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Revolutionizing Storytelling With Employees Using the Power of Collaborative Video and Couchbase – Connect New York 2018


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Speaker: Dave Starling, CTO, Seenit

Seenit works with some of the world’s largest organizations to help them engage with their communities to tell the stories that matter to them. Learn how Couchbase has helped revolutionize the way technology can be used to produce video at scale and how that innovation has been extended to Seenit’s customers.

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Revolutionizing Storytelling With Employees Using the Power of Collaborative Video and Couchbase – Connect New York 2018

  1. 1. Revolutionizing storytelling using the power of collaborative video and Couchbase Dave Starling, CTO @davestarling
  2. 2. A Brief History • Founded in January 2014 • Provides an enterprise-ready video collaboration platform for engaging with communities large and small • The most impactful and influential stories are the ones told by the people who live and breath them • We leverage our relationships with Couchbase and Google to be able to do more with less, and take more risks • Built with a long-term technical vision that requires a forward-thinking database with a similar passion for innovation
  3. 3. Our clients
  4. 4. The video landscape today Influencers Wide reach Expensive Highly transactional which limits authenticity User Generated Content Authentic, from the crowd Low cost Cannot guarantee quality Difficult to manage Traditional production High quality Specialist equipment & skills Expensive
  5. 5. What key trends are we seeing? 85% of companies now have internal staff to manage video in-house Sources: vi EE 40% higher viewership from video ads on YouTube that are “purpose driven” 78% of digital video viewers are watching on mobile
  6. 6. Technology Vision To create a best-in-class analysis engine that allows Seenit and our customers to derive actionable insights and intelligence from community-generated video and photo content.
  7. 7. A brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is; it is what consumers tell each other it is. “ Scott D. Cook, co-founder of Intuit and director of eBay and Procter & Gamble.
  8. 8. In this new ecosystem... Human to human interaction is the most powerful dynamic to tell a compelling story. The most impactful, influential and meaningful stories are told by the people who live and breathe them. Companies that can tell their story in this way will achieve greater reach, engagement and impact.
  9. 9. We want to close the loop on the entire community ecosystem
  10. 10. The Journey • For each video, we store hundreds of metrics and data extracted using machine learning and other analysis techniques • To derive actionable intelligence and provide direction • And searching and ranking of content by audio, visual, and content scores • Increasing production efficiency and video turnaround time • And recognize those in the community who produce the best content
  11. 11. But… • We also need to be agile and flexible • And scale up rapidly as our business expands • And be operationally lean
  12. 12. A revolutionary vision requires a revolutionary database
  13. 13. Our Couchbase Journey • Relationship started pre-Seenit • Seenit MVP powered by Couchbase 2.2 • From map/reduce and manual GSI to N1QL • To FTS • And now Analytics and Eventing
  14. 14. N1QL • N1QL transformed the way we could develop new features rapidly • And analyse event-based audit data for product usage research For every button click, filter change, or in-app action, we stored events with contextual data in Couchbase • E.g. who did it, when, on which screen, was there a mutation? • N1QL allowed us to easily understand this data without needing an expensive BI tool
  15. 15. Analytics • But we’re greedy • Analytics provides even more functionality for deriving insight from your data, in a robust and industry standard format • Whilst still retaining the flexibility of JSON • We simply XDCR over to our data science cluster
  16. 16. Full Text Search • We were gathering more video metadata than we knew what to do with: transcriptions, NLP sentiment analysis, object recognition to the frame level • We were hitting indexing complexity issues with the advanced levels of filtering we wanted to expose to our users • And we wanted to provide a more natural search method • Full-Text Search gave us that in a simple-to-use, performant package • That didn’t require additional configuration, training, or operational management
  17. 17. Eventing • Eventing allows us to simplify our codebase further • Able to run rich sets of functions based on triggered mutations • Some non-obvious use-cases: • Can help with regulatory compliance: GDPR, data masking, etc. • Use document expiry TTLs to trigger APIs
  18. 18. Summary • Couchbase allows us to reduce our overall development costs by: • Providing out of the box integrated systems, simplifying our operational overheads • Allowing us to scale up and down as our demand changes • And wrapping it up in a well-documented and standardized set of SDKs • The JSON schema, combined with FTS and N1QL, gives us huge agility to try new things, take risks, and innovate • And helps us shape and maintain our competitive advantage by building competencies for the future
  19. 19. Thank You Dave Starling, CTO @davestarling