 2 Promote, Oceanside, California Industries: Consumer beverage, hi tech health technology, utilities, telecommunication, promotional products Achievements: Materially involved in the product packaging, logo design and promotion via media, POP, channels and resellers: Bella Caffe™ and BioSport®, a coffee drink and sports drink; MindSpa™ (health electronics) product packaging, advertising and design for NFL Yearbook; Thera-Squeeze®, therapeutic stress relief; Telocate®—800 service for finding lost items; Composite Technology Corp—core utility conductive wiring which carries double the electricity in half the time. S2P family owned. Company sold in 2006.DIRECTOR OF MARKETING Matrix Networks, Portland, Oregon Wireless & telecommunications company Achievements: Designed full multi-media marketing campaign to promote WiFi integration into the hospitality industry including all ads, brochures, website, company logo, POP/POS and event sponsorships, including the Jeld-Wen Golf Tournament utilizing a new idea, phone key pad marketing in the press room. Contract: 2002-2003DIRECTOR SALES & MARKETING PDSA, Inc., Tustin, California Software applications and development company Achievements: Post 911, new markets were needed for this software developer. Identified the vocational education industry and government contract work given impending war as the most viable. Created the direct response campaigns, including assembling necessary target lists of institutions while laying the foundation for future government contracts, ISO-9000 certifications and clearances. Contract: 2001-2002WESTERN REGION ADVERTISING ACCOUNT MANAGER POGO.COM, San Francisco - Glendale, California Online Games Portal—26million monthly visitors: 1999-2000SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER High TechPROJECT MANAGER Los Angeles Business Journal, Los Angeles, California #1 Business weekly in U.S. (June’98); 340,000 readers: 1996-1998ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, KZOK/KMPS, (CBS Radio Group), Seattle, Washington Radio: Classic Rock, #1 M18-49/Country, #1 A25-54: 1995-1996SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, Real EstateASSISTANT DISTRICT MANAGER, Circulation The Herald, (Washington Post), Everett, Washington Daily newspaper—150,000 readers: 1989-1995 . CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Ellensburg, Washington BSBA MARKETING Ongoing Education (2-3 programs per year) in Psychology, Internet/Ecommerce and Executive Education programs. Completed Kenrick Cleveland and Harlan Kilstein (2005) Business Builders/copywriting 10-month course LANGUAGES: English & Portuguese = Fluent; Spanish = Conversational, Arabic = Amusing Laura Dawn Lewis ■Manhattan Beach, CA ■ (310) 546-3728 ■
  64. 64. Thank you for previewing my work.Please let me know how I can help you succeed! Laura Dawn Lewis Manhattan Beach, California 310-546-3728 References available upon request.