Something Is Very, Very Wrong"As the egoic mode of consciousness and all the social, political and economic structures tha...
Did he really mean how obedient and stupid?Looking back, my school years are just a blur, however, I recently watched the ...
that before was at a track meet at a correctional facility. The inmates attacked one of their ownwhen they were let out to...
tsunami, the continuous defilement of the Constitution, the Oil Disaster in the Gulf, the 2008Bailout, the Mortgage Mess, ...
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Something is Very, Very Wrong, Need Extra Income?


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Something is Very, Very Wrong. Need Extra Income?

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Something is Very, Very Wrong, Need Extra Income?

  1. 1. Something Is Very, Very Wrong"As the egoic mode of consciousness and all the social, political and economic structures that itcreated enter the final stage of collapse, the relationships between men and women reflect thedeep state of crisis in which humanity now finds itself." 1.I am 62 years young now. My first recollection of things being wrong goes back to my childhood. Iwas an extremely happy, vibrant, healthy child. I just loved everybody and everything. When I wasabout four years old, a neighbor boy began to beat me up with the encouragement of his olderbrother. I dont remember any particular reason for these assaults. I do remember the delight theolder brother seemed to have from this experience which then turned into an almost daily ritual. Iwould run home and burst through the front door crying uncontrollably. My Irish Catholic father andmother would console me and then I would be given another boxing lesson from my father. Withinthree weeks I must have learned these lessons well for the next day when assaulted instead oftaking a beating and running home crying, I stood my ground, pummeled my attacker and lookedover to the older brother and told him he was next. They both ran away. My introduction to anupside down world was now complete.About two years later, I tripped over a drain pipe while fetching a bowl for my cousins dog. Theglass bowl that I had in my hand fell and shattered before I landed on the ground. The fall jammeda spear tip pointed piece deeply into my left hand. Nerves and tendons were sliced in my indexfinger. Looking back, the odd thing is how concerned I was about how my parents were going topay the hospital bill. Six years old and already deeply ensconced in scarcity mentality. What otherpoisons had I consumed?The wonder of other parts of earth first filled me when my parents bought a new encyclopedia. Iwould spend hours and hours reading and looking at the pictures. Being from Denver, Colorado,pictures of indigenous peoples and information about their customs and rituals never ceased toamaze me. I believe it was about this time that I was first exposed to pictures of people starving. Iknew hunger being the oldest of eight but starvation was a totally foreign concept.Although exposed to many World War II stories from my father who had been in the Navy in theSouth Pacific, the encyclopedia also introduced me to another new concept: holocaust & massgenocide. What happened in Nazi Germany nearly sent me off. And it is still ongoing today. I wasand am absolutely horrified. How can we allow this to happen?Never having enough, I started creating jobs/work for myself at a very young age. When I wasabout five years old, I would knock on neighbors doors and ask if I could pick up the trash in theiryard or pull the weeds for a some money. Sold donuts door to door at seven. It was commissiononly (ten cents a dozen). Mowed lawns by time I was eight. By the time I was fifteen, had a paperroute for five years. Had my own lawn mowing business at fourteen. Worked non-stop throughhigh school and college. In fact, I am still working non-stop. Reminds of the interview where awoman tells George W. Bush that she works two full time jobs and a part time job and he veryproudly says something like, "How uniquely American."
  2. 2. Did he really mean how obedient and stupid?Looking back, my school years are just a blur, however, I recently watched the documentaryThrive 2., a creation of Foster Gamble of the Foster & Gamble Family. An education expert, whohas a short part in this documentary, talks about how the whole school system is set up to makeus docile, obedient consumers and that takes twelve years. Ponder that for awhile.Indeed, something is very, very wrong.Guess this chapter would not be complete unless I also reveal how James Bond Movies andtestosterone in my teenage years severely impacted my future. Yes, being a James Bond type inmy own mind, arguably and recklessly made me the Casanova of my time. I had many, manygirlfriends. Sometimes, I had a many as three dates the same day. A child in a candy store has noidea of how I felt and this carried into my adult life even after I was married and had children. Whatcastles our unchecked minds create.Just eighteen, I went to New York to go to college on a track and cross country scholarship. Thedrinking age in New York at that time was eighteen. Woo Hoo!! Step two of their plan to attain andmaintain complete control over each and every one us was well underway in my case. The curseof the Irish (and the Indians) began its insidious forty year inesthetizement.Fortunately, Vietnam was not in my life plan. Given my attitude at the time which was that I wouldnot come back until we had won the war, I would not be here now, nor would my four children(Kelly Ann, Nicole, Kevin & Julie) and my grandaughter (Aicha). I was in the first lottery in 1968where those who birthdays were selected were to report the next day for induction into the service.Living in a fourteen story apartment building owned by Manhattan College and full of nothing butmale students of draft age, that night was a wild ride. The expletives resonated throughout thebuilding as birthdays were called out over the radio. Soon afterwards, the sound of barrels of beerrolling down the halls followed. I fell asleep about midnight and they still had not called mybirthday. As I recall, my birthday was 322 and they inducted up to birthday 278.Being a economics major in the School of Business, you would think that what was to follow wouldhave prepared me far better than it did. I did a short stint with Western Electric, the wholly ownedmanufacturing entity of AT & T at that time. AT & A had a monopoly on the communicationsindustry then before the breakup into the "baby bells". I remember the diabolical joy many of mysupervisors exuded about delaying shipment of parts to non AT & T customers. We had plenty.Something just wasnt right. I left Western Electric because they would not promote me eventhough I was due for a promotion. A government mandate at the time left them with no choice butto promote women, especially minority woman. I had experienced my first of many ceilings. I alsoran into my first experience with the union. I was like the substitute teacher, only it was substitutesupervisor. Whenever someone was on vacation or out on sick leave, I would step in and fill theirshoes. In the shipping department, I had two very lazy shipping clerks who never completed theirwork. I went through all the standard protocols of advisement and notice, including meetings withunion representatives and my supervisors. One day, I was directed to tell one of them to pack uphis belongings and walk him out to the gate. This manufacturing facility was located in Newark, NJand had rivers on the west and east side, a bay on the south side and a swamp on the north side.Twenty thousand people worked there. It was completed enclosed by an eight foot chain link fencetop off with two feet of electrified wire. How bizarre. While walking Singleton out, the eyes ofthousands came to the windows of the nearby buildings to watch. The only time I had experienced
  3. 3. that before was at a track meet at a correctional facility. The inmates attacked one of their ownwhen they were let out to watch the track meet. They killed him. Anyway, that evening, those who Icarpooled with told me that they would no longer be car pooling with me. It was too dangerous.After that, I would leave after the parking lot had cleared but not until I had inspected my car forbombs.Already running a side business, marketing an automotive polish, I went full time only to run out offunds quickly. Three interviews with Xerox and suddenly I found myself in Professional SalesSchool and Advanced Professional Sales School. I was making extraordinary income. My "salesskills" were coming through and I was being richly rewarded. My territory was a fifty-two storybuilding located at 41st St & Madison Avenue in Manhattan. My income soared along with my ego,however, the subway ride gave me extreme claustrophobia. I longed for the mountains inColorado, the space, the clean air, the beauty. With a small savings to reassure me, I told my bossat Xerox that I was moving to Colorado with or without the company. Apparently he thought I wasvaluable enough and found me a position in Colorado Springs. My wife, Kathleen, and my infantdaughter, Kelly Ann, flew out to meet me after I drove our car, pulling a trailer with our belongings,and found an apartment.The entrepreneur in me again to surface. About a year after arriving in Colorado Springs, I starteda quick copy center on a shoestring. One employee in the shop and myself pounding the streets ofdowntown, we broke even the first month. The second month, I had to hire another person and wemade a profit. The third month, I hired another and we made more profit. Life was good. Before Iknew it, I had four locations, a full commercial printing company and twenty three employees. Ihad just obtained a $250,000 SBA loan and expanded my commercial printing facility when mycustomers started sending me bankruptcy notices instead of checks. My receivables plummetedand the interest rate on my SBA loan, which floated with prime, shot up to 24%. My payments didnot even cover the interest. Funny how life can turn on a dime. I struggled for three years beforebiting the bullet. Little did I know then that all of this is carefully orchestrated by the few and I wasobedient enough to allow it to happen.Always targeting the highest dollar, I then set my sights on becoming a stockbroker. Cant help butremember the nausea I felt in my stomach the day when about 150 of us who had just passed theSeries 7 exam and were seated at this gigantic U shaped conference table in the penthouse of abeautiful building with a spectacular view of the Colorado Mountains and were told, "You nowhave a license to steal." What? He has got to be kidding, I thought. Little did I know then that hespoke the truth.Having worked as many as ten different jobs in a year since then, the one industry that I haveseemed to be going back to the most is the home improvement industry. It was tangible. Theproduct was solid. The satisfaction was high. The money could be excellent especially if thecompany you represented didnt "pencil" your commissions too severely and they didntunexpectedly go out of business owing you thousands in commissions (a common occurrence inthis industry). (I really dont know how Delia, my love of 16 years, has put up with me through allthis turbulence.) Then, in 2009, the money dried up, again (dj vue, 1983/1984). The feworchestrating the events controlling the many again? I suspect so. No, I know so.Looking back, there were so many calls to awaken: the burning oil fields in Kuwait, the WorldTrade Center 1993, Waco, the Murrah Building, the bubble bursting, 9/11, the Indonesian
  4. 4. tsunami, the continuous defilement of the Constitution, the Oil Disaster in the Gulf, the 2008Bailout, the Mortgage Mess, the chemtrails, the GMO food, the impending Derivatives Bubble.This list goes on and on. It is also coming to an end. Do not fear. It is a good end.It will require 100% of us. Not 99%. 100%!! Those who refuse to wake up and realize thatwhatever we do or dont do to another, we do to ourselves, who wish to remain ensconced inseparation consciousness, who embrace greed, corruption and the "me, me, me and everyoneelse be damned" attitude, will not be with us much longer. Only those who ARE what has beenespoused by the founders of all major religions, namely "love thy neighbor as thyself", will be ableto exist in the higher frequency, the higher vibrations that are manifesting right now. If you cannotfeel it, you will soon. You are only one step away. If it hasnt hit you yet, it will. And you wonderwhy I Occupy? You will be Occupying with me too before long.The abundance, peace, love and joy is just too irresistible!!Coulove, Stephen1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, page 1302. Thrive, Extra Income More Extra Income Love and Appreciate World Peace, I AM==== ====Extra Income, the Power of the Internet & OneX ====