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Re-inventing how drivers across Europe are using data to improve the driving experience – Connect Silicon Valley 2017


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Speaker: Matthieu Brun-Bellut, CTO, Coyote Systems

Coyote, a leading provider of community-based driving assistant systems, chose Couchbase to implement a new feature facing big challenges such as mobile/server synchronization and scalability.

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Re-inventing how drivers across Europe are using data to improve the driving experience – Connect Silicon Valley 2017

  1. 1. Reinventing how drivers across Europe are using data to improve their own driving experience
  2. 2. COYOTE SYSTEMS The European leader of real-time road information
  3. 3. Who we are A leading provider of community-based driving assistant systems French company founded in 2005 with 350 employees in France, Europe and Canada 1M daily users, on a paid subscription model An IT Lab launched in Canada Q1 2017. Specific know-how in big data and automotive market protected by 13 patents 2 billion kilometers and around 50 million members declarations analyzed every month
  4. 4. Coyote
  5. 5. Coyote How does it work? 2 3
  6. 6. Coyote How does it work? 1 2 3 A community-based alert system focused on road safety & traffic optimization : All declarations made by a Coyote member are instantly analyzed (based on member score and machine learning on our service history) and pushed back to the rest of community. Other members on the same road can confirm the alert.  More than 30 different kinds of alerts are provided through our devices.
  7. 7. Fixed speedcam Mobile speedcam Speed limitations Road Traffic Traffic hazards Drowsiness Coyote Only relevant information for a safer drive
  8. 8. European market expansion France Belgium Spain Italy Germany Netherlands Poland Luxembourg Portugal Enjoy our services almost everywhere in Europe
  9. 9. Coyote service is available on smartphone
  10. 10. Or on device that fits well into your car. Thanks to an onboard dashcam, discover an augmented reality screen with integrated Coyote alerts and video recording. All Coyote alerts in a tiny size. An all in one device with a 5’’ wide screen for navigation, speed limits and Coyote alerts. Coyote Mini Coyote S Coyote Nav+
  11. 11. And also with embedded car solutions . Major car manufacturers are integrating Coyote solutions 1st Mirrorlink certified app
  12. 12. Or mirroring* car solutions Mirroring*: available on Android (Mirror Link) and iOS (App in Car) devices, this service allows you to get Coyote app directly on your embedded car display.
  13. 13. All Coyote services available in our SDK* Coming soon*
  14. 14. Drivers’ community intelligence With Coyote, driving can be pleasant again We are investing in technologies for a smarter and safer drive Live Data : cars, drivers, roads. Voice recognition technology Smart driving
  15. 15. Goalsand challenges ‘Mes Stats’ project :
  16. 16. Develop a personalized road dashboard. Available in Coyote app or Coyote web account. Provides all information about Coyote activity (alert declarations, journey distance, speedcam avoided…) and interaction with Coyote community. Increasing memberengagement
  17. 17. Real-time data synchronization from mobile device for members statistics Technicalchallenges: Multi channel restitution of the data (mobile device, Coyote Website, CRM..) In a road environment : speed, white zone, high density of users : need to manage seamless frequent switch online to offline and offline to online Not disturbing our existing live alert system which is already at his max in term of data exchange capacity In a short planning : be ready for the Paris international Motor Show in October 2016 High number of document to manage (more than 500M) : need a highly scalable solution
  18. 18. Solution ‘Mes Stats’ project :
  19. 19. NoSQL provides more flexibility as data evolves Whydidwe chooseCouchbase? Complete data platform: server and mobile Handles all synchronization (with frequent switching between online and offline), ability to have uni- or multi-directional synchronization bucket by bucket) Great level of support (was new technology for Coyote) High scalability, possibility to quickly launch the service using a cloud provider
  20. 20. Members driving CouchBase Gateway / Server Backend Coyote Compute scripts Backend Mobile Raw doc Raw docs Aggregated docs Map / Reduce Raw doc Members consulting stats Customer Website Architecture :
  21. 21. How it works : • Data is stored on Couchbase Lite during driving • Raw statistics docs are pushed automatically, live, from mobile to backend, dealing with online or offline status of the device • Aggregated statistics docs are computed on backend • Restitution using those aggregated docs is fully ONLINE (using WebView / WebSite)
  22. 22. Results: ‘Mes Stats’ project :
  23. 23. Technical figures : • 500 000 000 docs stored and computed in Couchbase server • Up to 2 500 reads and 3 000 writes /second • Hundreds of thousands of customers provide data to Coyote statistics services • QOS > business expectation
  24. 24. Benefits More than 35% of members opt-in to this feature in the first 3 months Good adoption and feedback Engagement improvement Members who opt-in significantly improved their contribution to the community Decrease of Churn rate Improved retention: Immediate impact on our churn rate
  25. 25. What’s next:
  26. 26. News features under study • Coyote plans to enrich static geolocalized data • Existing technical solution doesn’t fit new needs and requirements • Looking for a new solution to distribute geolocalized data  Decision to run a POC with Couchbase to provide all that new geolocalized data to our services
  27. 27. Context Static geolocalizd data : Now • Granularity is administrative • Per country/state/province • Storage policy on device very limited • Update may be not relevant • Far away from the user • Update may be big • More bandwidth • More failures
  28. 28. Context Static geolocalizd data : Future • Geolocalized data will be enriched • More data • More diversed • Updates may be more frequent
  29. 29. Solution • 💡Adopt a different granularity • Not administrative • Enable control storage on the device • Less bandwidth • Recover faster in case of network failure • More relevant updates • Scale better in term of data
  30. 30. Solution Apps : Driving without guidance Loaded cell Cell being downloadedUnloaded cell 1-Vehicle enters a new cell area New cells are fetched 2-Unload useless cells 3-New fetched cells are loaded
  31. 31. Solution Apps : Driving with guidance Loaded cell Cell being downloadedUnloaded cell 1-User selects a destination 3-New fetched cells are loaded 2-Cells along the itinerary are fetched 4-All data along the route are available
  32. 32. Couchbase Lite implementation Our assumptions • Cell data would look like a set of documents • One document per alert • Define a channel for each cell • Documents may be shared by many cells • An Alert may span across many cells • Once a day, the set of documents may be updated: • New document(s) are added to the set • Document(s) are removed from the set • Document(s) are updated • Geolocation data may be split into many layers • To serve many kinds of geolocalized data (alerts, speed limitations, pois, etc…)
  33. 33. POC : The challenges Couchbase backend Couchbase Mobile SDK  Create millions of channels  Update all documents belonging to a layer multiple times in order to create a realistic history for each document  Try different document content  Full JSON  Mix JSON + binary attachment  Simulate thousands of clients requesting channels like real clients  Use one time replication  Check data consumption with real data (having an history)  Check how storage on device is controlled by the SDK
  34. 34. Room211 BD4.30 pm POC result ?
  35. 35. Merci