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Vegetarian: A Lifestyle Guide


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Ignite Slideshow for Professional Communication and Presentation course at Full Sail University. (March 2013)

Published in: Self Improvement
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Vegetarian: A Lifestyle Guide

  2. 2. I remember when I was a boy my mother always told me, “Eat your vegetables, young man.”Image: Peggy Greb:
  3. 3. But, She doesn’t have to tell me anymore. Now, I’ve learned to love them.Image: Malakwal City:
  4. 4. animalA LIFESTYLE GUIDEkingdom
  5. 5. From an early age My parents taught me to cherish life.Image: Waugsberg:
  6. 6. and too care for the ones you love.Image: Stephen & Claire Fonsworth:
  7. 7. env i rA LIFESTYLE GUIDEom e n t
  8. 8. Now that i’m older I care about a lot of things.Image: Navin Rajagopalan:
  9. 9. But, I’ve been exposed to darker sides of reality.Image: ForestWander:
  10. 10. h a zarA LIFESTYLE GUIDEdo u s
  11. 11. “According to Gerald Zirnstein, a former Department of Agriculture scientist, 70 percent of ground beef sold in supermarkets contains pink slime, a goo made out of waste trimmings previously reserved for dog food and cooking oil.” - The Daily Beast (March 2012)Image: Cobalt123:
  12. 12. “Methylmercury exposure is almost exclusively through consumption of fish, shellfish, and marine mammals.” - US EPA (Dec 1997)Image: Cobalt123:
  13. 13. yo u rA LIFESTYLE GUIDEh e a lt h
  14. 14. “red meat is also linked to cancer,especially to Colorectal Cancer,and to...” - The Daily Beast (March 2012)Image: Patho:,_Elastica_stain_1.jpg
  15. 15. Image: Mikael Häggström:
  16. 16. n ut r iA LIFESTYLE GUIDEtion
  17. 17. “Many studies have shown that vegetarians seem to have a lower risk of obesity, coronary heart disease (which causes heart attack), high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and some forms of cancer.” - American Heart Association (January 2013)Image: LaKeisha Eason:
  18. 18. The Ultimatest Vegetarian* Grocery List! Compliments of *For Lacto- & Lacto-ovo-vegetarians Fresh vegetables Fresh fruits Herbs and spices Beverages Fresh-baked Oils Artichoke Apples Allspice Beer Bagels / Croissants Sesame oil Arugula Apricots Anise Club soda / Tonic Buns / Rolls Olive oil Asparagus Avocados Bay leaf Electrolyte water Cake Vegetable oil Avocado Bananas Basil Juices Donuts / Pastries White vinegar Bamboo shoots Blackberries Black pepper Kombucha Fresh / Sliced bread ________________ Beets Blueberries Cayenne pepper Liquor Pie! Pie! Pie! Bell peppers Cantelope Celery seed Mixers Pitas / Tortillas Snacks Bok choy Cherries Chives Soda pop ________________ Candy / Gum Broccoli Cranberries Chili powder Sports drink ________________ Cookies Brussels sprouts Dates / Figs Cilantro Wine Crackers Cabbage Grapes Cinnamon ________________ Home baking Dried fruit / Trail mix Carrots Grapefruit Clove ________________ Baking powder / Soda Granola / Cereal bars Cassava Guava Coriander Bread crumbs Popcorn Cauliflower Honeydew / Muskmelon Cumin Dairy & cheese Cake icing / Decorations Potato / Corn chips Celery Kiwis Dill or substitutes Cake / Brownie mix Prunes / Raisins Chard Kumquats Fennel Chocolate chips / Cocoa Pretzels Almond butter Collard greens Lemons Garlic Flour ________________ Almond milk Corn Limes Lavender Bleu cheese Stevia ________________ Crisphead lettuce Lychee Lemongrass Sugar Butter / Soy butter Cucumber Mango Marjoram Cheddar Sugar substitute Other Daikon Mangosteen Nutmeg Vegetable shortening __________________ Cottage cheese Eggplant Nectarines Oregano Yeast __________________ Endive Oranges Paprika Cream cheese ________________ __________________ Cream / Soy creamer Garlic Papaya Parsley ________________ __________________ Feta Ginger Peaches Peppermint __________________ Margarine / Soy marg. Hot peppers Pears Poppy seed Milk / Soy milk Vinegars __________________ Jicama Pineapple Red pepper Apple cider vinegar __________________ Mozzarella So, Kale Plantains Rosemary Balsamic vinegar __________________ Parmesan Kohlrabi Plums Saffron Red wine vinegar __________________ Provolone Leaf lettuce Pomegranate Sage Rice vinegar __________________ Rice milk Mushrooms Quince Spearmint ________________ __________________ Nopales Raspberries Tarragon Ricotta Sandwich slices Okra Rhubarb Thyme Sour cream Onions Strawberries Tumeric Swiss Peas Watermelon Vanilla Whipped topping Potatoes ________________ ________________ Yogurt / Soy yogurt Radishes ________________ ________________ I challenge you! ________________ Radicchio ________________ Romaine lettuce Beans Canned foods Shallots / Leeks Black beans Applesauce Spinach Black-eyed peas Baked beans Frozen Sprouts Chickpeas Chili Fries / Tater tots Squash Edamame Fruits Ice cream / Soy I.C. Sweet potatoes Fava beans Olives Phyllo / Puff pastry Taro Kidney beans Soups Popsicles Tomatillo Lentils Tomatoes Prepared meals Sorbet Try it for 30 days. Tomatoes Lima beans Vegetable broth Turnips / Parsnips Mung beans Veggies Vegetables Water chestnuts Navy beans ________________ Veggie breakfasts Watercress Pinto beans ________________ Veggie burgers Zucchini Red beans Veggie burritos ________________ Split peas Condiments Veggie pizzas ________________ White beans &Sauces ________________ ________________ ________________ Agave nectar Nuts ________________ BBQ sauce Almonds Brown rice syrup Various groceries Brazil nuts Grains Gravy Cereal Cashews Amaranth Harissa Chai Chestnuts Barley Honey Coffee / Filters Macadamia Brown rice Hot sauce Free-range eggs Peanuts Buckwheat Jam / Jelly / Preserves Egg substitute Pecans Bulgar Ketchup / Mustard Hummus Pine nuts Cornmeal Maple syrup Lemon / Lime juice Pistachios Couscous Mayo product Nutritional yeast Walnuts Millet Peanut butter Pancake / Waffle mix ________________ Oatmeal Ponzu Pasta ________________ Quinoa Salad dressing Pickles Sorghum Salsa Tahini Seeds Wheat gluten (Seitan) Soy sauce Tea Flax White rice Sriracha Tempeh Lotus Wild rice Stir fry sauce Tofu Pumpkin ________________ Tomato sauce TVP Sunflower ________________ Veg. Worcestershire Veggie dogs ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ Animal-derived ingredients! ! IMPORTANT: Please leave this list in the cart when you’re done :-) When you go... Albumen Lecithin · Take reusable bags! Aspic Marine oils Calcium stearate Oleic acid If found, please mail to, P.O. Box 752, St. Louis, MO 63188 USA · Plastic bags to recycle? Carmine (E120) Pepsin · Clip coupons! Cholesterol Rennin / Rennet Fat Shortening is the world’s largest online collection of found grocery lists. Visit our blog, our hilarious Top 10 lists, check out · Stock up on sale items? Gelatin(e) Glucosamine Stearic acid Suet about our book of found shopping lists, or just waste time browsing the thousands of discarded lists in the collection: · Return anything? Lard Whey THE ULTIMATEST GROCERY LIST: THE VEGETARIAN VERSION (v1.1) ©2007-2013 BILL KEAGGY & GROCERYLISTS.ORGImage: GrocerylistsDOTorg: *Yes, I know tomatoes technically are classified as fruits, not vegetables — and some nuts are fruits or seeds. This list is comprehensive but not complete. Please send friendly suggestions for improving it.
  19. 19. dE lEcA LIFESTYLE GUIDEta b le
  20. 20. and If you don’t like it,Image: Loozrboy:
  21. 21. You must not have listened to your mother.Image: SweetOnVeg:
  22. 22. Thanks for watching. Cordially, Blake Williams Email