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Seattle opening session


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Seattle opening session

  1. 1. Opening Session!Matt IngenthronDirector, Developer Solutions, COUCHBASE
  2. 2. Couchbasememcached Membase CouchDB
  3. 3. Rapidly Growing Community 1,000s of community deployments More than 150 paying customers Over 3,500 nodes deployed in production by customers
  4. 4. Customers with Production Deployments…
  5. 5. OMGPOP’s DrawSomething Went Viral Pictionary Like Game #1 Paid & Free App in 84 Countries 35m Downloads
  6. 6. Couchbase Server Simple. Fast. Elastic. Memcached CouchDB Membase Document Database
  7. 7. Couchbase Server is… Simple. Download Deployment and setup and management App development
  8. 8. Couchbase Server is… Simple. Fast. Memory read/ Consistent write speeds and safe Low, predictable latency
  9. 9. Couchbase Server is… Simple. Fast. Elastic. 1-to-100s Extensive alerts of nodes & monitoring Robust scaling, failover, replication
  10. 10. Couchbase Server is… Simple. Fast. Elastic.
  11. 11. THANK YOU