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Procurement nation-procurecon-west-2011 - long version


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Procurement nation-procurecon-west-2011 - how to optimize spend in your company.

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Procurement nation-procurecon-west-2011 - long version

  1. 1. Procurement Nation Are we brave enough to seize the opportunity?
  2. 2. The Evolution of Procurement
  3. 3. Cloud Spend Management
  4. 4. Cloud Spend Management
  5. 5. Cloud Spend Management
  6. 6. Cloud Spend Management
  7. 7. Cloud Spend Management
  8. 8. Cloud Spend Management
  9. 9. Procurement’s Impact is Everywhere
  10. 10. MAPBreakfast on theway to the office
  11. 11. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVINGS $40 / PO processed enough for 10happy meals per PO for hungry children in the community
  12. 12. Visibility “We can actually see all the orders inprocess when they are in someone’s cartas well as when they submit. We can also see if the order was successfully transmitted immediately.” – SpendSmart Procurement Team
  13. 13. MAP Drive by Moscone Center on the way to the office
  14. 14. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVINGS $21 million more than enough toCover Bill Clinton’s speaking fee, security detail and travel & entertainment expenses
  15. 15. Stop by to check outMAP new lobby furniture
  16. 16. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVINGS $16.9 million enough tomake investments that will lead to greater market share and growth
  17. 17. MAP Arrive at office, pull HR reports for staffing meeting
  18. 18. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVINGS $12.5 million enough for 382,618 Jobs / QuarterFilled by giving access to 125 more users to help source jobs = 100,000 jobs
  19. 19. MAP Lunchtime errands, stop by bank to withdraw cash
  20. 20. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVINGS $2.5 million enough for 729 families to keep their homes= 100 homes
  21. 21. MAPConLunchtimeerrands, stop to pickup closet shelves
  22. 22. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVINGS 36 hours per week enough for 2part-time employees to spend more time servicing customers on the store floor
  23. 23. Success “The dynamics of the retail business model demand highly cost-effectiveScott Jones operations. Cloud-basedPurchasing AgentThe Container Store. spend management fits that need perfectly. No training required.”
  24. 24. Back at the office forMAPweb afternoon webinar
  25. 25. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVINGS $1 – 2 million enough to eliminate 210 metric tonsBy investing in solutions that remove the need for travel and all of the environmental damage air travel causes = 10 metric tons
  26. 26. MAPArrive home, crankup some music andstart dinner
  27. 27. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVED $9 million enough for 4,340,611 songs on iTunes to review and add to the Pandora Genome Project= 1,000,000 songs
  28. 28. Pre-IPO Spend Control “For ensure effective management of spend we’re pleased to use Cloud Spend Management as the primary capability in assisting us in our ongoing commitment to ourSteve Cakebread financial goals.”CFO, Pandora
  29. 29. MAPDinner is served!
  30. 30. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVINGS $1.8 million enough for 183,610Healthy, nutritious meals for hungry children= 10,000 meals
  31. 31. MAPCurl up with a downcomforter and call ita day
  32. 32. PROCUREMENT IMPACT SAVINGS $60 – 69 million enough for 30new retail outlets to remain more competitive with TJX in key geographic areas = 10 stores
  33. 33. The Ability to Make an Impact Starts Here
  34. 34. The Evolution of Spend Management TechnologyPaper-based On-Premise On-Demand The Cloud (aka ASP, SaaS)
  35. 35. One Code Line in the Cloud
  36. 36. Cloud Spend Management
  37. 37. The Backbone of Savings Consciousness
  38. 38. Procurement Nation Are we brave enough to seize the opportunity?