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Webinaire - Introduction à Couchbase Server


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Couchbase Server 2.0 est une base de donnée NoSQL orientée document, cela inclus le support de JSON, la capacité d’indexer et de requêter ces documents et également la réplication entre Data Center (XDCR). Couchbase Server 2.0 garantit également des accès à hautes performances et consistants, une gestion simple de la montée en charge « par simple click » , et une maintenance de votre cluster de base de données à chaud.

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Webinaire - Introduction à Couchbase Server

  1. 1. Introduction àCouchbase Server 2.0Tugdual GrallTechnicalEvangelist@tgrall
  2. 2. {“about” : “me”}Tugdual “Tug” Grall• Couchbase• Technical Evangelist• eXo• CTO• Oracle• Developer/Product Manager• Mainly Java/SOA• Developer in consulting firms• Web• @tgrall•• Tgrall• NantesJUG co-founder• Pet Project :•
  3. 3. Agenda1. Introduction to Couchbase Server2. Cluster Management3. Operation and Document Design4. Introduction to Views and Queries5. Cross Data Center Replication6. Q&ACouchbase Developer Day Paris is this Friday!
  4. 4. Couchbase Server 2.0
  5. 5. Couchbase ServerNoSQL Document Database
  6. 6. Couchbase Open Source Project• Leading NoSQL database projectfocused on distributed databasetechnology and surroundingecosystem• Supports both key-value anddocument-oriented use cases• All components are availableunder the Apache 2.0 PublicLicense• Obtained as packaged software inboth enterprise and communityeditions.CouchbaseOpen Source Project
  7. 7. EasyScalabilityConsistent HighPerformanceAlwaysOn24x365Grow cluster withoutapplication changes, withoutdowntime with a single clickConsistent sub-millisecondread and write response timeswith consistent high throughputNo downtime for softwareupgrades, hardwaremaintenance, etc.JSONJSONJSONJSONJSONFlexible DataModelJSON document model withno fixed schema.Couchbase Server
  8. 8. New in 2.0JSON support Indexing and QueryingCross data center replicationIncremental Map ReduceJSONJSONJSONJSONJSON
  9. 9. HeartbeatProcessmonitorGlobalsingletonsupervisorConfigurationmanageron each nodeRebalanceorchestratorNodehealthmonitorone per clustervBucketstateandreplicationmanagerhttpRESTmanagementAPI/WebUIHTTP8091Erlang port mapper4369Distributed Erlang21100 - 21199Erlang/OTPstorage interfaceCouchbase EP Engine11210Memcapable 2.0Moxi11211Memcapable 1.0MemcachedNew Persistence Layer8092Query APIQueryEngineData Manager Cluster ManagerCouchbase Server 2.0 Architecture
  10. 10. New Persistence Layerstorage interfaceCouchbase EP Engine11210Memcapable 2.0Moxi11211Memcapable 1.0Object-level CacheDisk Persistence8092Query APIQueryEngineHTTP8091Erlang port mapper4369Distributed Erlang21100 - 21199HeartbeatProcessmonitorGlobalsingletonsupervisorConfigurationmanageron each nodeRebalanceorchestratorNodehealthmonitorone per clustervBucketstateandreplicationmanagerhttpRESTmanagementAPI/WebUIErlang/OTPServer/ClusterManagement &Communication(Erlang)RAM Cache,Indexing &PersistenceManagement(C & V8)The Unreasonable Effectiveness of C by Damien KatzCouchbase Server 2.0 Architecture
  11. 11. 33 2Single node - Couchbase WriteOperationManaged CacheDiskQueueDiskReplicationQueueApp ServerCouchbase Server NodeDoc 1Doc 1Doc 1To other node
  12. 12. GETDoc133 2Single node - Couchbase ReadOperationDiskQueueReplicationQueueApp ServerDoc 1Doc 1Doc 1Managed CacheDiskTo other nodeCouchbase Server Node
  13. 13. COUCHBASE SERVER CLUSTERBasic Operation• Docs distributed evenly acrossservers• Each server stores both active andreplica docsOnly one server active at a time• Client library provides app withsimple interface to database• Cluster map provides mapto which server doc is onApp never needs to know• App reads, writes, updates docs• Multiple app servers can access samedocument at same timeUser Configured Replica Count = 1READ/WRITE/UPDATEACTIVEDoc 5Doc 2DocDocDocSERVER 1ACTIVEDoc 4Doc 7DocDocDocSERVER 2Doc 8ACTIVEDoc 1Doc 2DocDocDocREPLICADoc 4Doc 1Doc 8DocDocDocREPLICADoc 6Doc 3Doc 2DocDocDocREPLICADoc 7Doc 9Doc 5DocDocDocSERVER 3Doc 6APP SERVER 1COUCHBASE Client LibraryCLUSTER MAPCOUCHBASE Client LibraryCLUSTER MAPAPP SERVER 2Doc 9
  14. 14. Add Nodes to Cluster• Two servers addedOne-click operation• Docs automaticallyrebalanced acrossclusterEven distribution of docsMinimum doc movement• Cluster map updated• App databasecalls now distributedover larger number ofserversREPLICAACTIVEDoc 5Doc 2DocDocDoc 4Doc 1DocDocSERVER 1REPLICAACTIVEDoc 4Doc 7DocDocDoc 6Doc 3DocDocSERVER 2REPLICAACTIVEDoc 1Doc 2DocDocDoc 7Doc 9DocDocSERVER 3 SERVER 4 SERVER 5REPLICAACTIVEREPLICAACTIVEDocDoc 8 DocDoc 9 DocDoc 2 DocDoc 8 DocDoc 5 DocDoc 6READ/WRITE/UPDATE READ/WRITE/UPDATEAPP SERVER 1COUCHBASE Client LibraryCLUSTER MAPCOUCHBASE Client LibraryCLUSTER MAPAPP SERVER 2COUCHBASE SERVER CLUSTERUser Configured Replica Count = 1
  15. 15. Fail Over NodeREPLICAACTIVEDoc 5Doc 2DocDocDoc 4Doc 1DocDocSERVER 1REPLICAACTIVEDoc 4Doc 7DocDocDoc 6Doc 3DocDocSERVER 2REPLICAACTIVEDoc 1Doc 2DocDocDoc 7Doc 9DocDocSERVER 3 SERVER 4 SERVER 5REPLICAACTIVEREPLICAACTIVEDoc 9Doc 8Doc Doc 6 DocDocDoc 5 DocDoc 2Doc 8 DocDoc• App servers accessing docs• Requests to Server 3 fail• Cluster detects server failedPromotes replicas of docs toactiveUpdates cluster map• Requests for docs now go toappropriate server• Typically rebalancewould followDocDoc 1 Doc 3APP SERVER 1COUCHBASE Client LibraryCLUSTER MAPCOUCHBASE Client LibraryCLUSTER MAPAPP SERVER 2User Configured Replica Count = 1COUCHBASE SERVER CLUSTER
  16. 16. Demo Time
  17. 17. Operation & Document Design
  18. 18. Basic Store & Retrieve Operations• get(key)Retrieve a document• set(key, value)Store a document or replace if it exists• add(key, value)Store a document and fail if it exists• replace(key, value)Replace a document and fail if it does not exist
  19. 19. Lots of other Operations• Atomic Counters (increment, decrement)• Append/Prepend• CAS (Compare and Set)- Optimistic Locking• “Get with Lock”- Write Lock on Objects• Bulk Operations- Saves network overhead• Stats• View operations
  20. 20. Couchbase 2.0 Bonus Points: JSON• JSON is a lightweight format to represent document structurein a language-independent manner.• If JSON documents are stored, the View engine can be used.• Allows to build secondary indexes on your datasets.• Makes it possible to ask questions like“Give me all user documents by lastname”.
  21. 21. Flexible Data Model• No need to worry about the database when changing yourapplication• Records can have different structures, there is no fixedschema• Allows painless data model changes for rapid applicationdevelopment{“ID”: 1,“FIRST”: “Dipti”,“LAST”: “Borkar”,“ZIP”: “94040”,“CITY”: “MV”,“STATE”: “CA”}JSONJSONJSON JSON
  22. 22. Aggregate View of Data
  23. 23. Store and Retrieve Aggregates• Easier to Distribute Data• More Flexibility• Reduced Latencyorder::1001{uid: ji22jd,customer: Ann,line_items: [{ sku: 0321293533, quan: 3, unit_price: 48.0 },{ sku: 0321601912, quan: 1, unit_price: 39.0 },{ sku: 0131495054, quan: 1, unit_price: 51.0 }],payment: { type: Amex, expiry: 04/2001,last5: 12345 }}
  24. 24. Demo Time
  25. 25. Official SDKsCommunity Clojure
  26. 26. Indexing and Querying
  27. 27. Indexing and Querying – The basics• Define materialized views on JSON documents and thenquery across the data set• Using views you can define• Primary indexes• Simple secondary indexes (most common use case)• Complex secondary, tertiary and composite indexes• Aggregations (reduction)• Indexes are eventually indexed• Queries are eventually consistent• Built using Map/Reduce technology• Map and Reduce functions are written in Javascript
  28. 28. COUCHBASE SERVER CLUSTERIndexing and QueryingUser Configured Replica Count = 1ACTIVEDoc 5Doc 2DocDocDocSERVER 1REPLICADoc 4Doc 1Doc 8DocDocDocAPP SERVER 1COUCHBASE Client LibraryCLUSTER MAPCOUCHBASE Client LibraryCLUSTER MAPAPP SERVER 2Doc 9• Indexing work is distributedamongst nodes• Large data set possible• Parallelize the effort• Each node has index for data storedon it• Queries combine the results fromrequired nodesACTIVEDoc 5Doc 2DocDocDocSERVER 2REPLICADoc 4Doc 1Doc 8DocDocDocDoc 9ACTIVEDoc 5Doc 2DocDocDocSERVER 3REPLICADoc 4Doc 1Doc 8DocDocDocDoc 9Query
  29. 29. Demo Time
  30. 30. Cross Data Center Replication(XDCR)
  31. 31. Cross Data Center Replication – The basics• Replicate your Couchbase data across clusters• Clusters may be spread across geos• Configured on a per-bucket (per-database) basis• Supports unidirectional and bidirectional operation• Application can read and write from both clusters- Active – Active replication• Replication throughput scales out linearly• Different from intra-cluster replication
  33. 33. Couchbase Handles Real World Scale
  34. 34. Q & A
  35. 35. • Couchbase DeveloperDays Paris- This Friday !- Presentations & Labs- Information• Use the promo code TUG
  36. 36. Thank you! Couchbase Server at