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Prime and Composite Numbers


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This is for math if you don't understand what they are

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Prime and Composite Numbers

  1. 1. Prime and composite numbers Math lessons 4-8
  2. 2. Today we will talk about Prime and Composite Numbers! Witch is really east to learn!
  3. 3. First we will talk about Prime numbers There’s only one even prime number witch is two
  4. 4. Prime numbers are usually odd numbers
  5. 5. Prime numbers are were you can only times the number once there's no other way to get that number just like FIVE (5)
  6. 6. Now lets talk about Composite numbers! Composite numbers are numbers that have more than two factors!
  7. 7. Like six 6 can be done by 6x1 3x2 so it is a composite number!
  8. 8. So do some examples with you parent or teacher with any number and see how many factors you can come up with until you get the way of doing it